7 brave ways to protect yourself from an armed robber

7 brave ways to protect yourself from an armed robber

The government says it is doing everything in its power to protect you and your families from the evil acts of armed robbers and criminals.

Unfortunately, we continue to experience painful cases of armed robbery in our country, especially in the capital city of Accra.

A recent development was the killing of a Lebanese businessman by a gang of four armed robbers, who shot him in cold blood and escaped with 200,000 cedis.

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In fact, the police to civilian ratio in Ghana is woefully low as the ratio of security officials to civilians currently stands at 1 policeman to 500 Ghanaians.

This troubling reality falls in sharp contrast with the success stories of various African countries who have a satisfactory of police per civilian ratio.

Even as the government puts in measures to tackle crime, the Ghana police department is also urging everyone to take security precautions especially in cases where armed robbers or criminals strike at them unawares at work or home.

YEN.com.gh shares with you some real tips you need to keep yourself alive before, during and after a robbery.

1. Kitchen safety

Always get a 'burglarproof' for your kitchen door and keep the keys to the crossbars at a secret place where strangers cannot get hold of.

Armed robbers and criminals always use the backdoor of kitchens as an easy root to attack. What this means is that your kitchen must be well guarded.

If possible, you will need to add a padlock to the set of locks on the crossbar or 'burglarproof' on your Kitchen door(s). The motive is to make it very difficult for criminals to break in so you get ample time to call the police for help.

2. No door defense

In case armed robbers start forcing their way through your door or gate do not try pushing back from behind. This is a very dangerous move because these criminals could shoot you down from their side. Remember, gun bullets can pierce through wood and metal.

3. Ladies, look ugly

If you sleep without clothes or with minimal clothing, dress up as soon as you hear them. For the women especially, don't stay in your nighties or wrappers, wear trousers and an ugly top. Mess up your hair, if possible, tear your tops to look unattractive.

4. Phone emergencies

If you happen to be in the middle of an armed robbery, it is advised that you keep your phone very far from you. In case you bravely call a friend or the police on the phone for help you need to keep the phone far from you. This is so that the criminals do not know that you have company on its way to save you.

5. Turn off the main switch

It is very important to take the crucial decision to look for your main power switch and turn your entire building into darkness. This move disorients criminals and even may cause them to run away.

6. Use a legal gun for defense

If you have a gun, registered or not, use it but only if you are sure you will do damage to the criminal. Be wary of warning shots since they draw the armed robbers to you.

Remember that killing an armed robber on your premises in defense of yourself and property is a legitimate legal defense. Same goes for the use of any other weapon like knives.

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7. Turn out outside lights

When robbers enter your compound, do not put on any light in your room. Put on the outside lights but keep the inside lights totally off so that the robbers do not see you and attack.

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