5 Health Benefits of Prekese in Ghana

5 Health Benefits of Prekese in Ghana

Prekese is a flowering plant of the pea family which is commonly found in West Africa. These are the 5 health benefits of prekese which are hard to resist. The plant has a pungent aromatic odor which repels insects. The plant has a lot of uses from being a defense mechanism against infections, reduction of blood pressure to being a carcinogen. Due to the numerous prekese uses, it has been termed as wonder plant in Ghana.

5 Health Benefits of Prekese in Ghana

West Africa especially Ghana has one of the native plants which serve various medicinal purposes. There are many plants that are consumed due to their health benefits. One of such plants is Prekese. The prekese benefits are so numerous that they have made the plant so popular in Ghana. Prekese spice is also added to food to taste well. Here are the 5 benefits of prekese in Ghana.

Diabetes Prevention and Management

In research done on rats, the prekese plant was found to be beneficial in the control of type 2diabetes mellitus. According to the study, the prekese fruit extract when taken can help a lot in reducing blood glucose in the body.

Mosquito Repellant

Mosquitos are a menace in most communities and especially for people with small children. They cause malaria and leave alone their annoying noise. Due to prekese Ghana has found elaborate repellant to this menace. Prekese has a pungent odor that repels insects making its use in repelling mosquitoes very effective. This prekese pungent smell is an attribute of the presence of essential oils in the plant.

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Is Prekese Good for Pregnancy?

The answer is a big yes. Prekese and pregnancy go hand in hand. The prekese soup is given to postpartum mothers to avoid contraction. Prekese pods are rich in potassium, calcium and iron which are essential minerals during pregnancy. The prekese soup is also beneficial to new mothers for the production of milk and the restoration of the lost blood during birth.

5 Health Benefits of Prekese in Ghana

Prekese and Weight Loss

The plant can be brewed to make prekese tea which is used in prekese for weight loss. The prekese drink has the ability to cleanse the extra fats in our bodies.


Prekese possesses microbial and antibacterial properties. Due to this ability, the plant extract is used to make soap which is used for skin inflammation and bacterial infection on the skin. Apart from its medicinal benefits, prekese also helps in foaming and soap hardening as well as adding flavor to the soap.

Wound Healing Properties

The prekese wet extract has been proven to contain healing abilities. Traditionally, the prekese aqueous extract was used to heal open wounds. However, it is proven that the low the concentration of the fruit the effective it is in healing wounds. Therefore, if you want best wound healing effects, it is advisable to use the prekese juice extract in low concentration for best quick healing.

Prekese Drink Recipe

Preparing a prekese drink recipe is simple. All that is needed is 2-3 medium sized prekese fruit, fresh ginger root, medium sized lemon, and honey for tasting and about 3 liters of water.

Place the warm water in a bowl and soak the prekese plant overnight to release the juice. After the soaking process is complete, add the crushed ginger and lemon juice and mix them well. Leave the mixture to rest for about 30 minutes. Sieve it to remove the ginger stalk. Add the honey and stir well to mix properly.

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