Adisadel College Houses

Adisadel College Houses

Popularly referred to as “Adisco”, Adisadel college is a renowned Anglican boys school located in Cape Coast Ghana. Their education system was modeled in the English curriculum during the colonial times. The name Adisadel emanated from a small village based on the outskirts of the Cape Coast Township.

Adisadel College Houses

In 2003, the college was ranked among the top 100 institutions in the whole of Africa. It scooped the 10th position because of consistently providing quality education, an excellent school profile, unique alumni activities, news and Internet visibility.

Adisadel college houses

The institution has ten dormitories where they house their students. The houses in Adisadel College are mostly named after prominent figures that have a positive impact on the development and history of Ghana.

The prestigious houses include Canterbury, Aglionby, Thomas, Hamlyn, Elliot, Quaque, Knight, Jubilee, Le Maire, and Ebiradze. The renowned campus is divided into two sections with one on a relative lowland area adjacent to Adisadel village, and the other side on top of the hill. Leopoldville is the raised area and there are four dormitories on this side. The students refer to this place as “The Upper School” and one notable thing is that they were put up by students themselves in 1924. Other buildings located here are the headmaster’s residence, classroom blocks, the assembly, and dining hall. A long staircase called Katanga stairs links the two sections.

Adisadel College Houses

The remaining six houses are found in the Katanga area, with the teacher’s quarters, two additional soccer fields, and the main sports stadium.

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Adisadel College White House

The institution does not stop there, as there is more to it than what meets the eye. There is the White House where the Chapel and Head prefect reside. The building was put up by the Asante State with the intent of housing heirs who schooled at Adisadel. The houses have been maintained as the mainstays for students throughout the years.

Any student enrolling into the college is accorded the opportunity to stay in one of the houses of the Adisadel College. Being an institution where some of the renowned figures in the country have passed through, it is not new to find a generation of families being an alumnus of this institution. Above everything else, the houses have been made in a way that it promotes group's pride and social bonding.

Adisadel College Houses

Adiscadel College Ghana house has promoted a diversity and cultural practices throughout Ghana and they have not stopped there as they have pursued all avenues possible to meet the minimum requirements in the education sector.

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