How to get a flat tummy

How to get a flat tummy

How to get a flat tummy is not a complicated process, but it is not an event. It takes time and effort for you to achieve a sustainable flat tummy. In men, a protruding tummy arises from taking a lot of beverages, e.g. beer and eating fatty foods, without frequent exercise. These reasons are also a contributor to female protruding tummy. In addition to this, women can also develop a big tummy after giving birth. Some of these contributors can be avoided while some cannot. Nonetheless, once you develop a protruding tummy, you have to figure out how to get rid of it, for health and appearance reasons.

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To get rid of a big tummy and achieve a flat tummy, you need to have a complete but gradual overhaul of your lifestyle. You need to begin by checking your diet and engage yourself in a lot of physical activities. Supervised exercise that is consistent and extensive will allow you to trim your belly into shape. Of course, you have to set goals and work with determination to meet them as planned. Below is a discussion of how to get a flat tummy.

How to get a flat tummy fast naturally

Arguably, any method on how to get a flat tummy in 2 days is not practical. It is true that when you become conscious of your protruding stomach, you will wish to, literary, learn how to get a flat tummy in 1 day or even hours. Unfortunately, it will take you more than that. Below are some of the tips you can use to get a flat tummy within the shortest time.

Maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle

How to get a flat stomach diet is not rocket science. Minimizing your calorie uptake contributes significantly towards achieving a flat tummy. For men, keeping your daily calorie uptake under 1600 calories per day will get you results sooner. Women too, have to ensure their daily calorie uptake is limited to 1,200 calories. In addition to this, you have to avoid eating food 3 hours before bed. Your body operates at a slower rate when you are asleep, a quality that prevents the stomach to process food properly. Due to your body’s inactivity at night, the digested foods or calories acquired are more likely to be stored as fat as opposed to being processed into energy.

Eat healthier

There is no apparent formula when seeking to achieve a flat tummy. However, frequenting your meals with vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats, among others, will deliver your desired results. The shift from unhealthy food to healthy meals should happen gradually to achieve maximum effect on your body. Below are some of the foods you need to eat:

Healthy fats

Monounsaturated fats found in olive oil, avocado, nuts, and fish oil are just as good for your health as polyunsaturated fats majorly found in seeds are. Increasing your uptake of these fats and reducing the uptake of trans fats found in baked and processed foods will get you to your results sooner.

Eat whole grains

Whole grains are a winner for this task, as it fills your belly for long, thus eliminating the need to eat more. This helps you reduce weight and consequently get a flat tummy. Always buy ‘100% whole wheat’ and avoid ‘wheat flour’ labels.

Consume lots of lean proteins and low-fat dairy products

how to get a flat stomach overnight
how to get a flat stomach in a day
how to get a flat stomach in 3 days
flat stomach exercises

Beans, lean meat, and nuts are good sources of lean proteins. Yogurt, cottage cheese, and milk are some of the preferred dairy products.

Keep off high sodium foods

Sodium makes your body hold in a lot of water. This makes you appear bloated, more so, in the abdominal region. To avoid this, replace high sodium foods such as table salt with healthier options like sea salt. For general knowledge and better decision making, some of the foods high in sodium include bacon, ham, soy sauce, pepperoni(among other cured meats), salami and restaurant foods.

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Other healthy eating habits like avoiding sugars, avoiding alcohol, drinking a lot of water, eating small amounts of food frequently, eating proteins at the golden hours, i.e. between 3 pm and 4 pm in the afternoon, helps you get rid of excess fats and achieve a healthy body.

Consistent flat stomach exercises

Exercising is a lifestyle, which delivers long-term, results as long as you are disciplined and consistent. Doing the right exercises, that which targets specific areas of your body does not only flatten your tummy but also get your general body into shape. You can choose an exercise routine that will work for you or get the help of a personal trainer. Today, things are more convenient as you can access exercising tactics through your phone; even get the services of a personal trainer through your phone. Below are some of the flat stomach exercise you can put into action.

Daily aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise is important when seeking to burn excess fats from your body. Cardio exercises heat up your abs thus burning the excess fat layer on your belly. These exercises raise the temperature of your core and improve circulation, which in turn helps you to acquire a flat tummy. Dedicating a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise, 3-4 days a week will help you achieve your results sooner. Activities such as swimming, running, cycling, dancing, and tae-bo are essential when looking for a flat tummy. In addition to these, you can alternate between sprinting and power walking. Begin by sprinting for as long as your body can allow then walk when you feel tired. Resume your sprint once you feel you have rested enough.


These exercises need explosive power. Plyometrics are a combination of cardio with strength training. These exercises should be approached with a lot of care as it presents huge risks for injuries, falls, and contusions. Some of the plyometric exercises that you can implement at home include:

Modified jumping jacks

In this exercise, you need to begin in a standing position, and then jump up in the air as you spread your arms and legs apart, to form an X shape with your body. You then need to land back on your feet in a standing position. Repeat this exercise as much as you possibly can.

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Squat-thrust push-ups

Begin in a push-up position. Do a single push-up which should be followed with your feet, and your knees pulled up to your chest so that your feet land between your hands (when you are still on the ground in a push-up position). Then jump as high as possible putting your arms overhead. Squat back down while putting your hands on the floor and then jump back to push up position again. Repeat this exercise as much as you can.

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Crunches help you to get a flat tummy fast. It almost answers the question of how to get a flat stomach in 3 days. Below is a simple procedure for doing crunches:

  • Spread yourself flat on the ground facing up, with your hands raised over your head or crossed over your chest. Then bend your knees as you pull your legs towards your thighs, leaving a significant distance between your feet and thighs.
  • Lift your upper body, i.e. shoulder, head, neck off the ground, while keeping your feet stuck to the ground. Avoid yanking your head forward to avoid getting neck injuries.
  • Do 10 repetitions and increase the reps daily.
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Learn better ways to cope with stress

Often, people tend to eat much due to stress, which leads to an increase in their body mass. Stress cannot be avoided in life, accepting this fact and finding better ways to cope with stress is the fast step towards abandoning stress eating. When you eat due to stress, you are likely to increase your tummy. However, when you practice alternative ways to mitigate stress like jogging, boxing, strolling and scene viewing, you will be able to keep your body in shape and your mental chemistry in check.

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Get enough sleep

Getting enough rest is important for your body, and it helps to relieve stress. When you get enough rest, you will be able to be alive and more active during the day. Sleep helps your body regenerate and relax from all the days physical and mental exhaustion. When you wake up from a healthy sleep, you will feel better about yourself and your situation thus make better decisions and refrain from stress eating. It is, therefore, important for you to come up with healthy sleeping habits. It has been shown, trough studies, that insufficient sleep can consequently cause a gain in weight.

How to get a flat stomach overnight and how to get a flat stomach in a day to seem quite far-fetched. Naturally, it takes time to get rid of excess fats from the body. Majorly, diet and exercise, are some of the natural techniques of getting rid of excess fats from your body safely. Therefore when learning how to get a flat tummy, learn to be patient as the process your choose delivers to you your desired results. When answering the question, how to get a flat stomach diet, it is wise for you to seek the help of a specialist who will direct you appropriately.

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