Ghanaian kente kaba styles

Ghanaian kente kaba styles

Kente Kaba is an African design that has been trending for some years now. The country of origin of the Kente Kaba style is Ghana. However, Ghana Kente kaba styles have now become a global fashion hype. The dressing style has become popular, especially in African themed events. It is a simple yet elegant style to rock in special events, over the weekends and especially when celebrating African traditional ceremonies such as weddings. We have come up with a guide that can help you to pick out your Kente styles Kaba outfit in no time.

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The Kente Kaba styles discussed below cover a wide range of options. You will find styles that you can wear to a wedding, bridal party, or an official function. Keep on reading to find out if there are Kente cloth styles that fit your needs.

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Ball gown Kente Kaba design

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This is one of the Ghana Kente styles that is particularly elegant. The ballroom dress is specifically designed to highlight your upper bodice while covering up the part underneath. This makes the design easily respectful for wearing even before respectable members of society.

Some people feel the need to add slits on the ballroom design to make movement in the dress easy. For the teenagers, their designs can have multiple pleats to give it a more vibrant and youthful feel. The ball room design is also very appropriate for baby girls. For the younger girls, the design can have cotton fabric sewn inside as the lining. This makes the outfit more comfortable for the babies’ sensitive skin and prevents irritability on the baby’s skin.

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Modern Kente kaba design

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This is among the latest Kente Kaba styles that have taken the Kente dressing style from a traditional Ghanaian wear to a world class dress. It put Kente on the global map. The most recent way of modernizing the Kente has been noticed in places such as at the carnivals all around the world. One of the ways that the Kente has been modernized is to put a mixture of the Kente cloth dress with other fabrics to come up with a modernized outfit.

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The material can be put across to form stripes or in specific zones to create a desirable look for the customers. This concept of mixing the Kente cloth dresses has become a trend even when it comes to trousers. Some people modernize their trousers and blouses by adding the Kente fabric to the seams and the pockets or the sides. This gives the outfit an African touch without being too much.

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Laced Kente kaba design

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The addition of lace to the Kente fabric as a design is very popular among the Ghanian women. This kind of design is very popular with high end design shops and wedding dresses. The Kente-lace dress is ideal for a bridal team dress. The lace is sometimes put across the arms to cover the open arms or across the chest to hide the cleavage. In some instances, the lace is used in a bride’s dress to act as a suspender to hold the bridal dress in position as the bride dances.

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Lace is preferred in bridal dresses because of the ceremonial look that it gives the finished look. It is also a light fabric that makes the look less heavy on the owner of the dress. In a few cases the lace is even the main material for the head wrap that goes with the dress or with the bag that one carries along. This gives it a kind of modernized lavishness.

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Mermaid style Kente kaba design

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This is the most popular design for any African wear. It is almost like the standard look. The outfit can be in form of a skirt and top or in a dress form. This Kente design is appreciated as it shows off how the African women are well endowed in terms of their body figures. It is almost like a standard look and can go with a head-wrap or with an off-shoulder scarf. This design is also popular in weddings and other African functions.

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Many brides always fall for this look for their pre-weddings or as the design for the bridal party. This dress type offers the designer the option to mix design on the dress and play around with the fabric until the client is satisfied with the end result. This design can be worn up the toes or the knees. The younger generation prefers having one that is a bit shorter but elegance is the key. Most times people prefer having an open back with this kind of dress. Pleats can be added at the bottom section of the dress to make it look more elegant.

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Ghana Kente wedding designs for the bridal teams, visitors and friends and family

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This is where the icing on the cake is at. In Ghanaian weddings the Kente is almost like the official recommended outfit. Most couples even go out of their way to make matching outfits for such occasions. The most important thing is to ensure that you choose an elegant design and a designer and tailor who can pull the look off. The wedding designs can range anywhere from the simplest designs to the most complex designs.

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Some of the most interesting designs for Kente arose from wedding ceremonies. This is why it is easier to find a Kente design for African traditional ceremonies. Most times it is customary to have a bride and groom to make their outfits out of the same fabric in the African scene. The Ghanaian Kente style can be the best option in such instances. The key to having a good outcome in the outfits is to always choose the tailor carefully.

