Places to hang out in Accra: 15 of the coolest hang out spots in Ghana's capital

Places to hang out in Accra: 15 of the coolest hang out spots in Ghana's capital

Accra, the capital city of Ghana, is home to millions of Ghanaian citizens and foreign nationals who enjoy the coastal city's serene environment and blissful weather. The city is a go-to destination for tourists and those who wish to have an extraordinary holiday vacation. There are numerous places to hang out in Accra for an exhilarating experience.

nice places in Accra to hangout
Nice places in Accra, Ghana to hang out. Photo: @ajae,
Source: UGC

While in Ghana, there are many fun things to do in Accra ranging from sightseeing, beach sports, and games. Other activities include visiting the exotic bars, kitchens, and grills to taste local and international dishes prepared with love and passion.

Coolest hangout spots in Ghana

Fifteen of the coolest spots one can visit to brighten up their stay in the capital and most populated city in the West African country are listed below. These locations promise an exhilarating experience filled with fun for friends and families alike.

1. National Museum of Ghana

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What is special in Accra Ghana?
National Museum of Ghana. Photo: @ghana_museums
Source: Instagram

The national museum is a top tourist site in Accra. It is the biggest museum out of the six national museums in the country. The museum promises an extraordinary sightseeing experience for tourists enthralled by history, works of art, and archaeology. In addition, there are works of art from different parts of the country and surrounding West African countries.

2. Labidi Beach

Places to hang out in Accra
Labidi Beach. Photo: @_queenmatilda
Source: Instagram

The beach brings out the fun side of a person. It is where life is at a different exciting level, courtesy of the party life, music, acrobats, and performers who are always at the peak of their activities. It is like a festival, but with a token as an admittance fee.

3. Legon Botanical Gardens

What is the most visited place in Ghana?
Legon Botanical Gardens. Photo: @iamwolanyo
Source: Twitter

Legon Botanical Garden is among the nice places in Accra to have a date because of its location just close to the University of Ghana campus, Legon. It is a serene place where one can hold a date and go with friends and family. The exciting activities include hiking, exploring the lake, the rope course, the boat, and canoe rides, going on a canopy walk, and walking in the woods.

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4. Efua Sutherland Children Park

The Efua Sutherland Children Park is a serene place where parents can take their children for a picnic. It is one of the city's most serene children's parks and is named after Efua Sutherland, a renowned playwright.

5. Bojo Beach

What is the most visited place in Ghana?
Bojo Beach Resort in Accra, Ghana. Photo: @SmartAtuadi
Source: Instagram

Bojo Beach is popular for its restaurants and cafes equipped with wifi services. The resort is always quiet and serene in the morning but bursts into life during the afternoon and evening. Of course, there are performers and music, but one can also be enchanted with the sounds of the ocean waters clashing with beach sand.

6. Kwame National Memorial Park

It is named after the Ghanaian Pan-African and freedom fighter Kwame Nkrumah and remains one of the nice places in Accra to hangout for those who crave a quiet and serene environment with their loved ones. One can seat on any of the several benches in the park and have a feel of the beautiful scenery of the park. It also houses the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum.

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7. Artists Alliance Gallery

tourist site in accra
Artists Alliance Gallery. Photo: @tripghtours
Source: Twitter

This is a place for art lovers and enthusiasts enthralled by a collection of conventional and rare art pieces. The Artists Alliance Gallery showcases many art collections like painting, pottery, and sculptures. Others include different Ghanaian clothing styles and pieces, such as the Kente, Ghanaian furniture styles and many more.

8. AM:PM

AM:PM restaurant as the name suggests has two sections: morning and evening. It is an American-style restaurant that offers American breakfast dishes like waffles, pancakes, fried egg, and bacon from morning until noon and switches to American dishes like burgers, American sandwiches, buffalo wings, and cocktails appropriate for the afternoons and evenings. It is one of the nicest places in Accra to hang out for maximum fun and pleasure.

