Trending Kente styles for women for different occasions with photos

Trending Kente styles for women for different occasions with photos

Kente is a rich fabric known for its beautiful, lively colours and quality. A few decades ago, ladies used to wrap the kente fabric around their waists, forming an elegant floor-length skirt. Today, African designers have taken this rich fabric to a new level. There are fashionable designs and styles for women that bring out their sensuality and beauty. If you love African fashion, you will appreciate these kente styles for women.

Kente styles
Beautiful Kente dress styles. Photo: @kentewura_ba_gh, @lexina_apparel, @_kyerewaa_couture_gh on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

In Ghana, Kente fabric comes in various sizes, designs and colours. It is mainly embraced during social and religious events such as graduation ceremonies, weddings and traditional engagements. You can style the nwentoma fabric into a kaba, a peplum dress, jackets, suits, pants, and shorts. It gives ladies the liberty of letting their creativity flow.

What do the kente colours mean?

Kente has six main colours and each colour has a different meaning as shown below.

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  • Gold = status/serenity
  • Yellow = fertility
  • Green = renewal
  • Blue = pure spirit/harmony
  • Red = passion
  • Black = union with ancestors/spiritual awareness.

Trending kente styles for women

Kente styles are diverse and you can always find a style for each occasion. Here is a compilation of various designs you should try.

Unique kente outfits for any occasion

Trendy and fashionable fabrics such as kente designs a favourite for many ladies. Their different unique colours and patterns usually make them stand out. Check out the following kente dress styles for inspiration.

1. Sika Futuro Kente style

Kente styles for women
Ladies rocking Sika Futuro dress. Photo: @naskie_gh on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

You could also refer to Sika Futuro as gold dust. They have alternating unique patterns of orange, yellow, black, green, and red. This design is precious, significantly pointing out royalty in every aspect of its creation.

2. Obaakofo Mmu Man

Kente styles
Models rocking the Obaakofo Mmu Man outfit. Photo: @AchkKombana (modified by author)
Source: UGC

This kente fabric design is mostly embraced during engagements in Ghana. It has beautiful and unique patterns. A clothing fabric that will make you stand out as you walk by the streets!

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3. Kyeretwie

ghana material styles for ladies
Two ladies in long kente dresses. Photo: @caldinefashion, @melangeafrica (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Kyeretwie designs are known for their large boxes with black lines that run vertically. This specific design signifies courage to deal with challenging situations.

4. Short gown

Some ladies prefer to dress casually yet elegantly, and there is no better way to do so than by wearing a short mini gown. It's an elegant and appealing outfit. These simple concepts do not necessitate extensive design and embroidery. As a fashion enthusiast, you should keep your fashion outfit and ornaments to a minimum at times.

5. Kente style with lace

Kente style with lace is one of Ghana's best ladies' dress styles in Ghana. The blended fabric has always been a great way for fashion professionals to showcase their creativity. Nwentoma and lace is a timeless style that will always be a favourite for many women. Lace can be used in various ways, including sleeves, collars, and numerous other applications.

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6. Ornate

Kente styles
Ladies are rocking multicoloured Kente outfits. Photo: @OurMothersTreasures, @FringeFashionTV on Facebook (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Ornate kente dress styles are currently popular. These pieces were created many years ago, especially during the 1950s and 1960s. What sets it apart from others is that it is available in various vibrant colours, like yellow, green, and pink. All colours have been blended to create a piece that resembles an exquisite painting.

7. Jumpsuits

Are you a fan of jumpsuits? As a boss lady, make your kente fabric into a jumpsuit. The style is appropriate for any occasion. It makes you appear sophisticated and distinct. Choose vibrant hues to achieve the desired level of beauty.

Beautiful kente styles for engagement

The nwentoma engagement designs come in many varieties. The patterns and the intertwining threads are used to bring out the differences. The Ghana dress styles below prove the excellent work of art that the designers put in their work.

8. Lengthy off-shoulder dresses for traditional engagements

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Most couples in Ghana prefer yellow kente designs because they symbolise preciousness, fertility, and wealth. The traditional off-shoulder nwentoma dresses are popular in Ghana because they give the bride an attractive feminine look. The off-shoulder dresses also highlight the beauty of the delicate jewellery that jazz up their trendy outfit.

9. Flayed engagement dress with Ankara details

Kente and Ankara fabric blend well, making a lady look angelic on her engagement day. You must create a beautiful nwentoma dress piece and add Ankara details or patches on the chest area, neckline, sleeves, top part, or skirt. The fabrics should match to look outstanding on your big day.

10. Straight engagement dress with lace patches

kente styles
A nicely designed long kente dress. Photo: @kentestyles
Source: UGC

This design makes up for the best engagement kente styles for traditional engagements and marriages. Consider kente dresses with lace patches or details to achieve that impressive look on your engagement day. If you are a fashionista, nwentoma incorporates excellently with lace fabric as far as the colours match. You can add lace details on the sleeves, chest part, top part, skirt part, or neckline part.

