175+ Filipino girl names and their meanings (with infographic)

175+ Filipino girl names and their meanings (with infographic)

Most Filipino kids have three names: one Christian name, one Western, and a surname. There are hundreds of Filipino girl names to choose from. Naming a baby is one of the many exciting steps of parenthood, but that does not make it easy. Here is a list to help you get the perfect name.

Filipino girl names and their meanings
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Did you know the personality you hope the child will take is influenced by the name you give them? It is interesting to know that many Filipino girl names have a Spanish or Italian origin. Below is a collection of amazing options for your little princess in 2024.

175+ Filipino girl names and their meanings

Many Filipino girl names and surnames have religious inflexions or Biblical references. Others are borrowed from nature, especially from birds and flowers. Most of the names are pleasing to the ears and easy to pronounce.

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Unique Filipino girl names starting with A & B

Filipino names are diverse because the country’s history mixes numerous cultural, religious, and linguistic influences. Here is a collection of cute and common Filipino girl names starting with the first two letters of the alphabet.

  • Adhika: Honourable
  • Aelia: The sun
  • Aiza: A noblewoman
  • Agila: An eagle (the national bird of the Philippines)
  • Agrippa: Wild horse
  • Agostina: A form of Augusta
  • Agwa: Water
  • Albina: White or bright
  • Alma: A nourishing and kind soul
  • Alon: Wave
  • Althea: Healing or wholesome
  • Amie: Friend
  • Amihan: Northwest wind
  • Amor: Love
  • Amparo: Protection or shelter
  • Andrea: A person
  • Angela: An angel
  • Annia: The priceless one
  • Antonia: Priceless
  • Astra: A star
  • Atarah: A biblical name for a crown
  • Augusta: Magnificent
  • Aura: Titan-goddess of the breeze and the fresh or cool air of early morning
  • Aurelia: Golden
  • Aurora: Dawn
  • Ariadne: Ancient Roman noblewoman
  • Awit: A Filipino poem or hymn with 12-syllable quatrains
  • Balbina: A stammerer
  • Bayani: Hero
  • Belén: Bethlehem
  • Benilda: The blessed one
  • Bernila: The blessed one
  • Bituin: A star
  • Bulawan: The one with golden skin

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Common Filipino girl names starting with the letters C - E

Traditional filipino girl names
Ancient female Filipino names. Photo: pexels.com, @Lam Loi
Source: UGC

Choosing a name for your baby girl is important, exciting, and often challenging. Below is a collection of cute, unique, modern, and traditional Filipino girl names to consider.

  • Camilla: Young ceremonial attendant
  • Carmelita: Beautiful garden
  • Cecilia: Blind
  • Ceres: The goddess of agriculture
  • Charisse: Grace or beloved
  • Charito: Rosary
  • Charmaine: Charm
  • Chesah: Celestial
  • Cherry: Cherry fruit
  • Cielo: Altar of the sky
  • Claudia: Lame
  • Concepción: Conception
  • Corazon: Heart
  • Cybele: The great mother of the gods
  • Dalisay: Pure
  • Dari: Grace
  • Darna: A famous fictional Japanese superheroine
  • Decima: The tenth child
  • Diana: Luminous
  • Dido: The Queen of Carthage in a famous Roman poem
  • Divina: Heavenly or divine
  • Diwa: Spirit, soul, or essence
  • Diwata: Fairies and spirits that live in nature
  • Dolores: Lady of sorrows
  • Domitia: Tamed
  • Drusilla: Fruitful
  • Dulce: Sweet or candy
  • Elenita: Torch or light
  • Elmarie: Nice or gentle
  • Empanda: The goddess of charity and hospitality
  • Erlat: A helper or intuition
  • Estrellita: A star
  • Evangeline: The bringer of good news

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Names that start with the letters F - J

Filipino girl names and surnames
Filipino girl names. Photo: pexels.com, @Dream+ Photo
Source: UGC

Did you know the Republic of the Philippines was under Spanish rule for over 300 years? As a result, many names are of Spanish origin. Check out these beautiful Filipino girl names that start with the letters F to J.

  • Fabia: Bean grower
  • Fauna: The goddess of the fertility of woodlands, fields, and flocks
  • Fausta: The lucky one
  • Felicitas: The goddess of good luck
  • Flavia: A yellow-haired woman
  • Flordeliza: A flower
  • Fortuna: Luck or fortune
  • Furia: Wrath
  • Gabby: God is my strong man
  • Gaia: The Earth
  • Gemma: Gem or precious stone
  • Geraldine: To rule
  • Gloria: Glory
  • Guadalupe: Valley or river
  • Hazel: The hazel tree
  • Herminia: A warrior
  • Hero: A person admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.
  • Himig: To tune a musical instrument
  • Hiraya: May your dreams come true
  • Hiyas: Jewel
  • Honorata: The esteemed or distinguished one
  • Horatia: A timekeeper
  • Hortensia: A garden
  • Imelda: The universe
  • Inocencia: The innocent one
  • Isa: One
  • Isadora: Gift of Isis
  • Isla: An island
  • Iris: The Goddess of Rainbows
  • Jasmine: The flower Jasmine
  • Jelena: Bright light
  • Jezreel: Planted by God
  • Jory: The Earth
  • Juno: Jupiter or the goddess for love and marriage

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Names that start with the letters K - M

Unique filipino girl names
Common Filipino girl names. Photo: pexels.com, @Migs Reyes
Source: UGC

Besides being drawn from numerous languages, baby names in the Philippines are influenced by a few local customs. Check out these modern Filipino girl names that start with M, K, and L.

