Late Ghanaian Chop Bar Owner's Coffin Shapes Like Fufu Mortar, Video Causes Stir Online

Late Ghanaian Chop Bar Owner's Coffin Shapes Like Fufu Mortar, Video Causes Stir Online

  • The funeral of late Ghanaian chop bar owner Sarah Ama Serwaa gained attention online due to her uniquely shaped coffin, resembling a traditional fufu mortar
  • The video recorded at her funeral showed strong pallbearers struggling to lift the heavy coffin, and a somber dirge played in the background
  • This unconventional tribute has sparked discussions online regarding the diverse and meaningful ways cultures pay their respects to the departed

At the funeral of the late Ghanaian chop bar owner, Sarah Ama Serwaa, an unconventional and attention-grabbing sight emerged.

The remarkable feature that caught everyone's eye was her coffin, which was shaped like a traditional fufu mortar, a significant symbol in Ghanaian culture.

The funeral was captured in a video with a somber dirge setting the mood. In the video, it was evident that the coffin's design was no mere aesthetic choice.

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Coffin shaped like a fufu mortar
Coffin shaped like a fufu mortar at a Ghanaian funeral Photo credit: larwehjacob1
Source: TikTok

It was crafted to be substantial and imposing, resembling a genuine fufu mortar. The casket's weight made it a considerable challenge for strong pallbearers who struggled to lift and carry it.

This unique and creative tribute to the late chop bar owner left many netizens reacting with surprise and awe.

Ghanaians share their thoughts on the mortar-shaped coffin

The unconventional choice of a fufu mortar-shaped coffin has sparked discussions online, emphasizing the diverse and meaningful ways in which different cultures pay their respects to the departed.

adusamuel776 commented:

but let evening put everything aside some of the carpenter are very creative

Daakyehene Prince said:

Chop bar wura nante yie Buh still pound fufu for there

awuramaboakye12 mentioned:

wei ny3 adaka tea oooo wei de3 adaka kukuruwaa paa eiii

Watch the video below:

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Viral video shows deceased tailor laid to rest in sewing machine-shaped coffin

Meanwhile, in a video that has taken social media by storm, a departed individual was interred in a coffin shaped like a sewing machine.

Speculation abounds that the deceased may have been a tailor in life, prompting this unique choice.

The video, posted on TikTok, has garnered reactions from users, with some playfully suggesting that the departed will continue to sew even in the afterlife.

Unprecedented video: Pallbearers transport saucepan-shaped casket, eliciting laughter at pre-burial service

Also, in a never-before-seen online video, pallbearers made an unconventional entrance during a pre-burial service by carrying a coffin shaped like a saucepan.

The attention-grabbing sight left mourners intrigued, but on social media, numerous individuals took to the comments section to share a chuckle over the unique spectacle.

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