12-Year-Old Forced to Preach At Marketplaces to Provide for Sick Father, Grandma

12-Year-Old Forced to Preach At Marketplaces to Provide for Sick Father, Grandma

  • Twelve-year-old Jacob Nestor chooses to go to the marketplace and preach instead of attending school, not because he wishes but he's been forced by circumstances
  • Speaking in an interview, Nestor revealed that he is forced to preach in order to fend for his ailing father and grandmother
  • Nestor became a breadwinner after his father was hit by a stroke and he lost his mother

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For 12-year-old Jacob Nestor Yalwala from Chavakali, a normal day involves travelling as far as Kisumu and Kakamega while preaching in matatus and marketplaces to fend for his family.

The 12-year-old Jacob Nestor hails from Chavakali.
Jacob Nestor preaches at marketplaces and in matatus between Kisumu and Kakamega. Photos: Edwin Ochieng.
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It is something he wouldn't ordinarily do, but circumstances have forced him into it as he is the sole provider for his ailing dad and sick grandmother.

Speaking in an interview, Nestor revealed that his father survived a stroke in 2014, a few years after he lost his mother.

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“Just look at how the situation is in this family, if I stay at home we'd have nothing which means we’d sleep hungry. Who would provide if not me?” he asked Ann Nyathira.

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He explained that every day he goes to different marketplaces where he preaches, prays for people, then requests them to give him some money.

It is from the proceeds of the offerings that he is able to help the family make ends meet.

"They give me as little as five shillings, which I collect and bring home at the end of the day," he said.

He added that his daily endeavours are blessed by the grandma who prays for him every morning before he heads out.

Nestor admitted that what he does is not an easy thing because he oftentimes meets people who are unkind and unreceptive.

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Mother died years ago

According to Nestor, he dropped out of school because his uncle took him to a special school yet he has no impairment.

He revealed that the reason behind being pulled out of normal primary school was that his teachers had a problem with the fact that he was way too talkative compared to his peers.

"My mom died a long time ago, but for a long while, relatives lied to me that she was in Nairobi working. It is my grandma who finally told me the truth," he said.

Nestor also pointed out that his uncle John Kavai does not approve of what he does because it paints the family negatively, so whenever they meet he hides from him.

He, however, maintained that he does not intend to stop because, as much as the uncle offers them food once in a while, a time will come when he will stop.

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Hopes for help

With every new day, children of Nestor's age leave their houses to go earn an education, but he takes a different direction to fend for his bedridden family members.

He hopes that his father will one day get healed so that he can go back to working and take care of the family.

Reverend Victor Githu

Nestor joins the growing list of young preachers among them Reverend Victor Githu who revealed recently that he wants to become a motivational speaker.

According to him, he has a calling in helping people have hope for the future regardless of the current struggles.

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