"My Pastor Fathered Our Kids, Sleeps With My Wife And I Can't Do Anything": Expert Advises

"My Pastor Fathered Our Kids, Sleeps With My Wife And I Can't Do Anything": Expert Advises

  • A man has exposed his wife of five years of cheating and getting pregnant for their pastor twice
  • The 37-year-old man said he was heartbroken, and because the pastor was taking care of their bills, he had no option but forever remain silent
  • Pastor T, a relationship coach, advised the man to leave the relationship or stay and be his wife's second choice

Anonymous wrote:

"I am 37 years old and have been married for five years. I discovered I was impotent and my two kids were fathered by our pastor. He promised to take care of our bills as long as I never tell anyone. He sleeps with my wife whenever he wants, and I cannot do anything. I'm losing my mind. What should I do?
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Anthony Mwangi, popularly known as Pastor T, is a celebrated preacher, singer career coach and certified relationship coach. The Life Church International founder conducts counselling sessions for couples to help them strengthen their relations.

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Call off the relationship

Relationship coach Pastor T advised the man to divorce his wife and move on.

"It is good to accept the way you are. Some things are not by choice. Just the same way someone is born with a disability, you can't say you will stay in the house and never go outside because life has to go on. There are other options like adoption rather than giving your wife to another man," he said.

He noted that the matter is very sensitive because the man is concerned about community perception.

"The day he opened that door to the pastor is where he lost it. The wife also failed. Accept you gave your wife to another man and leave the relationship, or stay and be her number two. Walk out," he advised.

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Choose peace over everything

Pastor T said the man would live a miserable life if he chose to continue being with his wife, noting that kids grow and will be attached to their biological father.

"It is going to hurt you more seeing your wife sleeping with another man. And knowing that the reason why you are getting money is because of something you cannot change. It is going to demoralise you," he said.

The relationship coach noted that there are so many men in such situations, and for some, once they discover their kids were fathered by someone else, they end up being suicidal.

"Peace of mind is more important, leave," he advised.

New survey discovers Ghana's cheating problems

Earlier, YEN.com.gh reported about the 2022 Ghana Demographic and Health Survey, which revealed that two in every 10 married Ghanaian men have cheated on their wives.

The survey gathered responses from over 63,247 and found out that 17.5% of married men have two or more partners who are not their wives.

Source: TUKO.co.ke

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