Lady Working At Microsoft As Software Engineer Shares Her Experience: "GH¢46K Dior Bag"

Lady Working At Microsoft As Software Engineer Shares Her Experience: "GH¢46K Dior Bag"

  • A Nigerian software engineer, previously at Microsoft, has garnered online acclaim for her video detailing a typical workday
  • She described starting her work at 9 am, engaging in her tasks, and later being invited to address a visiting group of women in tech, highlighting the company’s inclusive culture
  • The video also featured a segment where she showcased her meal choice for the day, providing a personal touch by sharing her food preferences with her audience

A Nigerian lady, formerly employed as a Software Engineer at Microsoft, captured the online community’s interest when she divulged her daily work routine.

In her video, she narrated beginning her day at 9 am and, following a period of productivity, she was requested to address a group of women in technology who were guests at the company.

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Microsoft lady shares her story
An excited Microsoft lady shares her experience at work. Photo credit: @chisom_nw
Source: UGC

Additionally, she seized the opportunity to exhibit her culinary selection for the day, offering viewers a glimpse into her dietary preferences, as shown by @chisom_nw.

Watch the video below: compiled some of the reactions below:

Queenkechio said:

“I no even know say Microsoft Dey Nigeria.”

Vay nhanh wrote:

“Omo. this Microsoft office.. the only company that can take me back to On site work in this coUntry!”

Adedoyin commented:

“Are macbooks allowed here?”


“She's randomly using Christian Dior bag $4k 9u got bangz.”

Bmd also commented:

“Una dey program or just talking about programming.”

Mr Incredible:

“Can I work for my Microsoft even if I don't have a school degree?”


“What exactly is Ur job at Microsoft and is the food free.”


“Ma im a girl studying software engineeing at u have any tips for me before and after we graduate.”

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“Come let's marry.I don't want to settle for less. I'm a graphic designer.”


“Visited on International Women's Day. All I can say is it's a privilege to work in a place like Microsoft. I hope to work here one day.”


“Honest question please im an undergraduate student studying computer science is getting this job possible as a 2/1 student?”

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