Nigerian Mum In Tears After Opening 2 Palm Oil Kegs She Bought from Man Out Of Pity, Sad Photo Emerges

Nigerian Mum In Tears After Opening 2 Palm Oil Kegs She Bought from Man Out Of Pity, Sad Photo Emerges

  • Out of pity, a food seller bought two kegs of palm oil from a man who claimed to be in need of help
  • The man said he bought the palm oil while returning from Kano but was told by his wife that they need foodstuff and not the oil
  • According to him, he doesn't have money and needed to sell the oil and the unsuspecting food seller fell for it

A food seller was disappointed after finding out the actual content of two kegs of palm oil she had bought from a desperate man.

The story was shared by a lady whose mother was a victim and reposted by a Facebook user, Glory Okojaja Amaefule.

Woman, oil
She bought the two 5 litres of palm oil out of pity. Photo Credit: Poco Bw, Glory Okojaja Amaefule
Source: UGC

Foodseller gets what she didn't bargain for

The lady narrated that a man came to her mum's shop with palm oil put in two 5 litres kegs, claiming he bought it while on his way from Kano.

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The man, who claimed to be a driver, said he wanted to take the oil home and called his wife only to be told that they needed foodstuff instead.

And given that he doesn't have money, he decided to do a distress sale of the oil. Out of pity, the woman purchased the oil but was shocked to see water when she wanted to use part of it at home.

The lady advised people to be careful not to fall victim to such scams.

Many slam the seller of the fake palm oil

Ifeoma Maduike said:

"That's another way they operate now even somebody bought fuel like that fuel on top water button."

Marquis Evelyn said:

"And the man will want blessings to follow him ,never he has only lay curses on himself and I pity some of his generation that will suffer from his own misdeed.

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"My God restore back what the woman has lost in folds."

Celestina Okoh said:

"Same happened to my dad three years ago, when a man brought 25 litters gallons of water and sold to my dad as kerosine, don't blame him because the top was covered with kerosine."

Rebecca Gyot said:

"Haba, but why should someone do that when all of us are passing through the same hardship? If he doesn't desist, he will get it rough someday."

Queen Edwin said:

"I know someone who experienced this last two years. Hers was even 25l but with Palm oil."

Fadipe Gbemisola Toosin said:

"People are just so desperate to the extent that they don’t mind causing someone else pain for their own gains."

Okrika seller in tears after opening bale of clothes she purchased

Meanwhile, previously reported that a woman had cried out after opening the bale of clothes she bought for N250k.

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The woman, who sells fairly used clothes (okrika) for a living, couldn't control her pain after purchasing bad goods.

In a video shared via TikTok, she displayed the low-quality goods she was given, and tears rolled down her cheeks.

"Bought a UK 55kg children's bail for N250k and this is what I found inside when I opened it", she lamented.

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