List of Philippines female names and their meanings (with infographics)

List of Philippines female names and their meanings (with infographics)

Philippine people have some of the most unique and sweet names ever. Filipino kids are often given a Christian name, or western name and the surname. Due to colonization, a lot of Philippines female names have a Spanish or Italian influence.

List of Philippines female names
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When selecting names for your little one, pick a name that you think they will like. It should also be what you hope the kid’s personality will be like.

Philippines female names

Philippines names are sweet-sounding and unique. They are distinct and loved by many people across the world. Here is a list of the best names:

Common Philippine female names

Most popular Philippine names have religious inflexion or Biblical references. Filipino women names are also borrowed from national symbols like birds and flowers. The monikers are pleasing to the ears and easy to pronounce

  • Christina - A follower of Christ
  • Divina - Devine grace
  • Evangeline - Bearer of good news
  • Nieves - Snow
  • Perlita - Pearl
  • Blessica - To confer blessing upon
  • Mahalia - The Filipino version of Hebrew Mahala, means tenderness.
  • Carmelita - The garden of Eden
  • Cassandra - One who shines
  • Cecilia - Blind
  • Benilda - Blessed
  • Emeliana - Strive or excel against a rival.
  • Reyna - A variation of the Spanish name Reina and means ‘queen
  • Marisol -Sunflower
  • Elena - Bright one
  • Felise - She is lucky
  • Jasmine - The national flower of the Philippines
  • Lyka Mae - Pretty face
  • Carlota - A strong woman
  • Maricar - Combo of Maria and Carmen
  • Gabriella - God is my strength
  • Amalia - Vigor or work
  • Bianca - White
  • Iris - Goddess of the rainbow in Greek culture
  • Bituin - Star
  • Amihan - Breeze or east wind
  • Jaslene - Combination of Jas from Jazlyn and Lene
  • Amor - Love
  • Althea - Wholesome or to heal
  • Aurora - Dawn
  • Joyce - Cheerful
  • Rosamie - Ambitious and love
  • Candida - Pure or innocent
  • Corina - Maiden
  • Dafrosa - Rose belt

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Philippines girls names

Philippines female names
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You do not have to be religious to give your baby girl powerful names. Their popularity keeps increasing as everyone wants to associate with names that bring vibrancy to one's life. The following girls’ names are widely used in the Philippines and even America.

  • Vilma - Determined protector
  • Elisa - One who is consecrated to god
  • Imelda - Universal flight
  • Janella - God has shown favour
  • Norjannah - A variation of the combination of Nora and Joanna
  • Isabel - My God is an oath
  • Emerlinda - One who takes care of the house
  • Mimosa - A tropical tree
  • Agata - Good-hearted, pure.
  • Brigida - A strong, firm, healthy woman
  • Brisa - She is like a breeze
  • Lola - Strong Woman
  • Rea - Flowing
  • Mauricio - Feminine name of the name Maurice, means a dark-skinned
  • Abigael - The father rejoice
  • Aldonza - A girl who is sweet and nice towards others
  • Princess - Royal daughter
  • Rowena - White-haired
  • Adalira - A kind person
  • Zenaida - The life of Zeus
  • Candela - She burns like a candle
  • Ricci - Forever strong
  • Adoncia - A sweet girl, sweet like honey
  • Aelina - Bright shining light
  • Rosaria - Garland of roses
  • Carinna - A dear lady
  • Teodorica - God's gift
  • Rosalibe - Pretty flower
  • Urduja - Rising sun
  • Candice - A sparkling, glowing woman
  • Gloria - Glory
  • Catalina - A woman of great purity
  • Daria - To possess

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Native Philippines female names

Everyone wants that native name as it makes them stand out. Why not give your baby a sweet Tagalog name or any other native sounding Filipino moniker? Tagalog people make up a quarter of the population of the Philippines, and as a second language by the majority.

  • Dalisa - Pure
  • Abla - Perfectly formed
  • Diwa - Spirit
  • Lualhati - Spiritual peace
  • Aafisha - Powerful and complete
Philippines female names
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  • Nenita - Little girl
  • Atay - Liver
  • Tala - Goddess of stars
  • Diwa - The gift of god
  • Diwata - Guardian spirit of nature in Filipino mythology
  • Aafiya - Picture of prosperity
  • Faye - Fairy
  • Charo - Nickname for Rosario
  • Cielo - Sky
  • Rosio - Rose
  • Ophelia - She who helps
  • Liezel - God in abundance
  • Arianna - Very sacred or pure
  • Arminda - Jerusalem liberated
  • Eeya - Generous and helping
  • Kulay-abo - Gray
  • Ligaya - Happiness
  • Evangeline - Bearer of good news
  • Luningning - Brilliance
  • Hiraya - May your dreams come true
  • Flordeliza - Lower of a lily
  • Luwalhati - Glory, splendour
  • Mahalina - To be fascinated
  • Marikit - Beautiful or pretty
  • Mayumi - Tender
  • Mutya - Talisman, jewel or pearl
  • Sampaguita - The Filipino word for the flower Jasmine
  • Tadhana - Destiny or fate
  • Malaya - Free
  • Chesa - Celestial
  • Ligaya - Happiness

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Philippines are some of the kindest and warmest people and that alone can make you fall in love with their culture. Philippines female names are also lovely and sweet. It will also be fun to explain to any curious soul how you arrived at the name you chose for your baby girl. published a list of lovely Jamaican girl names with meaning. When choosing baby girl names, many Jamaican parents consider the culture and how deeply religious they are.

Getting to see your child grow to love their names and become the happy individual you hoped they would make parents proud.

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