100+ Filipino girl names and their meanings (with infographics)

100+ Filipino girl names and their meanings (with infographics)

Filipinos have some of the most unique and sweet names ever. Most Filipino kids have three names (a Christian name, a western name, and a surname). In addition, many Filipino girl names have a Spanish or Italian origin.

Filipino girl names
You do not have to be affluent or influential to give your baby girl notable Filipino girl names. Photo: canva.com (modified by author)
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Naming a baby is one of the many exciting steps of parenthood, but that does not make it an easy task. There are many Filipino names to choose from. Therefore, pick what reflects the personality you hope the child will take. Let it also be a name a child will like.

100+ Best Filipino girl names

If you're looking for something exotic that pays tribute to your heritage, Filipino baby girl names are a great place to start. Unlike many cultures, Filipino names do not favour pretty timid names for women and strong/war-like names for men. Hence, they are distinct and loved by many people across the world.

Common Filipino names for girls

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Most popular Philippine names have religious inflections or Biblical references. Filipino women names are also borrowed from national symbols like birds and flowers. The monikers are pleasing to the ears and easy to pronounce.

  • Aelia (Latin) - sun
  • Adhika (Hindu) - honourable
  • Africa or Dea Africa (Roman) - the goddess of Africa
  • Agila (Filipino) - eagle, the national bird of the Philippines
  • Agrippa (Latin) - wild horse
  • Agostina (Latin) - a form of Augusta
  • Agwa (the Philippines)- water
  • Albina (Latin) - white or bright
  • Alon (the Philippines) - wave
  • Althea (Greek) - wholesome
  • Amie (French) - friend
  • Amihan (Filipino) - describes the monsoon season in the Philippines
  • Amor (French) - love
  • Analyn (Filipino/English) - Anna + Lyn
  • Annia (Latin) - the priceless one
  • Angel (Greek) - a heavenly being
  • Antonia (Latin) - priceless
  • Astra (Latin) - star
  • Atarah (Hebrew) - a biblical name for a crown
  • Augusta (Latin) - magnificent

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Beautiful Philippines female names

Filipino girl names
A cute baby girl wearing a flower on her head while sitting by the beach. Photo: @Francben Ray Kangkee
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The popularity of Filipino names keeps increasing because more people want to associate themselves with names that bring vibrancy to one's life. The following girls' names are widely used in the Philippines and even America.

  • Aura (Greek) - Titan-goddess of the breeze and the fresh, cool air of early morning
  • Aurelia (Latin) - golden
  • Aurora (Latin origin) - dawn (also a character in Disney's Sleeping Beauty movie)
  • Awit (Filipino) - a Filipino poem or hymn with 12-syllable quatrains
  • Ariadne (Greek) - ancient Roman noblewomen
  • Balbina (the Philippines) - stammerer
  • Bernina (Spanish/German) - blessed
  • Bituin (the Philippines) - star
  • Blessica (Filipino) - Bless + Jessica (means blessings)
  • Bulawan (the Philippines)- gold or golden skin
  • Camilla (Latin) - young ceremonial attendant
  • Carmelita (Spanish origin) - the garden of Eden
  • Cecilia (Spanish) - blind
  • Ceres (Roman) - the goddess of agriculture
  • Christina (English) - Christ's follower
  • Chesah (the Philippines) - celestial
  • Ciela (Spanish) - sky
  • Claudia (Roman) - lame
  • Corazon (Spanish) - heart
  • Cybele (Greek) - the great mother of the gods

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Tagalog names for girls

Filipino girl names
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Everyone wants that native name as it makes them stand out. So why not give your baby a sweet Tagalog name or any other native sounding Filipino moniker? Tagalog people make up a quarter of the population of the Philippines. Nevertheless, they also use names from different parts of the world.

