Lady Shares Love Story As She Weds Her Neighbour In Grand Style: "To Answer My Greeting Was War"

Lady Shares Love Story As She Weds Her Neighbour In Grand Style: "To Answer My Greeting Was War"

  • A lady has shared a video of her traditional wedding day narrating how her neighbour ended up being her husband
  • The lady revealed that she never liked her husband because she felt he was proud and full of himself
  • However, she didn't know that he tried to approach her, but her straight and mean face always scared him away

A Nigerian lady has shared her intriguing love story on TikTok while advising her followers never to judge a book by its cover.

Sharing a video of her traditional wedding, the lady identified as @nellymmacs on TikTok revealed that she was getting married to her neighbour.

Lady gets married to her neighbour in grand style
Lady weds her neighbour in grand style Photo credit: @nellymmacs/TikTok.
Source: UGC

Lady shares love story with neighbour

Nelly narrated that for one year, she and her husband never talked to each other even though they were neighbours.

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Her husband always had a mean face whenever she passed him and sometimes ignored her greetings, making her think he was full of himself.

However, she didn't know that he wanted to approach her; she was scared because she also had a straight, unapproachable face.

The lady revealed that her husband's narrative of her changed the day he saw her singing and dancing with a neighbour.

On that day, he realised that she could laugh and something special began between them, blossoming until they thought it wise to tie the knot.

She captioned the video:

“Indeed you can't judge a book by its cover. I got married to one of the most beautiful souls on earth.”

Netizens react to beautiful love story

The young lady's story sparked lots of reactions from netizens in the comments section.

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@chef Zika B said:

“Congratulations make I go unblock my neighbour.”

Gold said:

“Una no dey talk update on time I do go call police for my neighbour.”

@shuga said:

“Na em be say I don use mean face chase my husband away.”

chacha reacted:

“This your story is sweet. I can imagine how you guys laugh at this discovery.”

@blinkyjohn said:

“Mk I try reason wit D's my neighbour first, just de give me green light, buh I no dey smile o.”

Ada Ebonyi 922 said:

“This is so marvelous congrats dr. My own na for where I Dey walk like this now to greet am na impossible. Any opportunity wey him get na aunty.”

MOLUOMAN reacted:

“Make una dey drop update on time. Congratulations dear.”

@bemitahilex reacted:

“Congratulations ur home is bless, who knw weather na bcos of my tight face I nevr see partner, but sometimes we don't know when we tight face ke.”

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@mercyofGod12345 said:

“Lessons, make we try to dey smile.”

Watch the video below:

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