How to reduce belly fat at home without exercise - a foolproof plan for success!

How to reduce belly fat at home without exercise - a foolproof plan for success!

Most people shy away from the gym not because of the lifting and running involved but the responsibilities they are faced with on a daily basis. The tips in this article will teach you how to reduce belly fat but unless they are followed to the letter all instructions will be in vain. However, if implemented, these instructions will be vital for attaining a flat tummy and that lean physique you always crave.

How to reduce belly fat: Lose that extra layer even without workout

While fats are not an excellent addition to your body especially regarding your health, belly fat is the worst. Apart from an increased waistline, belly fat also intensifies your chances of contracting diabetes, stroke, or even heart disease. The uneven shape this fat gives your body also plays a significant role in damage most people’s confidence. Here’s an in-depth guideline on how to reduce belly fat at home.

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Lemon and honey

Many people know how to reduce belly fat with lemon and honey but are not disciplined enough to follow the procedure to the end. However, strict adherence to this weight loss plan guarantees a fatless belly even after years of consuming junk food. Lemon and honey are a practical tip on how to reduce belly fat in 7 days at home.

All that’s required is a roughly 300ml of water, two teaspoons of honey, and one teaspoon of lemon. You are required to consume this juice twice a day (morning and evening) until results start showing. Lemon and honey are a fast solution to how to reduce belly fat without exercise and a cheap option too. Not to mention, honey has a high nutritional value, which makes it a welcome addition to your body.

How to reduce belly fat: Lose that extra layer even without workout

Honey also can give you a full feeling thereby limiting your need for food. Low food consumption is also an excellent tip on how to reduce belly fat, but not many people can curb their urge for a pizza or burger on Terrific Tuesday. Lemon also has active ingredients that are heavily involved in fat burning and seeing your tummy requires something in the morning and evening, be sure to include a glass of warm water and lemon to better your chances of belly fat reduction.

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Lemon peels

Lemon peels are an effective guideline on how to reduce belly fat in a week. This tactic is still effective for both men and women and has been used by dozens of people across the globe to positive results. Lemon peel water contains Pectin, an active ingredient responsible for reducing sugar absorption. Once sugar absorption is limited in your body, fats cannot accumulate especially in the tummy area.

This method is the answer to how to reduce fat belly for women who don’t have time for the gym every day. It can also be used to show how to reduce belly fat for men if followed through. 200ml of water and about ten lemon peels are enough to get you started. Mix the two and boil for about 10 minutes before allowing the juice to cool. Drink it directly twice every day for best results.

How to reduce belly fat: Lose that extra layer even without workout

However, considering how bitter lemon peels are, it’s advisable to keep an apple next to you to reduce the bitter taste. If the lemon peels do not work for you, try drinking lemon juice without honey (dilute it with a little water) or adding salt to the mixture. 250ml of water is enough for half a lemon so when taken twice a day, your body benefits from half a liter of belly-reducing lemon juice.

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Salt is also known to facilitate digestion and fat excretion so when mixed with lemons, and your body is not only reducing fat but also gaining healthy nutrients. Lemons are arguably the only tip you need regarding how to reduce belly fat without exercise.

Healthy eating

I may give you instructions on how to reduce belly fat naturally in 15 days but serve no purpose if you can’t control your cravings. It goes without saying that fast-food is bad for both your health and your tummy. It’s okay to partake in a plate of fries every once in a blue moon, but regular consumption is a one-way ticket to fat tummy island. As such, keep off fast food joints as your life depended on it.

This tip also covers how to reduce belly fat in men considering most have the notion that junk food doesn’t matter as long as you lift your weights. You can bulk up and add to your muscle structure, but the belly fat will still be present as long as you eat junk food. Try replacing that burger with fish and if you must have meat in your diet, consider poultry.

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How to reduce belly fat: Lose that extra layer even without workout

Other examples of foods that can help you reduce weight at home include vegetables such as kale, cabbage, spinach, and broccoli just to mention a few. Your body also needs a lot of fruits during this period so make sure you stock up on bananas, apples, pears, pineapples, and oranges. As far as fats go, limit them to fish oil or olive oil. You can also include real butter in your diet as well as cottage, eggs, and cheese.

How to reduce belly fat after CS

Pregnancy can be a very stressful period for a woman, but it is also one of the best moments if their life. However, whether through routine delivery or CS all women are tasked with losing the extra belly fat, they accumulated during the pregnancy. Working out has been recommended by many people but isn’t necessary especially if you follow these instructions on how to reduce belly fat after cs from home.

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  • Breast Feeding

Nursing is not just a way to feed or establish a deeper connection with your baby but a method of losing belly fat as well. Breastfeeding helps women burn over 850 calories in a single day with little movement. Considering a cs requires ample time to heal, this tip can be used by recovering mothers as they plan on getting back into the world.

This normal procedure produces high levels of oxytocin, a hormone which helps contract the uterus and mitigate any post-delivery bleeding. However, as much as it has all these benefits, breastfeeding also makes women hungry. As such, you need to be very careful of the snacks you eat.

  • Eat the Right Snacks

A woman’s body needs about 300-500 calories after pregnancy to function correctly. As such, the notion that women need to eat a lot of food after delivery is just a myth. However, women who have just delivered might have a healthier appetite as opposed to their normal counterparts. A proper diet can act as a supplement for all the energy required for healing, but snacks help keep the fatigued woman full.

Be sure to include eggs, whole milk, and fruits to your snack list as part of the solution to how to reduce belly fat after cs. Ensure that your food has low fat and calorie content and is rich in nutrients. Avoid cookies and cakes no matter how hard the craving strikes and be sure to drink lots of water. These are guaranteed tips on how to reduce belly fat without exercise.


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