Suspected Dansoman Thief Goes Back To Wear Mask After Realising Office Had CCTV Camera

Suspected Dansoman Thief Goes Back To Wear Mask After Realising Office Had CCTV Camera

  • A suspected thief broke into a Dansoman phone shop without wearing a mask but retreated upon spotting security cameras
  • He was captured on camera during his initial entry only for him to return later with a mask
  • During his second visit, he made away with valuable items, including Apple watches, headphones, televisions, and perfumes

An audacious break-in occurred at a phone shop in Dansoman, where a suspected thief attempted to spy on the presence of security cameras without concealing his identity, leading to a surprising turn of events.

The individual, whose face was captured on camera in a video that has since gone viral, initially entered the store without wearing a mask, apparently hoping to remain undetected.

Upon realising the presence of security cameras within the establishment, the would-be thief swiftly retreated from the scene, possibly to deliberate his next course of action.

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Thief without mask
A Ghanaian man caught red-handed Photo credit: eddie_wrt
Source: Twitter

However, he later returned to the shop, this time donning a mask in an apparent effort to conceal his identity.

During his second entry, the masked thief reportedly managed to abscond with a substantial haul of high-value items, including several Apple watches, headphones, televisions, and perfumes.

Social media users react to video of suspected thief who went back to wear mask

The audacious heist has reportedly left the shop's owners and netizens grappling with the challenge of identifying the individual responsible for this bold act of theft.

@Theesamuelll said:

Why have you saved someone’s video and put your water mark on it meanwhile they posted it without water mark

@streets_mba mentioned:

Youth of today koraaa why??? Somebody hustle saaa set up a shop, you want use one day squander the thing.

@kwesikwaa stated:

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thieves are really annoying human beings. someone struggles to make a decent life for themselves n they simply hop in n make away with everything

Watch the video below:

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