Ghana Armed Forces ranks structure

Ghana Armed Forces ranks structure

Ranks are incorporated into the Ghana armed forces and they help defining roles that have been attached to a particular rank while at the same time ensuring dominance and authority in the force.

Ghana Armed Forces ranks structure

What is the importance of ranks in Ghana’s armed forces?

Military ranks instill the principle of military chain of command.

Without military ranks and the powers attached to the various ranks, it may be impossible for us to boast of having a “disciplined” force. Uniforms play an important role in denoting the wearers rank. It is usually by an insignia that is affixed to the military uniform.

What are the different classifications personnel in Ghana’s armed forces ranks

Ghana armed forces are comprised of two categories of personnel. These are;

Commissioned officers – these are army officials who are trained or are in the process of being trained to hold command positions.

Ghana Armed Forces ranks structure

Enlisted - the enlisted officers make up a large part of the military personnel. The enlisted personnel in the Ghana armed forces are below the commissioned officers in rank. The enlisted officers are classified differently in the different branches of the Ghana armed forces as follows

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  • In the army they are referred to as enlisted
  • In the navy they are referred to as ratings officers
  • In the air force they are referred to as airmen officers.

Structure of the Ghana armed forces

Every country has specific structures that their military personnel follow... Sometimes the structure is of a unique nature but sometimes countries may have similarities. Regardless of how it is structured, the rationale of seniority is still the same.

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Ghana, being a member of the commonwealth countries shares the same structure as that of Britain. The ranks are distinguished below from the most senior to the junior most personnel; the list contains the rank and insignia that are worn by people who occupy those ranks.

Ghana armed forces ranks and symbols

Here is a summary of all the insignia in the Ghanaian army

Ghana Armed Forces ranks structure


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