Goat That Couldn't Find Its Mother Joins Puppy To Take Breastmilk From Mother Dog

Goat That Couldn't Find Its Mother Joins Puppy To Take Breastmilk From Mother Dog

  • In a captivating video shared on Facebook, Avarade Awenbisiteba Isaac recounted an extraordinary moment in his Tamale T-Poly home
  • The video, featured on YEN.com.gh, captures a baby goat joining a puppy for breastfeeding, as it couldn't locate its mother goat
  • Isaac shared this touching story with YEN.com.gh, underscoring the profound display of shared motherly affection among these unlikely animal companions

In a heartwarming video shared on Facebook by user Avarade Awenbisiteba Isaac, a unique and touching moment unfolded as a baby goat, unable to find its mother, joined a puppy to share the warmth and nourishment from a mother dog's milk.

This extraordinary event took place in Isaac's home in the Tamale T-Poly area.

According to Isaac, it occurred during the afternoon when the baby goat, presumably distressed from not locating its mother goat, decided to seek comfort and sustenance from the nurturing mother dog.

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Goat and puppy sharing same breastmilk
Goat and puppy share the same breastmilk Photo credit: Avarade Awenbisiteba Isaac via Facebook
Source: Facebook

What Isaac, the Ghanaian man who witnessed the goat taking dog milk said

Isaac spoke to YEN.com.gh and shared the story, saying,

"This happened in my house at Tamale T-Poly. That is the name of my area. It happened in the afternoon when the baby goat came to join the puppy to breastfeed as it didn't find its mother goat during the day."

The video is quickly garnering attention and admiration, serving as a testament to the compassion and bonding that can transcend species.

It showcases how nature's creatures often exhibit remarkable acts of care and unity, even in the face of unfamiliar circumstances.

Click here to watch the video.

Malawian entrepreneur Rashid Geloo transforms his childhood dream into a wildlife paradise

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In another story, Rashid Geloo has actualised his very own utopia, shattering conventions and challenging expectations as the proud proprietor of R&L Game Ranch.

Nestled within the expansive landscapes of Malawi, Geloo's haven is the abode of a diverse range of exotic creatures, from resplendent peacocks to sinuous pythons.

For Geloo, this ranch, with its eclectic collection, isn't just a business; it's a lifelong passion that took root in his early years.

Romantic Swiss mountain proposal gets unexpected twist as a mischievous goat photobombs the moment

Meanwhile, as a man prepared to pop the question to his beautiful girlfriend amidst the breathtaking Swiss mountains, he readied his phone camera to capture the magical moment.

However, a mischievous goat made an uninvited appearance, stealing the spotlight as it playfully stuck its face into the camera's view.

Frantic, the man rushed to protect his phone, and online observers jokingly suggested that the goat might have been trying to save him from impending marriage.

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