Top 15 Muslim female names and meanings for baby

Top 15 Muslim female names and meanings for baby

The population of Muslims in the globe in very large. There are known of having very beautiful names. Muslims have a belief that during the judgment day, people will be called by their names. Logically, it means that they have to give meaningful names to their babies.

Top 15 Muslim female names and meanings for baby

Are you looking for a sweet name for your princess? There are Muslim female names and their meaning for you to choose for your daughter. Meaning of names influence your baby character, so you should choose a meaningful name. Below are the Muslim female names and their meanings.

Muslim Female Names Meaning


Aabidah is a beautiful Arabic Muslim name. It means “worshipper” and it fits a girl from a religious family.


Aasma is among the Muslim female names list that have an interesting deep meaning. It means “excellent.”


Batool is a perfect fit for a girl whose parents want her to be full of good virtues and very kind-hearted. It’s an Arabic name that means” pious woman.”

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Top 15 Muslim female names and meanings for baby


Daisha is a beautiful Arabic name that peaked notability in 1995. It a perfect name that means “alive.”


Fariah is precious name that means companion or a friend. It is a perfect fit for parents who are planning to be their daughter’s best friend. This means that you and your princess can share anything. It sounds perfect, right?

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Fawzia is an Arabic name that means “winner.” It is a modern and unique name. Fawzia will make your baby to proper in everything she does.


Hadiya is among Muslim female names that fits well in a religious family. This Arabic name means, “Guide to righteousness.”


Hidaya is that will influence your baby girl to follow guidelines and instruction. This Arabic name means “instruction or guidance.”

Top 15 Muslim female names and meanings for baby


Inbihaj is a lovely name associated with jovial babies. This Arabic name is mean have a very interesting meaning “cheerful or happy.”

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Jalilah is an Arabic girl name that have poetry quality, he two ‘L’ in the middle and ‘ah’. This names illustrations.


Jamila is a unique name that has quite a number of variations like Jameelah, Jamilah, and Jamilla. It has a powerful meaning “gracious.”


Maleeka is an Arabic that parents who want to influence their girls to be rulers of tomorrow. This name means “queen.”

Top 15 Muslim female names and meanings for baby


Nabila is a simple but unique Arabic name that means “noble”


Omaira is a rare unique name for your baby girl who is a great blessing to you. It means “red.”


Qadira is an Arabic name that means “powerful and capable.” This name will influence your daughter to never under-estimate herself, which is a very good virtue.

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