Bride Soils Expensive White Gown After Passing Unwanted Air During Her Wedding

Bride Soils Expensive White Gown After Passing Unwanted Air During Her Wedding

  • What was meant to be a beautiful day for a bride took a turn for the worst when she felt the urge to release gas
  • As it happened, she had eaten quite a bit in the morning, and her stomach was bloated, making her prone to diarrhoea
  • She was forced to walk to her waiting groom with a messed gown and a stench that could be smelled from far away

A wedding that was supposed to be a glamorous celebration bringing together two affluent families had a disastrous ending after the bride decided to fart.

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The event planner cleaning up the mess shared the story on Reddit, adding that the bride had been quite a bridezilla from the onset.

Bride mixed foods before wedding

According to the event planner, she knew things had gone sour when her assistant told her they had "an issue."

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It turns out that the bride had gambled on a fart and lost in a big way, leaving her wearing a huge, full ball gown with a fitted, bones strapless top in an embellished mesh.

She learned that the bride had been using some health shakes to fix last-minute bloating, which had mixed poorly with the cocktails from an earlier meal.

"The substance that had come out of her body as a result defied explanation. It was slimy, oily even, with stringy bits and the consistency of hair gel," she wrote.

Stench was unrivalled

The event planner added that the accident was profound and the smell unrivalled.

To make things worse, the body shaper the bride wore was a latex deal that came down over the thighs and up to her bra, so the poo had filled it like a water balloon of horror.

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"My assistant quickly sealed it back up, and she and the bride vainly tried to wipe up the goo, dry, with toilet paper. This just spread it around, so they decide to give up," she continued.

The result was a shell-shocked assistant, a crying bride, and a mound of poo that could be smelled from far away.

Groom caught wind of bride's smell

As the event planner and her assistant struggled to clean the mess, the bride was worried that she was keeping her guests waiting.

With a choreographed dance waiting to happen and her introduction pending, she insisted they let her go to the venue, to which they agreed.

"The groom looks vaguely disconcerted by his new wife's odour, but I tell my assistant to distract him until they take the floor," she continued.

Introductions happened, and the dance started, but that only made things worse as the movements spread the stains across the mid-back of the gown.

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KSh 2.3m gown ruined

After the dance, the event planner took the bride into the support tent, closed it down, and sponged the naked woman down while questioning every life decision that led to this point.

"The diarrhoea was everywhere, spread in a thin layer across her body. It may be the most disgusting thing I've ever dealt with," she continued.

With her clean, they threw away the waist shaper and scrubbed down the $15,000 (KSh 2.3 million) wedding gown in a plastic basin.

The groom did not say much but asked if they could cancel the garter toss as he didn't want to go under her skirt.

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