Top trending Alkaline songs of all time

Top trending Alkaline songs of all time

Alkaline, real name Earlan Bartley, is a prolific and award-winning Jamaican dancehall recording artist who has made headlines with his unique genre of music that has swept through the world. Alkaline songs receive massive airplay both in Ghana and the rest of the world. Many people came to hear of Alkaline songs after the release of his first album‘New Level Unlocked ‘. The album, features Alkaline songs which broke records and debuted in the Billboard Reggae Albums..

Top trending Alkaline songs of all time

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Alkaline most popular songs

Many have taunted him as the ‘next dancehall king’ with many comparisons to their ‘dancehall king’ Vybz Cartel due to his bleached skin, blond dreadlocks and apparently tattooed eyes. Controversies have been the highlight of his sprouting career sighting especially with his live show which many have ended with him hit by a bottle. However, he has managed to garner his strength and pull through to give us some of Alkaline hit songs that has made us fall in love with his style.

Unlike other artists, Alkaline works independently with Kareena Beckford and Kimona Bartley. Many have tried to label his style of music but have failed. It is a cocktail of a dancehall with a fine touch of urban pop rock culture. Some of the Alkaline best songs are full of hardcore rhymes and killer hooks. We have compiled a comprehensive Alkaline list of songs that have created buzz worldwide with hints on some of Alkaline latest songs.

Alkaline - Formula

We start off Alkaline songs list with a song that become a craze around the world. The song was well advertised with the cover art featuring a photoshop of Alkaline and Albert Einstein. The song was produced by multi-talented producer Lee Milla productions. The video was simple and artistic and garnered up over 21 million views on YouTube. It has an infectious chorus ‘we cut and come back with the formula.’ The song shot up straight to the billboard and won several awards. The song was seen as a redemption of the artist judging by the controversial stunts that he was facing.

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The song is available on various music platforms like Tidal, Spotify, Amazon and iTunes. The song really made the album stand out. The intro to the video was live with fans yelling his name. The video was shot on a skyscraper in Sweden. It still remains to be a smash hit rap video. Directed by Karimo and Mwuana, it really lived up to the expectations of the fans. The song still receives massive airplay on radio stations both locally and internationally.

Alkaline - Pretty girl team

Arguably one of the most promising Jamaican Alkaline songs that is currently making waves in the industry. Ever since its release, the song has managed to gain over 15 million streams on YouTube. The song is an instant club banger that was produced by award-winning record label Armz Records.

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Even though it was released in 2017, the success has seen it make its way into the top of Alkaline fresh songs. The song is available in many of the many of the live streams channels including iTunes, Spotify, Tidal and Amazon.

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Alkaline - City

Controversies seem to have found a home in the artist. The song is part of his debut album ‘New Level Unchained’ which was produced by multi-talented DJ Frass who produced the whole album and became the first DJ in five years to debut a reggae album in the Billboard Reggae Albums.

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The song features vulgar language which is part and parcel of his style, it is also seems to be a response to some of his critics while cleverly and seemingly taking subliminal shots at the industry heavyweights jailed Vybz Kartel and Popcaan.

Alkaline - Things take time

It is one of Alkaline recent songs that changed the view of many as people started to see him as a role model to the youth. Despite all the controversies, we can’t forget the good the star has done. The song is a reminder that while on the journey to success we should be patient for the right time to come.

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The intro is captivating and motivating ‘Everything in life just takes time, man did a tell nuuh.’ Ever since its release, the song has had over 21 million streams on YouTube. The song receives massive airplay in Ghana and it is a favorite among the youth.

Alkaline - Champion boy

Undoubtedly one of the highlight songs of Alkaline Album; New Level Unlocked.’ The song became a craze on social media ever since a sneak peek was leaked. It was also used in Jamaica’s general election campaign for the Jamaica Labor Party and later it was adopted by the Digicel in a promotion campaign strategy.

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The leader of the Vendetta leaked a teaser of the video which took fans by surprise. It showed a cameo of popular dancehall star Mavado among a long list of celebrities. The song however upon release was met with mixed reactions from fans.

Alkaline - Live life

The artist attempts to pass the message of enjoying life with no constraints. He paints the picture of a bad boy whom we have come to know and love. It has witty punchlines like’ society cyaa tell me how fi live life. Me still a smoke no matter how bad mi asthma is.’

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The song has received massive airplay both internationally and even in Ghanaian local stations. It has managed to garner over 12 million views on YouTube. The song in available on various music platforms like TIDAL, iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. The star has a loyal fan base by the number of streams.

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Alkaline - Ride on me

The song consists of sexually explicit content with naughty lines and phrases that we can’t deny are the reason why we put it in repeat mode. The song received massive airplay in Jamaica and soon made its way to the Jamaican Billboard.

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But that wasn’t enough for the fans who were thrilled by the song. Soon after, award-selling Jamaican dancehall sensation Sean Kingston jumped on board for the remix. The ride on me remix has over 26 million streams on YouTube and a crazy club banger.

Alkaline - Fleek

Unarguably one of the biggest Alkaline songs 2019 despite what haters have to say. Ever since the release of the song, the word ‘fleek’ became popular especially on social media with other artists using it. It has a catchy and raunchy chorus ‘gyal, yuh pump um on fleek.’ Even though we don’t get some of the lyrics, that where the beauty of music lies. The lyrics are however explicit with a high vivid description of sexual content. It has an exciting and infectious beat with a fluid rap and dancehall vibe to it.

The success of the song made the highlight of the career of the dancehall sensation. It is the most watched video on YouTube on Alkaline’s handle with over 50 million views. The song went viral with many artists doing similar renditions in the club. It became a fan favorite with many youths making dance videos to the song. The song is said to have really introduced him to the world. The song picked the number one spot in the Dancehall chart and stayed at the top for weeks. It is the hallmark of his career and has his loyal fan base to thank.

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