Man Surprises His Girlfriend With Yoghurt And Flowers After She 'Tattooed' His Name On Forehead

Man Surprises His Girlfriend With Yoghurt And Flowers After She 'Tattooed' His Name On Forehead

  • Lizah Njeri, a Young Kenyan lady, shared a video of herself getting a 'tattoo' of her boyfriend's name on her forehead
  • The lady's actions sparked a heated debate on TikTok, with some cautioning her and others in awe of her expression of love
  • Paul Kibe, Lizah's boyfriend, was touched by her decision and decided to get her gifts as a token of appreciation

The boyfriend of a Kenyan lady who 'tattooed' his name on her face has surprised her with gifts after her love-driven act.

The first frame from the left shows a selfie of Paul Kibe. The other two frames show Lizah Njeri happily receiving gifts from Paul.
Lizah Njeri (centre and right) was elated after receiving yoghurt and flowers from her lover, Paul Kibe (right). Photo: Paul Kibe, Lizah Njeri.
Source: UGC

Why Lizah Njeri tattooed her lover's name on her face

The lady, Lizah Njeri, stirred social media buzz by sharing a video where she claimed to have tattooed her boyfriend’s name, Paul Kibe, on her forehead.

She said she inked her love's name on her forehead because she loved him.

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"I tattoed my man's name on my forehead. Si mlisema gai haina number plate ni ya mwizi? (You all said a car that does not have a number plate belongs to a thief). So I have decided to place a number plate. I want to draw a tattoo of my man's two names," Lizah remarked.

Despite her assertion, observers noted that the marking was a henna design, which would naturally fade over time rather than a permanent tattoo.

How did Lizah's boyfriend respond to the 'tattoo'?

Touched by Lizah's gesture, her boyfriend surprised her with gifts as a token of appreciation.

"Mmekuwa mkiniuliza mbona mtu achore tattoo yako kwa uso lakini let me show you the power of these," he said, flaunting a bouquet of roses he had gotten Lizah.

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The man went home and found Lizah seated on the bed, her hair and makeup perfectly done, with the conspicuous ‘tattoo’ still visible on her forehead.

"Naona mpaka number plate bado iko," he playfully remarked.

He then presented her with a jar of yoghurt, followed by the bouquet, which Lizah received happily.

"Thank you, ndo maana niliweka number plate yako hapoa" she said.

An elated Lizah encouraged other women to consider similar tattoos as an expression of their love.

"Utaambiaje watu?" Paul asked.
"Ntawaambia waweke number plate za wapoa wao pia., kama wako sure wanawapenda. Kama hupendi mtu wako usiweke," she declared.

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