Releasing my nudes didn't phase me

Releasing my nudes didn't phase me

- Christabel Ekeh has said releasing her nude photos didn't break her spirits

- She said her faith in Jesus has kept her moral high

- She said she was perfectly fine when she released her nude photos last year

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Ghanaian actress, Christabel Ekeh, has recently stated that her decision to release a series of naked photos on her Instagram last year did not break her because of her belief that Jesus Christ is by her side.

Christabel Ekeh
Christabel Ekeh caused quite a stir with the release of nude photos via her Instagram page

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According to actress Christabel Ekeh, releasing a series of controversial nude photos of herself did not break her spirits.

She recently expressed that her belief in Jesus Christ has bolstered her through this time and that no insult has affected her.

It is Jesus. When you have Jesus you know that we live in the spirit so the insults when someone says you are a fool, you don’t know how to dress, you don’t make that affect your spirit. When you have Jesus you don’t succumb to what people think,” she said.

Christabel Ekeh shocked Ghanaians last year when she shared a series of naked photos of herself on her Instagram page, photos that were quickly taken down by Instagram moderators.

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While many Ghanaians ridiculed her for releasing what some referred to as "crass" nude photos, others downright condemned her move.

Other commentators came to the actress's defense, saying that she may be going through some sort of mental trouble, or maybe even spiritual ones.

Nevertheless speaking to Joy News, Christabel has recently dismissed these claims, and said that she was perfectly fine when she shared the photos.

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