  • Diana (Latin) - luminous (inspired by Princess Diana of England)
  • Dalisay (the Philippines) - pure
  • Dari (the Philippines) - grace
  • Darling (English) - a loved one
  • Darna (Filipino) - a famous fictional Japanese superheroine
  • Decima (Latin) - the tenth child
  • Dido (Latin) - virgin (also the Queen of Carthage in a famous Roman poem, The Aeneid)
  • Diwata (Filipino) - the Philippine mythology's fairies and spirits of nature
  • Divina (Latin/Italian) means - sacred
  • Dolores (Spanish) - pain
  • Domitia (Latin) - tamed
  • Drusilla (Latin) - fruitful
  • Empanda or Panda (Roman) - the goddess of charity and hospitality
  • Evangeline (Greek) - the bearer of good news
  • Fabia (Latin) - bean grower
  • Fauna (Roman) - the goddess of the fertility of woodlands, fields, and flocks
  • Fausta (Latin) - lucky
  • Felicitas or Felicity (Latin) - the goddess of good luck
  • Flavia (Latin) - yellow-haired
  • Flora (Roman) - the goddess of flowering plants

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Unique Filipino names for girls

Filipino girl names
A baby girl crawling inside the house. Photo: @F.J. Jimenez
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The Philippines are some of the kindest and warmest people, and that alone can make you fall in love with their culture. Their female names are also sweet-sounding and unique. It will be fun explaining to curious souls how you arrived at the name you chose for your daughter.

  • Floribeth (Filipino) - inspired by Costa Rican lawyer Floribeth Mora Diaz after miraculous healing from a brain aneurysm
  • Flordeliza (French) - a lily flower
  • Furia (Latin) - wrath
  • Gaia (Greek) - the earth
  • Gloria (Latin) - glory
  • Hazel (English) - the colour of a tree
  • Heart (English) - inspired by Heart Evangelista (a famous Filipino socialite)
  • Helena (Greek) - light or bright
  • Herminia (Latin) - warrior
  • Himig (the Philippines) - a tune
  • Hiraya (the Philippines) - may your dreams come true
  • Hiyas (the Philippines) - jewel
  • Horatia (Latin) - timekeeper
  • Hortensia (Latin) - the garden
  • Imelda (Spanish/German ) - universal flight (also inspired by Imelda Marcos)
  • Isa (the Philippines) - one
  • Isla (Spanish) - an island
  • Iris (Greek) - The Goddess of Rainbows
  • Ivy (English) - a short name of a plant
  • Jaslene (American origin) - Jazlyn + Jolene

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Filipino baby girl names

Filipino girl names
A casually dressed Filipino girl playing with some blocks in her home's living room. Photo: @FatCamera
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Getting to see your child grow to love their names and become the happy individual you hoped they would make parents proud. The Philippines have many cute names but are not necessarily derived from their languages.

  • Jasmine (Persian) - Filipino flower (also Disney's Princess Jasmine)
  • Joyce (Latin) - cheerful (unisex)
  • Julia (Latin) - youthful
  • Juno (Greek) -Jupiter or the goddess for love and marriage
  • Katherine (Latin) - pure
  • Laetitia (Latin) - happiness
  • Laurentia (Latin) - laurel, a symbol of victory
  • Lawin (Filipino) - hawk
  • Leona (Greek) - lioness
  • Liezel (Filipino/French ) - the Tagalog of Elizabeth
  • Ligaya (the Philippines) - brilliance
  • Likha (the Philippines) - create
  • Lila (Latin) - lavender or lilac
  • Lilibeth (the Philippines) - Lily + Beth
  • Livia (Greek) - a short form of Olivia (also the first Roman empress, Livia)
  • Liviana (Latin) - envious
  • Lola (Spanish) - sorrows
  • Loria (Latin) - a nickname for Gloria (means glory)
  • Lucia (Latin) - light
  • Lucilla (Latin) - light

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Native Filipino female names

Filipino girl names
A happy little girl sitting on the grass. Photo: @Avalon_Studio
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You must have noticed that Filipinos also embrace names from other parts of the world, including Greece, Persia, France, and England. Whether you have Filipino ancestry, live in the Philippines, or have a special connection with the country, take inspiration from these Filipino baby names for girls.

