Popular Kente styles in Ghana

Popular Kente styles in Ghana

Selina Beb (SB) is an award-winning accessories brand from Ghana that specializes in top quality accessories. They make items for men, women and children. Selina Beb provides wonderful jewellery, modern accessories, and comfortable footwear. Selina Beb products are made from authentic leather, with rare beads and high quality African wax prints.

latest kente designs selina beb

The designer herself handpicks the best quality raw materials so as to ensure top grade finished products. Selina Beb aims at proudly producing items in Ghana.

The products are not just high quality material but elegant stuff made by hand with the loftiest effort, love and care. SB claims to be carefully blending the rich Ghanaian culture and history with the unconventional and modern designs of this generation to produce unique accessories that suit your style and make you feel awesome.

Kente fashion in Ghana

latest kente styles

This year, Selina Beb showcased her Kente collection at the New Orleans Fashion Week 2018. Professionals in the area of fashion find this to be an amazing platform where they can unite with like-minded people in the fashion line. Such a show is a great way to earn social experiences and networking opportunities to make one’s dreams come true.

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kente styles for occasions

Selina Bebaako-Mensah, once again kept the pride of her country up this year; with her all new “Kente Collection” at the United State’s New Orleans Fashion Week. The Selina Beb Kente collection featured a variety of SB accessories and handbags woven in genuine Kente fabric decorated with beautifully coloured beads.

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Kente styles 2018

Kente is Selina’s own inspiration where she wanted to prepare and display a collection that can portray the wonderful culture and tradition of Ghana. SB had a marvellous presentation by collaborating with a sundry team of fashionistas for the New Orleans Fashion Week’s 8th edition.

kente styles 2018

Ms. Bebaako-Mensah expressed her appreciation and gratitude for having been able to represent her country by presenting her newest Kente designs to the world. She was glad to be a part of the show where she could showcase accessories made out of Kente cloth and fabric, a rich part of the Ghanaian cultural heritage.

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kente dress styles

Selina Bebaako-Mensah is an award-winning designer famous for making genuine accessories and handbags inspired the rich cultural heritage of Africa. She is internationally recognized for designing high quality handbags and accessories. She has showcased her exquisite collection in major fashion shows such as the Glitz Africa Fashion Week, and African Fashion Week London. Recently, she won an award at the Bi-Annual European & International Women Inventors in Italy.

Ghana kente designs for men and women

Kente cloth and Kente designs contain immense international recognition. It is definitely not surprising as Kente is so much popular all round the globe and is widely recognized that prove it to be among the shining strands that illuminate the fabric that is enriched with colourful beliefs. The primary origin of Ghana Kente cloth is beautifully expressed partly with historical account and partly with the legendary tales.

Kente fashion from Ghana

latest kente styles

latest kente styles

Kente styles for women

Selina Beb is admired by many because of the latest kente styles that she had introduced, and most of her fans are probably women because her products and collection for women materials is huge and no lady can have enough of the eye-catching items made by Selina Beb. Ranging from purses, clutches and handbags, SB has an amazing collection of laptops bags, messenger bags, shopper, and travelling bags. And when we talk about women, there can be no collection without some designer jewellery. Yes! Selina Beb houses a beautiful collection of jewellery which every woman would love to try. And that is not all, you can also check out the pretty collection of shoes, slippers and flat sandals.

Kente styles for women

If you have an eye for the culture, you can check her latest kente styles for traditional wedding. Although we are not talking about specific Kente designs for weddings, her designs are so traditionally cool that you might want to grab a pair of few things you want to use in your wedding, or want to gift your best friend in their wedding.

Ghanaian Kente Kaba styles

kente styles for women

kente styles for women

kente styles for women

kente styles for women

kente styles for women in Ghana

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Kente fashion

ghana kente women

ghana kente women

kente styles for men

kente styles for men

Kente is actually a hand-woven ceremonial cloth. The cloth is woven on a treadle loom which is horizontal. Kente comes in different varieties, but mostly in strips that measure somewhat around 4 inches wide which are usually sown into a variety of large pieces of cloth. There are lots of designs available, such as kente designs for weddings. Kente actually means basket in Ghana.

The royal kente styles for traditional wedding are known for their rich colours and the great meaningful designs that they carry. Each Kente piece of cloth is given a divine and meaningful name. To be precise, Kente is not just a particular cloth design, but, it represents philosophy and history, religious beliefs as well as ethics.

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As per traditional beliefs, Kente is supposed to be worn during special occasions and not as a daily usual wear. It can be used for a multiple of cultural occasions such as, marriage, child naming, burial, remembrance ceremonies and such. There are numerous

kente designs for men

which the Ghana women may try out during marriage occasions of their loved ones.

It is very easy to admit the beauty of the Kenty dresses, however, it is not only well known for the divine beauty that it contains, but, also the symbolic significance that it carries within it. Each Kente dress styles are named after proverbs, concepts, oral literature, and moral values.

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Kente cloth meaning

Different colours define different meanings –

  • Black defines spiritual energy, maturity and passing rites.
  • Blue defines togetherness, harmony and peace.
  • Green defines vegetation, harvest and spiritual growth.
  • Yellow defines prosperity, high worth and royalty.
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kente styles for women

kente styles for women

kente styles

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