How To Borrow MTN Credit Instantly

How To Borrow MTN Credit Instantly

Just like the giant mobile communication companies in Africa, MTN strives to give its subscribers nothing short of the best services when it comes to uninterrupted communication. That’s why MTN has the MTN airtime credit feature that subscribers can use to get airtime loan and hence continue enjoying their talk time or texting. So how to borrow MTN credit? Well, the process is very simple, and straightforward.

How To Borrow MTN Credit Instantly – Get airtime when you need it
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This service is known as MTN XTRATIME. The service allows qualified MTN subscribers to borrow airtime and use that airtime the amount a subscriber can borrow is determined by the duration in which the customer has been using MTN mobile services and how often they have been recharging their MTN line.

The overdraft amount given to the subscriber when they use the MTN XTRATIME service is normally deducted from the amount in the next airtime top-up made by the customer. This feature is available to all the MTN subscribers, both the prepaid and the postpaid subscribers.

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In order to use the MTN XTRATIME service, the subscribers are required to use the code for MTN borrow me credit. MTN gives a range of the amount of credit you are qualified and you have the option of picking the credit amount that you can comfortably pay within the stipulated time. The MTN short code to borrow credit cannot be used to access any other service from MTN except the MTN XTRATIME service.

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Subscribers are also expected to pay a fee, that is normally deducted from the credit one is given. The fee is a percentage of the total amount of credit airtime one applies for. When you key in the code to borrow credit on MTN line you will see the amount you can borrow and also the amount of fee or interest you will be paying for the airtime credit.

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One needs to use the MTN borrow credit code to be able to access the airtime credit menu and options. The MTN code to borrow credit varies from one country to another, therefore, its crucial to use the correct MTN country code to borrow airtime credit. The code to borrow MTN credit in Ghana is *506#. After dialing the code, you can select the airtime credit option, you prefer, only the credit options you are qualified for will be displayed on your screen. *506# is the MTN borrow credit code Ghana and cannot be used in another country.

The airtime credit can be used to make calls, send texts and buy data. The offer is irresistible, especially if you are short of airtime, but then in order to protect themselves from making losses, MTN makes sure that the credit airtime is paid on your next airtime top up. Thanks to the MTN XTRATIME service, an MTN subscriber needs not to be worried about his/her communication being interrupted due to lack of airtime.

To continue enjoying the service and even higher airtime credits, MTN subscribers are encouraged to make timely payments of the MTN XTRATIME credit loans and also continue topping up their lines with larger amounts of airtime.


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