Ghanaian Lady Confesses She Changed DNA Results Of Kids So Their Dad Gets Divorced And Marries Her

Ghanaian Lady Confesses She Changed DNA Results Of Kids So Their Dad Gets Divorced And Marries Her

  • During a TV3 "Confessions" segment with Miss Nancy, a Ghanaian woman confessed to altering DNA results to break up a marriage, leading to her subsequent marriage to the man
  • The lady, who worked in a hospital, admitted to swapping DNA results to falsely indicate that the children were not biologically related to the man, resulting in the divorce of the man and his ex-wife
  • Now grappling with guilt, the lady faces an internal struggle between her husband's happiness and the unintended consequences of her deceitful actions, including the news of the ex-wife's tragic demise

In a startling revelation on TV3's "Confessions" with Miss Nancy, a Ghanaian woman admitted to manipulating DNA results to break up a marriage, subsequently marrying the man in question.

The unsettling confession delved into the lady's internal turmoil as she grapples with the repercussions of her actions, particularly the news of the ex-wife's tragic demise.

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During the TV segment, the remorseful lady admitted,

"I don't know whether to continue with the marriage or not. I exchanged his DNA results."
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A Ghanaian lady changed kids DNA results to marry their father Photo credit: FG Trade
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Detailing her manipulative scheme, she disclosed that she worked in a hospital and took advantage of her position to swap the DNA results, falsely indicating that the children were not biologically related to the man.

The lady further shared her initial attraction to the man and her desire to have him for herself. Following the manipulated results, the man divorced his wife based on the false information, eventually leading to their marriage.

The lady expressed profound guilt, especially as news reached her that the divorced wife had passed away, haunted by the distress caused by the false paternity test.

Social media users express shock at the confession of a lady who swapped kids' DNA results

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The shocking revelation has left viewers stunned, raising ethical concerns about the misuse of professional responsibilities leading to life-altering consequences. Check out some reactions below:

Gloria Peters said:

Thunder fire you there, such confessions shouldn’t be condoned at all, she should be exposed and face the full rigours of the law.

Edward Kwame mentioned:

Most of these women are Christians.They go to church and pray for favour of God . God have mercy on us

Fred Senam Ahamey stated:

That's why is always right to seek different medical opinions on the same medical issue

Prince Tutu Yeboah indicated:

Wicked and perverse generation, and I keep saying that know sin will go unpunished. May God have mercy on you.

Watch the video below:

Puzzling tale: Ghanaian woman discovers child isn't husband's despite no infidelity

In another story, Facebook influencer David Bondze-Mbir recently shared the perplexing story of a Ghanaian lady who, without any instance of infidelity, learned through a DNA test that her child is not biologically related to her husband.

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Ghanaians are actively speculating on possible explanations for the woman's bewildering situation, exploring the circumstances leading to such an unexpected revelation.

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