9. Movenpick Hotel

This is an exquisite 5-star hotel situated in the heart of Accra. The hotel boasts excellent services and facilities, including an art gallery that exhibits over a thousand art pieces and paintings, mouth-watering dishes, and delicacies, as well as a go-to shop where guests can buy various items for their needs. Their range of services compliments them as one of the best places to visit in Accra.

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10. Firefly Lounge

Places to hang out in Accra
Firefly Lounge is an exquisite English lounge opposite the former American Embassy office at 11th Lane. Photo: @fearlessfabflamingo
Source: Instagram

Firefly Lounge is an exquisite English lounge opposite the former American Embassy office at 11th Lane. The lounge serves different delicacies in a posh locality in the capital city. Its ambience is second to none, making it a nice place to hang out with friends.

11. Sai Wine and Champagne Bar

When craving the best wines, Sai Wine and Champagne Bar is one of the best places to visit. There, exotic wines are served, and only the best are present. There are options of red, white, sparkling, rose, and fortified wines. There are also assorted delicacies that lead home the wines in their bars.

12. +233 Jazz Bar and Grill

Places to hang out in Accra
Photo: @233jazzbarandgrill
Source: Facebook

This bar and grill offer on-the-spot live performance garnished with nice and delicious dishes. The melodious music and rhyming meals are the centres of attractions of the bar. The bar is open on all days of the week except on Mondays.

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13. Republic Bar and Grill

Places to hang out in Accra
Republic Bar and Grill. Photo: @RepublicBarGH
Source: Facebook

Republic Bar and Grill is always on the top of the list of bars and grills as tourists are served local delicacies and wines. The serene and exquisite surrounding is nothing to forego in addition to the DJs and karaoke sessions. A visit to this bar is always a soul-lifting activity.

14. Café Kwae

What is special in Accra Ghana?
Café Kwae is a nice place to hang out, especially when light foods and drinks are required for the day's activities. Photo: @cafekwae
Source: Facebook

Café Kwae offers a range of options like sandwiches, salads, coffee, tea, and other quick-make delicacies. It is a nice place to hang out, especially when light foods and drinks are required for the day's activities.

15. Coco Lounge

Is Accra Ghana worth visiting?
Coco Lounge is perfect for hanging out with friends and loved ones without any disturbances. Photo: @Scripp_T
Source: Twitter

Coco Lounge is a happening place in the city of Accra where guests can have their groove and fun round the clock. The lounge has a stream of guests and visitors attracted by the ambience and contemporary services dished by the restaurant's management.

Frequently asked questions

  1. What is special in Accra, Ghana? Labidi Beach is a special place to go. It has a befitting environment with amenities that will make your visit worth the while.
  2. What is the most visited place in Ghana? The National Museum of Ghana is one of the places. It has three sections: art, archaeology, and ethnography.
  3. Is Accra Ghana worth visiting? Yes, it is. Among other things, it is home to where you can get a full picture of the historical journey of Ghana and Independence Square.
  4. Is Accra Ghana safe for tourists? Although criminal activities take place there, that does not mean it is a dangerous place to visit. So, tourists enjoy safety when they visit.
  5. Why should I visit Accra? You will enjoy music and art and electric nightlife that are second to none.
  6. Where is the coolest place in Ghana? You will find the likes of Labidi Beach and Firefly Lounge are a few of the places you can visit without regrets.

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Accra, Ghana, is a good destination for vacation and tourism due to the serene and secure environment. When searching for places to hang out in Accra, several options offer enthralling fun activities coupled with both foreign and local delicacies. However, the tourist attractions and hangout venues listed above offer more than required for a fulfilling holiday in the capital of a country in the heart of West Africa.

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Depending on your purpose and budget, there is a perfect resort for you. So, if you are considering visiting the region during your next vacation, check out the post to learn more about those centres to make an informed decision.

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