Media reports on slave trade are exaggerated - Libya's Ambassador to Ghana

Media reports on slave trade are exaggerated - Libya's Ambassador to Ghana

-Libya's Ambassador to Ghana, Sallah Koni Mustafa has has described media reports on the slave trade in his country as exaggerated and unnecessary

-Mr Mustafa is of the opinion that the media has focused too much on the negative stories from his country

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Media reportage on the sale of slaves in Libya have been exaggerated, the North African country's ambassador to Ghana has stated.


According to Mr Sallah Koni Mustafa, although his country has many human rights challenges, the media has only been interested in highlighting the negative stories rather than the positives.

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Libya has come under a lot of international scrutiny after footage of men being sold off as slaves in the country surfaced in the media.

Reports suggest that the men, marketed as “big strong boys for farm work”, are sold for $400 while others are tortured to death by individuals in Libyan military wears.

This has been met with a lot condemnations with protests erupting in Paris and other cities, across the world.

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo on Tuesday described the situation as not only "scandalous abuses of human rights, but are also mockeries of the alleged solidarity of African nations grouped in the African Union (AU), of which Libya is a member”

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But speaking on Starr FM, Mr. Mustafa was of the opinion that the negative reportage were not necessary because his government was doing everything within its means to stop the trade and punish those involved.

Our government has started investigations into the issue, the credibility of these reports and those behind it, those involved so that they will be prosecuted and they will be punished accordingly. The media reportage and the exaggerations thereafter are not needed,” he noted.

He further debunked assertions that Libyans were racists who did see themselves as Africans and accused the media of not reporting the fact that there were other Africans working in Libya without harassments.

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We have always said that Libya is an African country, Libyans are not racists, Libya is Africa and Libyans are Africans. Why is it that the media is always narrowing its scope. For instance, there are thousands of people who are currently working in Libya, who are gainfully employed in Libya working in dignity without any form of harassment but the media is not reporting that”.

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