5 best websites for finding house for rent in accra

5 best websites for finding house for rent in accra

Like all typical urban set up, some people have capitalized on the gap that arises when people decide between leaving their previous places to finding and settling into a new one. Agents have come up with quick suggestions on how to get you a house, mostly at an exploitative fee. At the same time, websites for finding house for rent in Accra have also come up. This arrival has been well received as their services are accessible online at no fee and in contract very little is charged yet the work done is top notch. This article shall come in handy for that person looking for the best websites to use while house hunting and knowing all about houses for rent in Accra.

5 best websites for finding house for rent in accra

Why there is increased demand for house to rent in Accra Ghana

The increased population in this urban place

This is the first reason for the high demand of rental houses. This has been caused mostly by rural-urban migration as people move into the city to seek greener pastures. The number of foreigners in Accra has also gone up making the experience of getting a house to rent in Accra Ghana twice as hard.

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Absence of mortgages for the middle and lower class people

This has also left this larger population with no option but to get rented facilities. The eligibility for a mortgage requires that one earns at least GHc 3, 000 per month, an amount most common Ghanaians can’t afford so they are automatically left out of this.

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Houses for rent in Accra no agent

5 best websites for finding house for rent in Accra- Houses for rent in Accra no agent

Instead of an agent, opt for these house hunting websites

Each of these websites is customized to fit into the nature of their target clients.However, one common thing is that there are not only offering house for rent in Accra services but are also general property management. Some reliable online portals include;


Operating on high end estates like Accra spintex and Labone Accra where the products are of high value ,tonaton.com is one of the very first house for rent websites formed in Ghana. It has lived true to its purpose.

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Meqasa.com is the most visited website matters property. Be it houses for sale in Accra Dansoman or houses for rent in Haatso Accra, this website has got you covered. They even provide an option of recording your email to give you follow up on any property information that comes up and matches your search.


If you are an expatriate you are probably only looking for a furnished house for rent in Accra to serve you for the unknown period you will be in Ghana. This site is dedicated to you. When it comes to acquiring property in Ghana, it’s still the best site to use as they are familiar with all the rules and procedures surrounding an expatriate owning a high value product in Accra.


A click on this website opens your eyes to lots of breath taking houses you could rent and amazing deals on buying homes. It links the buyer and the seller and oversees the transaction.

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Moderngahan.com is about every imaginable type of modern home you would like availed for your consideration. From mansions to swimming pool homes, they got you covered.


If you can’t manage the kind of rent required in these high end surroundings, nextslyde.com is there for you. Focusing on finding budget houses for the Ghana population, you just need to quote your budget bracket and wait for responses within that.

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Some challenges that come with this newly developed technology include;

You can’t transact purely online without having any one-on-one meetings. After you select a house, most times you have to meet the seller for viewing and follow up transactions.

The rise of cons that sell non-existent products to unsuspecting clients is making people withdraw from this option.

Low penetration of internet use among the older generation who in most times are the ones who can afford these properties is slowing down the growth of this marketing method.

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Despite a few shortcomings here and there, the simplified process of searching for homes made possible by these online portals can’t be ignored.

Price of renting a house in Accra

5 best websites for finding house for rent in Accra- price for renting a house in Accra

Like every other place, the rent for a house in Accra and Ghana as a whole depends on the location of the building; its proximity to social facilities. For instance, a one bedroom house going for GHc450 in an estate at Kuntunse can go for GHc5, 000 in an estate at airport hills Accra.Regions are identified by the social status of their inhabitants.

Why East Legon is a popular rental area

Narrowing down, we shall look into the details of what it means by social facilities and how they affect the price of a house so drastically. East Legon is one of the most sought after regions for renting and buying houses. Some of the reasons that influence this (the same reasons apply to all other areas of its caliber) are;

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Its business friendly

Most people want a place with booming business and more potential for growth. One of East Legons landmarks is the A&C Square with a million businesses that cater for all the needs the residents here could have.

High security

Some of Ghana’s most important people reside here; from foreign diplomats, members of Parliament to ministers of State. This means the government has placed highly skilled security teams here to protect its people. There is also a kind of civilization that is naturally associated with people of such stature. Everyone wants order, to go home and rest in a serene environment. That’s why anyone that can afford chooses East Legon as their first option.

Not only a hub of economic activities, this area of the city carries high notch prestigious facilities like the country’s best Chinese restaurant, Milkin Hotel, Webster University and two others, Ghana Del International hospital and two others as well. Then there is the unforgettable Lizzy sports complex for everything sport. People with status like to keep fit, it helps them unwind. In this case they don’t have to travel far with the day’s tiredness to access a gym, so it’s convenient for them.

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Airport Residential Accra

Houses for rent in airport residential area Accra are also highly sought after for the same reasons. Located about 10 minutes from the Kotoka International Airport, this residential area is serene, beautiful, self contained and quiet. The only difference between the two is that the airport region is mainly preferred by expatriates, career people and celebrities who travel a lot and hence often need to access the airport.

Housing is becoming a big problem in Ghana today with the deficit putting so much power in the hands of real estate investors. Prices are demand-driven and the situation does not look like it will change soon. With the costs of housing agents already cut down by the innovation of house searching websites, it is however not as dark as it used to be. In the meantime, the hustle of getting a rental house in Accra is something most residents will put up with for a while, especially the low class that can’t even access the internet.

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