Checkout Kwame Despite's new monster Mercedes Maybach

Checkout Kwame Despite's new monster Mercedes Maybach

Dr. Kwame Osei Despite, CEO of Despite Group of Companies, has imported a brand new Mercedes-Maybach and proved not only that he is a true car lover, but that he is willing to spend the cash to have his "big boy toys" too.

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Mercedez Mayback

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Although Dr. Kwame Osei Despite is one affluent Ghanaian who was not born into rich family.

Years of meticulous work, and the building of his empire has made him one of the richest men in the country and able to afford all kinds of toys... and we know how much he likes his toys.

In April of last year, Mr. Despite made the headlines when he imported a brand new fully loaded Mercedes Brabus minivan. This year however, Mr. Kwame Despite has decided to buy himself something a little more racey.

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Kwame Despite has bought and imported himself a spanking new Mercedes Maybach S650 worth a whopping $323,000. The vehicle sports a monster V12 engine (12 cylinder V engine guys, keep up), and is one of only 300 pieces made by Daimler AG.

Checkout a few photos of vehicle vehicle as it got to Tema Harbor below:

They made sure to wrap it in rubber...

Kwame Despite's Mercedez Mayback S650

An interior fit for a king...

The interior of Mercedez Mayback S650

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