How to gain weight within a week

How to gain weight within a week

As many people struggle with losing weight, there are other who are struggling to gain weight, and when they gain, they then join the others who want to lose weight, funny huh! There is nothing wrong with being slim, the society has even highly appreciated slim people, or those with the ‘model bodies.’ However, one may want to know how to gain weight within a week, to look more mature or other personal reasons.

How to gain weight within a week

How to gain weight in one week naturally

A healthy diet and light exercising are the main ways that can help you achieve your goal of gaining weight in a healthier and natural way. Before you start off with your weight gain plan, visit your doctor for them to guide on how much weight you should focus on gaining and remain healthy. Be determined and dedicated to your goals.

Keep in mind that how to gain weight within a week is very possible just as a person in need of knowing how to lose weight fast in week. There are no easiest ways to gain weight in a week, but efforts of adjusting your diet is greatly needed.Over-eating can will make you feel uncomfortable, hence, embark on methods that will add your calories count in a day without that 'over-full' feeling. This is how to gain weight fast for skinny people

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How to gain weight within a week

1. Having an efficient diet plan will help you gain weight

Eating foods that contain lots of fats such as fried chips, burgers, candies, sundaes, and cheesecake does not mean that it answers you on how to gain weight fast at home. In fact, you should avoid those foods and focus on foods such as beans, seeds, eggs, peanuts, and dairy products; food with low fat, that have a high number of calories to add on your weight.

2. Keep track of your day-to day calorie intake to gain quality weight fast

The best way to track on your calorie intake is by calculating how much calories you gain in a day. To gain a pound, you have to take foods with 500 calories in a day, which means that if you add a pound each day, you would gain 7 pounds in a week.

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How to gain weight within a week

3. Improve on your eating habits if you want to increase your weight

How many meals do you take in a day? Well, once you add up on what you eat, especially by adding on foods that contain lots of calories you will definitely have an answer on fast ways to gain weight in a week. Take snacks and beverages with much calories in between your meals.

Which beverages are these? Drink water to hydrate you body, but try to drink hand blended fruit juice because it will add on your calories compared to water with zero calories. The fruit juice should not be the ones that are readily packed. Keep in mind that you should avoid taking any aerated drink.

4. Light exercises will also boost yhat weight gain process

Some may ask themselves why they need to do the exercises and yet they are focusing on gaining weight. As long you are keen on what to eat to gain weight fast, exercising will also increase the likelihood of your realizing your goal. Here are some reasons why the light exercises are needed.

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How to gain weight within a week
  • To convert your added up calories into lean body mass that will led to a permanent weight gain.
  • To help you to have appetite so that you can add the calories intake.
  • Focusing on upper light exercises that will not make your heartbeat increase, but stimulate your body’s metabolism.
  • Give yourself adequate time to rest

Before you sleep, make sure you did not skip dinner. This does not mean that you take in any foods, but take in the non- saturated fats food like beans, chicken, fish, or tofu. Get your rest for not less than 8 hours.

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