6 painful reasons most Ghanaian men are not good lovers

6 painful reasons most Ghanaian men are not good lovers

Ghanaian men come across as one of the most searched for individuals any single lady would want to associate with. Yes, they are mostly warm and thoughtful whenever it comes to relationships.

7 painful reasons most Ghanaian men are not good lovers
7 painful reasons most Ghanaian men are not good lovers

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But despite these high praises, some ladies hold the view that most Ghanaian men are just not loving as people perceive them to be.

So why do most Ghanaian men come across as worst lovers? We find out in this article.

1. Culture and traditions

Never blame a Ghanaian man for not being a good lover. His culture could likely be the cause. Ghana's family culture is mostly patriarchal. Boys in Ghana are largely trained to become heads in whatever circle they find themselves in. Most Ghanaian men never show their emotions and this could be mistaken for being less romantic.

2. Abusive parents

Psychologists often attach the inability of men to love to issues of violence and abuse rooted in his family. Some Ghanaian men were raised in a family of abusive parents who handled them so harshly. These experiences often tend to kill the emotions of such persons. They grow up so wild and without emotions.

3. Low self-esteem

The lack of confidence often gets men detached from social relations. It is also the case with Ghanaian men who may also fear for their emotions especially when they find themselves in relationships. That detachment and lack of confidence are sure ways of getting women complain they are worst lovers.

4. Egotism

Egotism is the term we use for conditions where persons pay so much attention to themselves than others. They always focused on getting the best for themselves even if it means hurting the other. Sadly enough, most men in Ghana fall within this bracket. And this is exactly what women hate to see.

5. Broken heart

Most men who suffer from broken hearts tend to play it extra safe in new relationships. It is a hurtful experience suffering from a broken relationship. Psychologically, most men do not just find broken hearts as a dent in their manhood but also an urgent call for them to remain extra careful.

6. Fear of rejection

When all is said and done, one thing that runs through most of the above points is the fear of rejection. No one is interested in getting rejected in a relationship. The fear of rejection is one of the major reasons why we men would always withdraw.

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