  • Luna (Italian) - moon
  • Luningnig (the Philippines) - intelligence
  • Luwalhati (the Philippines) - glory or splendour
  • Luzviminda (the Philippines) - Luzon + Visayas + Mindanao regions in the Philippines
  • Lyka (the Philippines) - a pretty face
  • Mahalia (Hebrew) - tenderness
  • Mahalina (the Philippines) - fascinated
  • Malaya (the Philippines) - free
  • Marcia (Latin) - Mars
  • Marcella (Latin) - dedicated to Mars
  • Maricar (the Philippines) - Maria + Carmen
  • Maria (Latin/Swahili) - the Virgin Mary
  • Marikit (the Philippines) - pretty
  • Mariana (Latin) - Maria of the sea
  • Marina (Latin) - a specially designed harbour with moorings for pleasure yachts and small boats
  • Marisol (Spanish) - sunflower
  • Martina (Latin) - Servant of Mars of the goddess of war
  • Maya (the Philippines) - sparrow
  • Mayumi (the Philippines) - tender
  • Micah (Hebrew) - a nickname of Michael (means God's gift)

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Traditional Filipino names

Filipino girl names
A girl playing with alphabet blocks on the floor. Photo: @Jose Luis Pelaez Inc
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These classic Filipino girl names have been given to ladies worldwide for centuries. As a result, it is not surprising to find ancient Filipino names popular today. Moreover, people now combine names to create new ones. Here are some of the world's favourites:

  • Millonia or Milly (Latin) - millionaire
  • Mimosa (Latin) - a tropical tree
  • Minerva (Roman) - the goddess of wisdom
  • Mutya (the Philippines) - a dear one
  • Nenita (Spanish) - a little girl
  • Nicole (French/Greek) - victorious
  • Ningning (the Philippines) - sparkle
  • Norjannah (the Philippines) - Nora +Joanna
  • Octavia (Latin) - the eighth born
  • Odessa (Greek) - a long journey
  • Ophelia (Greek) - a character from Hamlet (William Shakespeare's book)
  • Paulina (Latin) - little
  • Perla (Spanish) - pearl
  • Poppaea or Poppy (Latin) - elegant
  • Priscilla (Latin) - ancient or venerable
  • Princess (English) - a kingdom's heiress
  • Proserpine/Proserpina (Roman) - the goddess of springtime and queen of the underworld
  • Pulver (German/Jewish/Latin) - dust, ash, or powder
  • Queenie (English) - a nickname for a powerful girl
  • Reyna (Spanish) - queen

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Popular Filipino names

Filipino girl names
A girl playing with a white rabbit in the garden. Photo: @FamVeld
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Most Filipinos do not realize they speak Spanish, yet the country is home to the most Spanish speakers in Asia. As a result, most of their names come straight from Latin through Spain.

  • Rosa (Spanish) - rose
  • Rosamie (the Philippines) - Rose + Amie
  • Rubylyn(the Philippines) - Ruby + Lyn
  • Sabina (Latin) - the name of a tribe in central Italy, the Sabine
  • Samantha (Aramaic) - listener
  • Sampaguita (the Philippines) - the Philippines' national flower
  • Sinta (the Philippines) - love
  • Sunshine (English) - it reflects the year-round sun in the Philippines
  • Tadhana (the Philippines) - destiny
  • Tala (Filipino) - star or the goddess of the evening and morning star in the Philippine mythology
  • Tranquillina (Latin) - calm
  • Teresa (Greek) - harvester (also inspired by Mother Teresa)
  • Theodora (Greek) - God's gift
  • Trixie (Latin) - bringer of joy
  • Tullia (Latin) - peaceful
  • Valentina (Latin) - healthy and strong
  • Valeria (Latin) - strong
  • Venus (Greek) - the goddess of love or a planet
  • Vesta (Roman) - Goddess of the home, hearth, and family.
  • Vibia (Latin) - different
  • Victoria (Latin) - triumph
  • Zabrina (Latin) - the river
  • Zenaida (Greek) - born of Zeus
  • Zephyr (Greek) - west wind
  • Zooey (Greek) - life

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Filipino girl names are joyful, liberating, and deeply personal. Meanwhile, there are more Filipino girl names from where those came from. However, you can be creative for now. Spell names backwards, combine the child's parents' names, adopt Filipino celebrities' names, and so on.

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