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11. One-shoulder dress styles for engagement

The one-shoulder techniques will bring out your beauty. If you are looking for something elegant, this style should be among the engagement kente styles for traditional marriage to include in your list. Refined and feminine looks usually inspire them. In Ghana, engagement dresses are mostly lengthy because they represent respect and dignity. Long skirts also create a unique image with their numerous voluminous folds.

12. The gold design

This is one of the best kente styles for traditional marriages in Ghana. It is always a cutting-edge design with accessories in an exceptionally bold form and approach. Wedding gowns are believed to be extremely dramatic and brimming with fun and lovely colour choices.

Kente tops for different occasions

Kente tops can be worn with nwentoma skirts, jeans, African print pants, or shorts. Casual tops should be free and flexible to suit any event or occasion. There are a variety of nwentoma patterns to choose from based on your preferences. Some nwentoma top designs and styles include crop, high-low, and open-back tops.

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13. Off-shoulder blouse with jeans

Kente styles for women
Ladies with nice off-shoulder tops. Photo: @marketplace, @kim_bella_stitches on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Kente off-shoulder tops are versatile pieces which can successfully pair with many skirts, jeans, or shorts. It should reveal the neckline well. Complete your cute looks with a classy hairstyle and beautiful accessories.

14. Crop tops with skirts

Kente styles for women
Ladies are posing for a photo with kente dresses. Photo: @karentino_boutique on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Every lady wants to proclaim femininity, so designers work tirelessly to bring out the feminine look. You can complete the outfit with a pencil skirt, jeans or shorts.

15. Open-back tops

The open-back tops are primarily created with elegant X-shaped necklines or closed necks. They make one look timely and futuristic. The variations are minimal, such as short blouses relevant to social events. Create a piece to rock with during hot weather.

16. High-low tops

Kente styles for women
Ladies are rocking beautiful tops. Photo: @Glowstitches, @poquaagh on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

High-lows made from kente fabric are so beautiful. To complete your outfit, put your nwentoma high-low top with jeans, a pencil skirt, shorts, or pants. With well-applied make-up and a trendy outfit, you will be outstanding.

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17. Corset blouse and six pieces skirt

Lots of women are always on the lookout for this type of clothing. They can be made with or without sleeves and combined with a well-layered six-piece skirt. The corset's fitness aspect will bring out the the figure you want to see. The style is an emerging pattern widely embraced mostly by young ladies.

Beautiful African Kente skirts for every occasion

Do you love Kente skirts? Well, they make ladies look unique and stylish. It is the primary reason why African fashion is recognised across the world. You can look outstanding in a lengthy maxi kente skirt, a pencil skirt, a flayed skirt, or even a wrapped skirt.

18. Maxi modern styles

Maxi kente skirts make one look decent as well as presentable. They also make one feel comfortable to attend any event, from a church event, a date, a funeral, a wedding, and a birthday party.

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You can add details of other fabrics such as Kitenge, Ankara, dashiki, and lace. Nwentoma blends very well with other tunics as far as they match. You accessorise the dress with other items and comfortable shoes such as wedges, high-heel, low-heel, or flat sandals to complete your trendy looks.

19. High-low skirt

High-low styles are so beautiful. Wear a tight lace top, a polished cotton blouse, or maybe a kente top to complete your outfit. A pencil top of a matching colour will best suit the business.

20. Pencil skirts

Kente styles
Beautiful ladies are posing for photos, rocking pencil skirts. Photo: @TheAfricanShop2013, @asoebiguest on Facebook (modified by author)
Source: UGC

You must own a kente pencil skirt because it is fashionable. The skirts give ladies a perfect look. If you are a plus size, consider dressing in pencil skirts because they will make you look beautiful.


  1. What are the different types of kente? Their production is divided into three categories: authentic kente cloth, kente print created by brands and mass-made kente patterns.
  2. What do the kente colours mean? The fabric shades symbolise many things. For example, yellow = fertility, and black = connection with ancestors or spiritual consciousness.
  3. What are the names of Asante Kente? In Asante, Kente cloth is commonly called nwentoma, meaning woven fabric.
  4. Can you find some examples of kente designs and patterns and their meanings? Several kente patterns have sense, such as sika futoro, which means gold dust.
  5. What makes Kente unique? One of the main reasons Kente cloth is so prevalent worldwide is that two distinct individuals may sport it and converse without saying anything. The fabric represents a sense of belonging to their ancestors and descendants.
  6. What is the Kente cloth used for today? It is now sewn into various garments such as dresses, tops, shirts, and shoes. Printed Kente is mass-produced and sold both locally and internationally.
  7. What are two types of kente cloth? Cotton and silk are the raw materials employed in Kente weaving.

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Kente styles for women are stunning. The nwentoma fabric is vibrant and you should not limit it if you are designer. Deign creative pieces that will allow you to turn the heads of those who appreciate fashion. published an exciting list of latest dress styles in Ghana. Ghana is home to many fashion designers and enthusiasts. One feature distinguishing this nation from other is its thriving fashion sector, which has grown over time.

African fabrics and clothing designs differ from nation to nation. For instance, the kente designs are trendy in Ghana. Ankara fabrics are also loved by many.

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