Jackie Appiah and Her Twin Sister

Jackie Appiah and Her Twin Sister

Jackie Appiah is a famous actress from Ghana. She was born in Canada on the 5th of December 1983. She has received various awards since 2007 including Africa movie academy awards.

Jackie Appiah and Her Twin Sister

She has been active since 2001. Actress Jackie Appiah is the last born. She is the fifth child in her family, and her father is Kwabena Appiah. Her father lives in Canada and Jackie moved to live in Ghana at the age of ten with her mother Janet Owusu. Jackie got married in 2005 and since then she has one son called Damien peter. Jackie is known for the movies she has featured in such as black soul, blind lust, golden stool, royal kidnap and many more.

Jackie appiah sister

Apparently, very little is known about the actors and actresses because most prefer to keep their private life secret. Ghpage.com is a solution to all these questions. Jackie Appiah had a divorce which went viral on social media. Jackie and her husband looked really happy during their wedding, and well, little did we know that she would have to get divorced. During a certain wedding, she was spotted causing a scene just because the paparazzi wanted to take a picture of her and her ex. There was speculation that he was a violent man and that’s why they opted for the divorce. She seemed very relieved and happy after the divorce as if she could not wait to be free again. It is unclear who called the shots, but all in all, she is a single mother to her lovely son. She won the custody to protect her son. So people want to know, does Jackie Apppiah's twin exist or is it a lie?

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Jackie Appiah twin sister stories

Jackie Appiah's twin sister stories are just a fuss. They look alike but they are not related. The said twin sister’s name is Regina Nana Ama. Jackie called her a ‘twin’ because the two just look alike and not because they have any blood relations. She qualified to be a twin by resemblance only. She is a very learned individual because she is a nurse and at the same time a model and a make-up artist. She is indeed talented. The only difference between her and Jackie is the fact that Jackie is bigger than her. Rather than that there is a striking resemblance between the two.’ Jackie appiah’s twin is indeed very beautiful, just like her said sister.

Jackie Appiah and Her Twin Sister

Regina Nana Ama

Both Jackie and Regina have pointed noses like those of an American. This feature is very unique in the both of them. Jackie is older than Regina and there is also a striking resemblance with the big eyes. At this pace, Regina will as well start acting and make the necessary changes by showing talent in the Ghanaian movie industry.

Jackie Appiah and Her Twin Sister

Jackie Appiah

It is clear that that they look alike but they are not born of the same parents. Look at them and make your own judgment. Do they really look alike? Some people disagree others do.

Jackie Appiah and Her Twin Sister

Jackie Appiah's little 'twin' sister

Nonetheless Jackie Appiah's littles sister has also said to be her twin but they are not twins. She is just as beautiful as her though.

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