"Who Did I Offend?" Nigerian Lady Begs As Soldier Ants Take Over Her Home, Shares Worrying Video

"Who Did I Offend?" Nigerian Lady Begs As Soldier Ants Take Over Her Home, Shares Worrying Video

  • A Nigerian lady woke up to a new day only to surprisingly discover that soldier ants had invaded her home
  • The young lady went around her apartment and was shocked to find them in large numbers in her corridors and kitchen as well
  • She made a video showing the insects and appealed to netizens to come to her aid with an immediate solution

A Nigerian lady has lamented online after she discovered her home had been taken over by soldier ants.

It all started after she woke up and headed for her kitchen, only to find a long line of ants on the floor and other parts of the cooking area.

Lady worried as ants storm her home in large numbers, occupy everywhere
She wondered what attracted the ants. Photo Credit: @diacapella
Source: UGC
"Who did I offend o? Please forgive me o," the shocked lady begged as she discovered the soldier ants also took over her corridor and other parts of the house.

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She checked her pot of food and heaved a sigh of relief that it was still intact. @diacapella wondered how they got into her house.

She apportioned blame to herself

She blamed her not cleaning the kitchen for being responsible.

"Send help. Any information as to how I can get rid of them will be really appreciated.
"So this one night that i made stew late and didn't clean up properly soldier ant decided to do this to me just this one night ooooo,"she captioned her TikTok video.

Watch the video below:

Netizens offer her advice

Zee_empire__1 said:

"Sabi I bring plate you should give my stew get DDforce use it raw don’t miss it water so they will not come back."

akinspel1 said:

"Pepe and waste wey you put for dustbin carry them come, and mop after cooking always."

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cashberryalhaji said:

"Get black engine oil and pour it around the house. that's the best solution.
"Chemical will not work."

Arike toh quality said:

"You invited them ... they started from the trash outside, there's oil there and that's the invitation letter."

kolaayo said:

"Geez, I can relate, when I was in school, ijebuode this things literally sends me out of my room on a regular."

Oluwakemi Kehinde Ad said:

"I will say the best thing to use is engine oil. If you use DD force consider your foodstuffs or inhaling harmful substances is bad. I would not advise you to use petrol."

Lady laments about her son

Meanwhile, YEN.com.gh previously reported that an abroad-based young lady has been left heartbroken owing to the physical state of her little son.

According to the lady, she works very hard where she is to make ends meet and sends money back home for his upkeep.

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To her surprise, she would return unannounced to find him in a sorry state and a pitiable reflection of the money she sent for his care.

Source: Legit.ng

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