Inspirational Woman Goes From Waiting Tables to Flying Commercial Planes, Humble Beginning to Greatness

Inspirational Woman Goes From Waiting Tables to Flying Commercial Planes, Humble Beginning to Greatness

  • Precious Sibalo, inspirational Commercial pilot and former Cabin Crew at Qatar Airways from Plumtree, Zimbabwe
  • Having come to South Africa to make her dream come true, Precious started waiting tables to earn money
  • The inspiring woman’s story left many overflowing with pride as her positive mindset is an inspiration to many

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Having the dream of becoming a pilot was everything this woman worked so hard for, and she did it. Having waited tables to save for her studies, the young lady persevered and is now a commercial pilot.

Nothing in life comes easy. Those who understand this manage to turn their dream into reality through hard work.

LinkedIn page Women Power Africa shared the inspiring story of Precious Sibalo who went from being a waitress to a commercial pilot. Precious believed in herself and that is how she achieved greatness.

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“In South Africa while I was working as a waitress, I worked with excellence. When I was there, customers would see potential in me because I was very optimistic, very jovial person because I believe in the power of the mind."

Precious Sibalo holds an Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) world's highest level of Aircraft Pilot License from 43 Air School, South Africa.

She is currently flying to build hours in South Africa, in an effort to achieve her next goal - flying big planes at Qatar Airways.

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Precious Sibalo, inspirational Commercial Pilot and former Cabin Crew at Qatar Airways from Plumtree, Zimbabwe. Image: LinkedIn / Women Power Africa
Source: UGC

People shower precious with praise:

@anita Grace Odeh said:

“Congratulations dear. I celebrate your determination, tenacity and positive mindset. You are a top notch, I rejoice with you.”

@Dominic Lekupie said:

“Congratulations pretty Precious ”

Samuel K Sithole said:

“Congratulations Precious. Inspiring.”

Bekithemba Mlauzi said:

“Hearty congratulations Precious!”

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