Video: Man On Pizza Run Drives Off In Stranger's Car, Realises After A While

Video: Man On Pizza Run Drives Off In Stranger's Car, Realises After A While

  • Vincent Zepeda accidentally got into and drove off in a car he mistook for his own during a snowy day
  • It was only when he noticed an unfamiliar dog in the backseat, eyeing a pizza, that he realised he was in the wrong vehicle
  • The 53-year-old recorded the incident, showing him parking the mistaken car next to his actual red Honda CR-V, and shared the video

Accidentally getting into the wrong car can be quite a mix-up, and for Vincent Zepeda, a 53-year-old from Montana, it was an oversight that took a bit to dawn on him.

Young man looking out of window in car while (r) dog at the back of car.
Man drives away in wrong and realises his mistake after seeing strange dog at the back. These images are just for illustration. Photo: Junior Ariama, Charlie Adams.
Source: UGC

On April 25, Zepeda mistakenly entered and drove away in a car he believed was his.

Embarrassing mix-up

It wasn't until he spotted a strange dog lounging and drooling over a pizza in the backseat that he recognised the error.

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In a nearly minute-long clip shared by abc7la that Zepeda took from inside the wrong car, he points to a red Honda CR-V, saying:

"This is my car." Zepeda then parked the mistaken car next to his own.
"This is why you should not leave a key fob in your car because I got in with my pizza... and got the (expletive) scared out of me by this dog," he said.
"That's not my dog or my car."

In the video, a white dog is seen lying on the back seat and gazing at the pizza.

In an interview with USA Today, Zepeda said he was caught in a mix of freezing rain and snow.

He dashed to the car, using a pizza box to shield himself from the wet weather, likely leading to the CR-V mix-up.

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"As I was backing out, turning and blinking toward my ex-wife's apartment, I had a sensation that there's something in the back," Zepeda said.

Both Honda CR-Vs looked identical

Both vehicles in the clip look identical, with the only difference being that one has a cargo carrier on its roof.

Zepeda said he did not notice the cargo box initially because he looked down when he got in the car.

Before the video ends, Zepeda is heard laughing with a friend and walking away.

"I have those moments," he said.

Zepeda said he taped the incident primarily for his six children to teach them not to leave their key fobs in their vehicles.

Taxi driver discovers a bag of money in his car

Separately, a taxi driver caused an uproar online when he returned huge wads of cash a passenger had forgotten in his car.

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Portharcourt Specials, which reported the incident, shared a video showing two men opening a black bag and taking out many notes.

The driver's honest act earned him the admiration of many internet users, but some weren't impressed.


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