"My Husband Walks Around With HIV Test Kits, Is He Cheating?" Expert Advises

"My Husband Walks Around With HIV Test Kits, Is He Cheating?" Expert Advises

  • A 32-year-old woman suspects her husband of cheating after finding HIV test kits in his travel bags
  • She said she was torn between confronting him or walking out of the marriage
  • Dr Love urged the woman to confront her husband with evidence before making any decisions

An anonymous woman wrote:

I (32) have been married for 5 years, but my husband (37) has a roving eye. Although I have never caught him red-handed cheating, he always walks around with HIV testing kits. Everytime I snoop through his bag, I see several testing kits. I don't know if to confront him or just dump him and move on. What should I do? Please help."
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Dr Love is a relationship coach currently working as a presenter at Classic 105. He co-founded a 24-hour counselling hotline in New York City that allowed teenagers and young adults a space to express themselves without judgment.

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Peace is paramount

The relationship expert urged the woman to confront her husband with evidence.

"You are married, and you made a commitment 'for better or for worse' , but your health is paramount, without it you really have nothing. You have enough evidence (illegally acquired) to confront him and you should because you are married to him," he said.

Dr Love said the woman and her husband should talk about the circumstances in their marriage before she decides to make any decision.

"Keep in mind that there could be a plausible explanation. Things sometimes are not what they seem to be. You owe your marriage full disclosure and explanation before you choose to end the commitment," he advised.

Defining true love in his own words, Dr Love said:

"When the object of my desire perceives me the way I want the rest of humanity to see me in spite of my obvious flaws. My point is you need your own specific definition with your own parameters, otherwise, someone will impose theirs on you. Love is a selfish endeavour. People will do to you what you allow. It is simply human nature."

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Woman exposes cheating hubby

In a similar story, a Kenyan shared her heartbreaking story with TUKO.co.ke, narrating how she fell in love with an unfaithful Congolese man.

The curvy lady, a salesperson by profession, narrated how she met a Congolese man on a Kisumu-Nairobi bound flight and started dating.

Two months elapsed, and the two lovebirds decided to meet. The man lived in a different city and flew to Nairobi to meet her. He booked an Airbnb apartment along Mombasa Road, and the lady joined him there.

She said it was her best evening ever, and at around 11:00 pm, the man, in his mid-40s, asked her to leave and return the following day.

"Upon returning the following day at around midday, I went to use the bathroom and found 1 a used HIV testing kit, and my heart skipped. I kept quiet and went to the kitchen to take a glass to drink water when I noticed 2 pieces of wipes in a dustbin which was full. Looking closely, it had been used to wipe makeup," she narrated.

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The 33-year-old said she went to the bedroom to get a charger and was met by a box full of HIV testing kits, and that's when she knew she was dating a promiscuous man.

"I asked him why he had HIV testing kits and if he had brought in a lady the previous night, but he denied it, claiming a friend had slept over with his girlfriend. I was heartbroken," she narrated.

She later found out that he used to sleep with multiple women and called it quits.

Lady asserts any man who doesn't cheat is under a spell

Meanwhile, YEN.com.gh earlier reported how a young lady has suggested that men who do not cheat are under a spell from their wives or girlfriends.

She asserted that men are naturally supposed to cheat, so any man who finds themselves unable must know their woman is responsible.

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Disclaimer: Advice given in this article is general and is not intended to influence readers' decisions about solving marital problems. They should always seek their own professional advice that takes into account their own personal circumstances before making a marriage decision.

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