Chinese Female Names and Meanings: What Do They Mean?

Chinese Female Names and Meanings: What Do They Mean?

In China names are mostly hereditary. Surnames are inherited from ancestors and the lineage can date so many years back. Unlike other naming systems, the beauty of child-naming in Chinese culture is that there isn’t a database to pick names from, but names are given with rather poetic connotation and hence the sound matters lot. In this article we will give 10 Chinese female names in English meanings.

Chinese Female Names and Meanings: What Do They Mean?

Names can simply be given by merging beautiful characters to create phonetic harmony. But just like other cultures around the world, there is a lot of meaning pegged on names. The Chinese have beautiful names with deep meanings for both girls and boys, but in this article we will only enlist Chinese female names.

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Chinese Female Names List

  1. Zhi Ruo- This sweet name must have some real life in it as it is composed of two widely used herbal plants in china. Zhi is coined from angelica and Ruo from pollia. The name is exotic as the ancient Chinese named beautiful girls after herbal plants. The name has become even more popular these days after a novelist gave it to one of his characters.
  2. Yu Yan- This is also another popular name that has also been a character in Jin Yong’s novel. The name is coined from “Yu Xiao Yan Ran” which means a woman with a beautiful smile. It is one of the rare Chinese female names but the meaning is profound. This name befit your daughter with the most beautiful smile.
  3. Hui Yun- This name means excellent fame. One of the greatest modern Chinese poets had this name and lived to the true meaning of excellent fame as her poems are widely read among the Chinese art lovers.
  4. Ying Yue- the meaning of this name is very poetic. Ying Yue means reflection of the moon. This name is mostly followed by ‘Jiang’ which means river. Now you can picture how poetic the name is.
  5. Wang Shu- This name is a very common name in China and is used for both genders. In ancient Chinese myths, this is the name of a god that drives the carriage for the moon. This is one of the many names that Chinese people pick from poetry anthologies.
  6. Feng Mian- This name, just like other Chinese names is rich in poetic imagery. The name means “falling asleep in the woods as the breeze swishes through”. Originally, this name belonged to Lin Fengmian who was a famous painter. It can be used for both genders.
  7. Shu- This is a common name among the good Chinese female names as it means kind or warm hearted. The name denotes a friendly lady and sets a positive acclaim of good-natured personality.
  8. Ying- this name is common among female Chinese Scholars. The name means smart and is one of the most popular names among the Chinese. If anybody compiles a list of Chinese female names without Ying, then don’t trust that list.
  9. Ya- Being one of the sweetest names for girls, Ya is so common. In addition, it also means graceful which aligns to Chinese practices of harmony with oneself and the environment.
  10. Mei- For those who love nature, Mei is the best pick. This name means a beautiful flower and is popular in china.

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If you are a keen observer you have noticed the difference in meaning of these Chinese names with those of western cultures. The Chinese names are mostly inspired by the beauty of the environment.

Being so, most of the names are drawn from inanimate objects. Among the Chinese is the popular belief that there is a soul in everything, and the souls of nature is the most pure since it doesn’t destroy but give life.


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