How to Become Fat Fast

How to Become Fat Fast

Human beings tend to have certain perceptions when it comes to how they look. People with certain extreme body types want to change and become average as this is what they consider ideal. This category encompasses people that want to become big and would go to any lengths to ensure their dream comes true. The following tips will work perfectly for anyone looking to gain weight in no time.

How to Become Fat Fast

It is not surprising that while some people want to shed the excess weight there is a certain group of individuals struggling with growing fat. For this group nothing they seem to do is working yet their desire is to gain some weight. There is nothing in-achievable when it comes to weight gain goals. Consider the following if you desire to become fat in no time.

How to become fat

It is unfortunate that most people assume getting fat requires one to eat unhealthy foods such as loading oneself with street junk food that is full of empty calories and unsaturated fats. Contrary to popular opinion, getting fat is just as equally difficult as it to get slim. It starts with healthy eating and a nutrition diet plan may be needed to attain set goals in weight gain. You may want to stick to high end calories foods such as nuts, starchy vegetables, low-fat dairy products, beans, whole grains, eggs and seeds.

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Just because you are on a mission to gain weight does not mean that you are free to eat anything and everything that comes your way. While the unhealthy food may be tempting, remember that they are unhealthy to your body and could become problematic in the long run. You do not want to deal with issues of bad cholesterol when you get older.

How to Become Fat Fast- how to become fat

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How to become fat naturally in a week

Quick weight gain tips that could help you attain your goal include the following:

- Eat healthy foods

- Exercise regularly

- Increase your food intake by doubling or tripling your normal portions

- Include beverages with high nutrition in your diet

- Choose hefty healthy foods that will increases your chances of gaining weight

- Take smoothies regularly

- Do not run

- Weight train for muscle gain

- Hydrate regularly as water is crucial for weight gain

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- Follow a strict diet plan

- Keep track of your calories intake and work on the areas of weakness

- Rest enough

- Choose your dinner carefully and avoid unsaturated fats

- Have more dairy products

- Increase your protein intake

- Choose the right fruits such as bananas as opposed to water melons

- Chose dense carbohydrates

How to become fat from thin

When it comes to gaining weight the food one consumes matters a lot. As such following a strict diet that promotes weight gain is inevitable. Consider the following diet and stick to it strictly. It is one of the easiest and most effective ways on how to become fat naturally. Furthermore, it only needs one week to achieve results.

1. Soak ten almonds overnight and eat them first thing next morning when you wake up

2. For breakfast have a milk shake with a bowl of vegetable oat or daliya which can also be substituted with a breast of chicken, tofu or multi grain bread.

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3. At mid-morning break take a whole fruit that you enjoy with butter milk or coconut water

4. Your lunch should be 3 to 4 chappati with a bowl of vegetables, curd and cottage cheese.

5. Have a banana shake, a grilled sandwich and 2 biscuits for snacking time

6. Have a bowl of chicken soup or alternatively choose chicken soup

7. Before bed have one cup of milk with honey and a pinch of turmeric

How to Get Fat on your Bum

How to Become Fat Fast - how to get fat on your bum

If your aim is to have your bum increase then it helps to note that combining the right exercise and taking correct foods is the only way to have this goal attained. Once you are done with the right exercise you should then consider the right mix of foods. The following examples could be truly useful.

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- Brown rice

- Quiona

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- Oats

- Weetabix

- Low sugar breakfast cereals

- Sweet potatoes

- Ezekiel bread


- Eggs

- Tuna

- Salmon

- Tilapia

- Turkey

- Vegetable burger

- Soya nuts

- steak


- broccoli

- tomatoes

- spinach

- kales

- dark green vegetables


- fish fats ie salmon fat

- nuts ie almonds

- peanut butter

- extra virgin oil

- almond butter

How to become fat home remedies

Most of the suggestions mentioned above can be achieved from home. The secret to a long lasting result is to maintain consistency. Attaining the right weight is the secret to having a disease free life.

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