Ghana Health Service code of ethics

Ghana Health Service code of ethics

Like many governmental institutions in Ghana, the Ghana health service code of ethics for nurses is a set of predefined moral guidelines in which health personnel should adhere to in their fields of delivery.

Ghana Health Service code of ethics.

What is the code of ethics for Ghana health service?

The laws were designed to put the interests of everyone in Ghana prioritized, including the health providers themselves.

Promoting, recognizing and respecting teamwork is essential towards quality service deliver to every Ghanaian. Regardless of; age, gender, essence of illness, way of life, political integrations, race, line of work, malady, religion, ethnicity or language; no citizen should be discriminated against. More so, each health provider should;

  • Work within the laws of Ghana in regards to competence, dedication to service, sincerity, and putting the client/patient’s interest first.
  • In line with the public health service code of ethics, each health worker in Ghana should be registered to a professional regulatory association and remain so as long as they serve.
  • Co-operate with the people they deliver service to invariably.
  • Respect the rights of others be they clients/patient’s or their colleagues besides ensuring the confidentiality of their patients. Advertently, all information; correspondence, reports or any official discussions procured while working shall be kept confidential unless prompted upon by the respective owners, the law or is required in regards to public interest.

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Ghana Health Service code of ethics.
  • Use information acquired from their patients for the patients main management and should they require the information for other purposes, the health service ethics mandates the consent of the patient or those acting on their behalf.

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  • Address their patients or their representatives in a manner in which they can easily comprehend.
  • Not vandalize any property belonging to health services including the equipment endowed in their custody.
  • Besides respecting the prerogatives of the disabled and the aged in the society, the health personnel shall serve as well as protect their interests.
  • Conform to ethics in health service by ensuring their professional knowledge and knowhow on health service delivery is current.
  • Desire unauthorized fees for health service delivery from their patients.
Ghana Health Service code of ethics.
  • Refrain from any kind of gift or favor from their patients which is interpreted as a bribe to gain service over others.
  • Be morally upright when at work in regards to not smoking, being drunk, and abuse of drugs or stealing.
  • Not by any means promote any commercial products using their professional qualifications as it is against the ethics in health service delivery.
  • Not act in secret with others to gain financial exploits.
  • In line with the code of ethics in Ghana health service, health personnel shall not use any health service facilities or resources for their own unapproved purposes.

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