The untold story of Suzzy Williams

The untold story of Suzzy Williams

If you have watched the movies; Bloody Mary, Calamity, The Comforter and Mother's Heart, then you know Suzzy Williams. She was a talented actress, and put a smile on many people’s faces. The world lost such a great soul.

The untold story of Suzzy Williams

Suzy Maleki Williams was a Ghanaian television actress. She was well known for her popular Suzzy Williams movies such as bloody Mary and the comforter. Her career kicked off ` when she shot the film, Together Forever. This film was a hit back then and it was produced by a popular US abased Ghanian screenwriter, Leila Djansi. She attended Tema secondary school. She took part in the drama club in her school and that is where she started acting. The school nurtured her talent and she became a talented actress.

Suzy Williams' funeral

News went through Accra that their star, Suzy Williams died. Very many people were saddened because she had died at the age of 23. She had experienced a vehicle accident and she was pronounced dead in September 2005. The funeral had many mourners, mostly her fans, and so the Ghana Art Centre quickened the funeral arrangements. It was such a sad experience because the gap that she left shall never be filled.

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The untold story of Suzzy Williams
Suzzy Williams & Kwame Owusu Ansah (R.I.P)

Suzy Williams Ghanaian actress family

Suzzy Williams' mother is Cecilia Williams. She was very close to her mother and the bond they shared was eternal. Unfortunately, she died at a very young before she could take the Ghanaian acting industry a notch higher. Suzzy Williams' father remains unknown. According to Ghanaweb, there was a rumor that the ex president John Rawlings was the father but he denied the claims later. His special assistant was asked the same question but also denied the claims of any affiliations to Suzzy Williams' family. It is unclear until now who suzzy williams' father is. Suzzy Williams' parents brought a star into this world.

Suzzy Williams death

Suzzy Williams death was not an ordinary death. Suzy Williams car was a Pajero, that she was driving at the time of the accident in the company of her boyfriend whose name was Edwin Eastman. The two were in a drinking spree, taking alcohol and abusing drugs. Her post mortem was done by Doctor Lawrence who was a pathologist. She was very intoxicated before she died.

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The untold story of Suzzy Williams
Suzzy Williams was Nana McBrwon's bestfriend

According to laboratory results, she had cocaine in her nose and her liver. She also had a lot of alcohol in her stomach. Well it is unfortunate that she died of drug abuse, something that disappointed some of her fans because if she was sober, probably she would be alive and kicking right now. Suzzy Williams was almost having a breakthrough in the acting industry before her death.

After she died the whole nation was in grief, and turmoil, you can imagine how her family and her best friend Nana Ama Mcbrown must have felt. Until today, Nana Ama remembers her in good light and also other actors and actresses. Suzzy Williams might have departed from this world but 11 years later she is remembered and still loved. She lives in our hearts.

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