  • Katherine: The pure one
  • Kristine: A Christian or a follower of Christ
  • Laetitia: Happiness
  • Laurentia: A symbol of victory
  • Lawin: A hawk
  • Leilani: Heavenly flowers or the royal child
  • Leona: A lioness
  • Liezel: God is my oath
  • Ligaya: Brilliance
  • Likha: To create something
  • Lila: Lavender or lilac
  • Liwayway: Daybreak or dawn
  • Liviana: Envious
  • Lotlot: A person or humankind
  • Luciana: Light
  • Lumina: Light
  • Luna: The moon
  • Luningnig: Brilliance
  • Luwalhati: Splendour or glory
  • Luzviminda: The three major islands of the Philippines, i.e. Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao
  • Lyka: A pretty face
  • Maganda: The beautiful one
  • Mahalia: Tenderness
  • Mahalina: To be fascinated
  • Malaya: Free
  • Maria: Beloved
  • Marcella: Dedicated to Mars
  • Maribel: The beloved one or an oath
  • Marikit: Beautiful or pretty
  • Marina: A specially designed harbour with moorings for pleasure yachts and small boats
  • Maya: A sparrow
  • Mayumi: Tender
  • Milagros: Miracles
  • Mimosa: A tropical tree
  • Minerva: The goddess of wisdom
  • Mirasol: Sunflower
  • Miriam: Love or the beloved one
  • Mutya: Pearl
  • Myra: Myrrh

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Names that start with the letters N - S

Beautiful filipino girl names
Traditional Filipino girl names. Photo: pexels.com, @Vantha Thang
Source: UGC

If you are looking for popular, modern, or ancient female Filipino names, check out the options below that start with the letters N - S.

  • Nathalie: Christmas day
  • Nenita: Favoured grace
  • Nerissa: Water or sea sprite
  • Nicole: The victorious one
  • Nilda: Armour or protection
  • Ningning: The sparkling one
  • Noymie: Pleasantness
  • Octavia: The eighth born
  • Odesa: Long journey
  • Oriana: Gold
  • Patience: Ability to endure difficult circumstances
  • Perlah: A pearl
  • Pia: A dutiful woman
  • Pilar: A pillar
  • Poppaea: The elegant one
  • Proserpine: The goddess of springtime and queen of the underworld
  • Ptolemy: A warrior
  • Pulver: Dust, ash, or powder
  • Raja: A king or ruler
  • Reyna: A queen
  • Riadel: You are a law unto itself
  • Rizalina: Green field
  • Rosaflor: Rose flower
  • Salud: Health
  • Samantha: God has heard
  • Sampaguita: Jasmine flower
  • Sinta: Love
  • Sofia: Wisdom

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Filipino girl names that start with T - Z

Filipino girl names
Filipino girl names. Photo: pexels.com, @Ej Agumbay
Source: UGC

There are so many cute options when it comes to female Filipino names. Here, you will find some cute girls' names to consider.

  • Tadhana: Destiny
  • Tala: A star
  • Tea: Gift of God
  • Tranquillina: The calm one
  • Tullia: The peaceful one
  • Urduja: A warrior princess
  • Valeria: The strong one
  • Venus: The goddess of love or a planet
  • Vesta: The goddess of the home, hearth, and family
  • Vibia: A different person
  • Victoria: The triumphant one
  • Zabrina: A river
  • Zarina: The golden one
  • Zenaida: Sky or shine
  • Zephyr: The west wind
  • Zharmaine: Having the freedom of choice is a source of joy to anyone
  • Zooey: Full of life

What to call a Filipino girl?

Some popular female names in the Philippines during the 1960s include Maria, Carmen, Elena, Evelyn, Leticia, Lourdes and Consuelo.

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What is a good Filipino name for a girl?

A good Filipino name for a girl could be Amihan, symbolizing strength and resilience. Another lovely option is Dalisay, which means pure.

What are the Filipino girl names meaning love?

Sinta, Amor, Charisse, Juno, and Miriam are some of the girl names meaning love.

Reyna, a name meaning queen, is one of the most common and traditional Filipino girl names.

What is the most beautiful Filipino word?

The most beautiful poetic Filipino word is Bayanihan. It means the spirit of cooperation and communal unity.

Is Jasmine a Filipino name?

The name Jasmine means a flower. Filipino names are quite diverse, and many people in the Philippines do have names like Jasmine because it's a beautiful and popular name around the world.

There are numerous Filipino girl names with different meanings. Choosing one can be daunting. We hope you find the right one for your little princess from the collection above.

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