Afriyie Acquah Wife Scandal

Afriyie Acquah Wife Scandal

Celebrities and public figures tend to have controversies every time and again. The Afriyie Acquah wife scandal has been plaguing the Black Stars player for quite a while now. Although the pair are no longer together, details about them are still emerging and here is what you need to know.

Afriyie Acquah Wife Scandal
Afriyie Acquah Wife Scandal

Afriyie Acquah Wife - What you did not know about her

The Afriyie Acquah wife Jordan scandal dominated the internet for quite some time especially for those who are keen on football. After her marriage damning statements everyone was searching internet with the interest of knowing who is Afriyie Acquah’s wife. Amanda got married to the midfielder last year in a controversial circumstance. She put her marriage in rocks by referring to the husband as a monkey and villager who was always obsessed with her previous four years relationship with Jordan.

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Afriyie Acquah wife Jordan Ayew previous relationship seemed to have moved onto her marriage with her. She went ahead to say embarrassing remarks all of whichever geared towards embarrassing her husband. The comparisons were caught on tape and broadcasted for all to is. It was after these revelations that she threatened to commit suicide probably because she felt embarrassed about the things she had said about her 1 year old husband.

Afriyie Acquah and Wife - pictures may sometimes be deceiving

Afriyie Acquah Wife Scandal

Looking at the pics of Afriyie Acquah’s wife one would not imagine that the cute lady would disregard the husband even though it was in a secret recording. Images of Afriyie Acquah’s wife with the husband portray a loving relationship. In fact, Acquah has been quoted on several occasions recounting his love for his wife despite the scandals that keep arising. Unfortunately it appears as though the wife is bound to doom the relationship.

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The latest scandal though was the one that hit Amanda, Acquah’s wife the most. It was this incidence that prompted her to throw a tantrum and complain about the husband whom she claimed had hurt her in so many ways but she took it all in. She was hurt and seemed not to bear the shame any more. She came out strongly accusing the husband for letting his girlfriend release her sex tape. In this outburst she still referred to Acquah as her husband which goes to show that they may still be together despite the claims of divorce that were circling the internet.

The husband coming out later and claiming his love of the wife despite the happenings seemed to shut down the talks on divorce. It was clear that the two could not be separated by any scandals that 2017 handed to them. There was more that the couple had to endure and resilience was key to the young marriage.

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