Helen Lasichanh: 5 fast facts you never knew about Pharell Williams wife

Helen Lasichanh: 5 fast facts you never knew about Pharell Williams wife

The star-studded celebrities are considered to live glamorous and posh lifestyles. Their relationships, which are heavily scrutinized by the public and tabloids, are usually gossip-worthy. Helen Lasichanh, the equally fabulous Pharell Williams wife, is generally out of the public eye, away from the media's glare. Her husband is one of the biggest producers and musicians in the business. What is it about Helen that made the super eligible bachelor settle down and expand his family.

Helen Lasichanh Pharell Williams wife
Image: instagram.com, @pharrell_helen
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Pharrell and Helen have managed to keep their relationship under wraps for a long time. Indeed, the renowned producer has created immense interest in his wife because of his popularity. How much do you know about the 46-year-old pop star's wife of six years? How old is Helen Lasichanh?

Helen Lasichanh biography

Where is Helen Lasichanh from? What ethnicity is Helen Lasichanh? There are so many questions about the mysterious wife of Pharrell Williams. She has managed to keep it on the down-low for a long time.

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As of 2020, Helen is 40 years old as she was born on July 22, 1980, in Florida. Pharrell William's wife is of Laotian and Ethiopian descent, which means that she is biracial.

Helen grew up in Miami and attended Coral Park High School, graduating in 1998. Later, she went to college at St. Thomas University in Miami Gardens, Florida, where she graduated with a degree. During her college years, Pharell Williams wife was very active in sports, playing volleyball for the university team.

After completing her studies, Helen focused on growing her career in the fashion industry by modelling for various agencies. Her rare appearances with her husband have been impressive as she mostly rocks elegant outfits that give the impression of a person with excellent fashion sense.

Today, Helen is a fashion designer known for being the wife of Pharrell Williams. They started dating after meeting two and a half years before. Even though Helen Lasichanh net worth is not in the public domain, and is mostly tied to her husband's, she seems to enjoy a lavish lifestyle.

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Interesting facts about Pharell Williams wife

Without a doubt, Helen Lasichanh is making waves in the American fashion industry because of her unique fashion sense. It is hard getting enough of her rare public appearances alongside her husband, Pharrell Williams.

Her stunning looks and curvaceous body bring out an elegant demeanour in every appearance, creating a lot of buzz amongst her fans. How much do you know about Helen? Do you know Helen Lasichanh nationality?

1. Helen got engaged to Pharrell Williams in 2012

Pharrell and Helen tied the knot in 2013 after being engaged in 2012. They had been dating for more than five years and were even best friends for longer. In one of Pharrell William’s interview with Oprah Winfrey, the talented singer and producer admitted that he was attracted to Helen in the initial days, but the feeling was not mutual.

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Then, Helen was in another relationship that made Pharrell’s interest and pursuit bear no fruits. According to Pharrell, Helen, because of her relationship, became great friends with the producer. Fortunately, they started dating at some point, which matured into a very romantic relationship.

The two love birds are considered as an unconventional and fashion-forward couple who share a love and appreciation of a Tribe Called Quest. This was the most impressive thing that made the two connect.

Helen married Pharrell in one of the most glamorous events that happened in Miami on a yacht. Considering the couple's excellent fashion taste, they wore the best attire for one of the most critical days in their lives. And the event was attended by numerous celebrities like Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, Gwen Stefani, and many more stars.

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2. Her husband chased her for two years

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Helen Lasichanh Pharell Williams wife
Image: instagram.com, @pharrell_helen
Source: Instagram

Even though numerous ladies would be glad to have attracted the attention of one of the most celebrated personalities in the music industry, Helen played hard to get. And she did not do this for two or three months; she ignored Pharrell’s advances for over two years.

Helen never responded to half of Pharrell’s texts. Interestingly, instead of Pharrell giving up, he put in more effort to win her heart, which he did after two and a half years. They became great friends and gradually moved to a serious relationship before getting engaged in 2012.

3. Helen has excellent taste in fashion

It is evident from the way she dresses to events that Helen Lasichanh is fashion-centric. So far, she has demonstrated her special uniqueness in the fashion universe as she doesn't shy away from wearing the best attire.

Pharrell Williams' wife started engaging in fashion and modelling immediately after completing college. She worked with various modelling agencies that gave her tremendous experience in the niche.

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Pharrell and Helen are recognized as one of the most fashion-forward couples in Hollywood. Any time they are spotted together in a public event, they always adorn uniquely styled clothing that is the envy of their peers.

Helen Lasichanh height is among her most outstanding features. Additionally, she has a beautiful figure that accentuates her dressing style, making her look gorgeous in whatever attired she adorns. Although she has a remarkable taste, Helen is modest and rarely wears revealing outfits.

4. Rocket Man Williams is her son

Helen Lasichanh Pharell Williams wife
Image: instagram.com, @pharrell_helen
Source: Instagram

Helen Lasichanh got her first child in 2008 while dating Pharrell. The couple named their first-born after a humanmade machine that was meant to ascend. Also, they were influenced by Steve Wonder's Rocket Love and Elton John's Rocket Man.

The first-born son has already become one of the most relaxed children in Hollywood as he is often photographed with his parents looking great. Helen’s husband even composed a song called Rockets in honour of his son that was included as a soundtrack to the movie Despicable Me.

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Helen also gave birth to triplets in 2017 and is now a mother to four children. The couple broke the news that they were expecting in September 2016.

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5. Helen is of mixed race

What is Pharrell’s wife race? Helen's nationality is apparent, but her ethnicity is not that clear. She is entirely private about her personal life, and there is not much information out there about her past. Interestingly, Helen Lasichanh parents belong to Laotian-Ethiopian ethnicity meaning that she is mixed race.

Helen Lasichanh Ethiopian origins aren’t that obvious considering she was born and raised in the United States of America. However, her name probably tells more about her decent than you can get from her private life.

There is so much about Pharrell William’s wife only if she were to open to the world about her life. Even though she keeps a low profile, Helen Lasichanh Instagram is full of amazing photos. She regularly posts images having a pleasant time with her husband, Pharrell Williams.

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Many people have come to appreciate Pharell Williams wife, Helen Lasichanh, for her great taste in fashion, which fans get a small taste of whenever she is in the limelight. Although she has become popular because of her famous husband, she has created an excellent reputation. And the praises she gets from her husband is a sign that the two are in love and have great respect for one another.

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