List of best food rich in calcium for healthy bones

List of best food rich in calcium for healthy bones

Calcium is essential for healthy bone that is strong and cannot be susceptible to diseases and other forms of infections. However, for your body to have good calcium uptake, you have to ensure that your body is taking enough vitamin D. This nutrient can be obtained naturally through the sun and by eating food that is rich in Vitamin D. With your body having sufficient vitamin D, it can be able to absorb good amounts of calcium for proper bone formation and maintaining good health.

List of best food rich in calcium for healthy bones

Finding food rich in calcium is not difficult. However, this should not be done at the expense of sweetness. You have to strive and find food that is both sweet and healthy for your bones. Tasty food will encourage you to eat more of the healthy food thus supply your body with the much-needed calcium for strong bones.

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Foods Rich in Calcium

There are enough calcium-rich foods for both vegetarians and those who eat meat. It is therefore up to you to know what to eat for a given meal. However, it is wise for you to spread calcium-rich foods in your meals throughout the day. For this to happen, you have to be familiar with the foods that have significant amounts of calcium first. Below are some of the foods rich in calcium classified into two:

1. Vegetarian calcium food

Vegetarians or vegans are a group of individuals who have limited their feeding habits to vegetables. To some, this lifestyle seems absurd, but it is perfectly fine. There are edible plant foods rich with calcium, both herbs, fruits and vegetables. The following are some of these plants include kales, spinach, collards, white beans and some fortified meals like oatmeal and breakfast cereal. From this list, it is possible to get foods that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch and even dinner.

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List of best food rich in calcium for healthy bones- Vegetarian calcium food

2. Carnivore calcium food

This is a group of people who feed on both animal products and plants. Calcium sources for this bunch are limitless as there are quite some options that they can choose from. Some of the most notable animal foods rich in calcium include animal milk, fish (salmon and tuna) cheese, yogurt and eggs among others.

List of best food rich in calcium for healthy bones

Both the vegetables and animal products can be creatively combined to create a delicious mix that can be served for breakfast lunch or dinner, and provide sufficient calcium for the bones.

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Foods High in Calcium – for breakfast

Arguably, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The fact that it is the fast meal of the day qualifies it as important. This, therefore, means that you have to pay much attention to the nutrient distribution in your breakfast. If possible, you need to ensure there is a little bit of everything in it to make it as healthy as possible. This means that you have to provide a source of calcium in your breakfast. This can come from a number of drinks and munchies. Milk, for instance, has good calcium levels that can supply it to your bones ion sufficient amounts. Other fluids include orange juice, yogurt and porridge made from ground amarantha seeds, to mention the least. Breakfast munchies that can supply your body with enough calcium include almonds, spinach, cheese and eggs. The list, however, is not limited to these but open to most green leafy plants.

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Food Rich in Calcium for Bones – common but often overlooked

It does not take a sophisticated or exotic name for food to be healthy. This one misconception needs to be condemned with the strongest words possible. Value can be derived from most common plants and get the right nutrients for your body. Following are some of the most overlooked food rich in calcium for bones.

a. One cup of chopped raw kale can supply up to 100mg of calcium in your body.

b. Cabbage

c. Parsley

d. Spinach

e. Lemon and orange fruit

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