Ghanaian Radio Presenter Shares How She Jumped A Wall To Catch A Cheating Partner

Ghanaian Radio Presenter Shares How She Jumped A Wall To Catch A Cheating Partner

  • Ghanaian radio host Animwaa Addo has narrated how she caught her ex-boyfriend cheating with another woman
  • She recounted that she uncovered her partner's infidelity after noticing his odd sleeping patterns
  • She decided to pay him a surprise visit to his home, where she cleverly scaled the wall and picked the lock to his room to find him with another woman

Ghanaian radio host Animwaa Anim-Addo has, in a video, shared how she suspected her partner's infidelity and confirmed it.

According to Animwaa, one of the most straightforward clues to know whether your partner is cheating is when their sleep patterns change.

“One of the most important indications of a cheating partner is when their sleeping habits change. So suddenly, they want to sleep early. So around 9:30, he calls and goes like, ‘hi babe, I just called to say good night.’ Why? Because we usually chat till around 12am. Why are you going to sleep at 9:30?”

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Ghanaian Radio Presenter Shares How She Jumped A Wall To Catch A Cheating Partner
Ghanaian radio presenter narrated how she climbed a wall and picked the door lock to catch her boyfriend with another woman Photo credit: @animwaa_aa
Source: Instagram

In a video on Facebook, she recalled that after the call ended, Animwaa suspected something was wrong and decided to find out immediately.

She checked when her partner was last online and noticed he had been on social media at around 11:20 pm, even though he had said good night to her around 9 pm.

When she got to her partner's house, the gate was locked. Upon finding the gate locked, she ingeniously scaled the wall and accessed the house through the back gate, picking the lock to his room.

“So I got in my car, got on the motorway, drove to his house, climbed the gate and jumped over the wall, and then I went to the back of the house, and then I picked the lock, I went inside opened his bedroom door, and there she was in all her glory.”

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Watch the video below

Comments on the video

Animwaa's revelation prompted a discussion on fidelity and others sharing their experiences with cheating partners. Read some of the reactions below:

Veronica Akua Fosu said

I swear I did same with my last relationship same situation went there unannounced and be hold there was a lady there herh

Prince Wiredu Phinehas wrote:

It wasn't necessary, though. I can confidently tell you that, that guy is still cheating till date. And the guy you're dating now, may be cheating on you too. Leave people to live whatever life they want, and when you feel that something is wrong, give them some space and move on with your life. Don't risk your life trying to catch people red handed

Nana Akua Asantewaa said:

I will sit in my bedroom and end it there….I will not drive to your house nor jump a wall.

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Gideon Danso wrote:

With all the red flags of last seen on Facebook and WhatsApp online you still drove to his house at that night? Jumped his gate to? I swear you were madly in love with that dude! Brothers and Sisters, relationship is not transactional. It’s about two adults falling in love base on chemistry! I repeat CHEMISTRY! If the chemistry is not there just wish each other well and go your way na life is sweet to stress yourself!

Agye Kumwaa said:

I thought I have done things. But this is toptier.

Godwin Agbeko wrote:

She looks so "innocent" too. She will be fun to be around with

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She noticed a suspicious figure in the background of his room and confronted him, but he abruptly ended the call.

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