For the friends and family, it is always good to be careful so that your overall look doesn’t overshadow the look of the bridal team. Always go for the simplest yet classy designs. Avoid over accessorizing to prevent your Kente dress styles from standing out too much.

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Kente Kaba styles for engagement

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Some couples like to identify with their African roots. This is how some couples end up wearing matching Kente Kaba outfits to special occasions like weddings and graduations or even burials. The men’s design is pretty simple as they can rock just a Kente shirt with their khaki trousers. The lady’s dresses are where most of the attention will be focused on. It's always good to allow the ladies' dresses to have more detail and to be of an intricate design.

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kente kaba styles, kente styles kaba, ghana kente kaba styles

The couple’s designs are also suitable for bridal parties, birthday parties and family get-togethers. It is important to remember to keep the color scheme the same. Even when the man chooses to wear khaki trousers or jeans with his Kente, at least the color of the trouser should match with one of the prominent colors on the lady’s dress.

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Bridal party Kente kaba style

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Bridal parties are where the Kente designs are popular. The Kente is almost the number one choice for most bridal parties in Ghana. The elegance of the Kente designs can make your wedding the talk of town of course. Which is always every brides desire. As long as you get a good concept of what you would like the designs to look like then you have yourself an elegant and colorful wedding right there.

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The designs of the dresses don’t have to necessarily be similar. Each member of the bridal party can have their own design as long as the fabric has the same pattern. Some can even mix the Kente Material with lace to make it more elegant. The Kente Kaba offers a wide variety of choices for wedding outfits especially for the African couples.

For the bridal parties, accessories are a necessary part. Always go with minimal accessories such as golden, pearl or silver earrings and bracelets. The neck can be left open or can be covered with lace fabric or with a scarf that has been stylishly tied to match with the outfit.

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Creative blouses and skirts

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For the younger generations, an entire outfit made the Kente way may appear to be too much. That is why most designers opt to make fancy blouses that one can pair with any other fashion of skirt or jeans or whatever the wearer desires. Another alternative is to make a skirt or trouser out of the Kente material then the upper outfit out of Kente cloth as well.

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This gives your Kente a touch of the modern or vintage depending on how you choose to accessorize it. Pearls are an excellent way of modernizing the look of your urban Kente look. It gives it a vibrant and youthful look. You can also choose to make a balloon skirt that is of knee length. That make of skirt will give you a younger and more vibrant look especially for the younger girls.

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Ruffled up Kente kstyle

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Ruffles are always a great choice of dress for the plus sized woman. It always brings out the best in their looks. The ruffles when assembled well while considering the pattern in the Kente fabric is likely to come out as one of the most elegant pieces. The most important thing is the dimensions in the dress. It is important to ensure that the designer you choose is good with dimensions so that the patterns are symmetrical in the dress.

This will prevent you from having a dress with a skewed pattern on it. It might require you to pay a few more bucks to get a good tailor. But, the end results are always better and more appealing to the eye.

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Kente Kaba with headwrap

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Head wraps are very common with African wear. It is, therefore, important to learn online or from a friend how to make the best head wrap. This is specifically crucial for the older generation that fancy the head wraps. Head wraps may not be so popular with the younger people as they still prefer to keep their hairs styled for the outfit.

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A head wrap doesn’t need to be very complicated. Even a simple pushed back head-wrap can do. As long as the hair, if any is well combed or styled. Some people prefer big head wraps while, others prefer smaller ones. It is always good to know what you prefer so that the tailor can leave enough material for the head wrap.

You can always find numerous tutorials by different fashion bloggers on how to tie a head wrap properly and the different accessories that you can use instead of a head wrap.

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Kente Kaba official wear

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This is the most recent adoption in office wear for Africans. The Kente official wear has taken over how people dress to the office in Africa. A simple Kente blouse can be paired with official skirt or trousers for the ladies. As for the men, it is the shirt that will represent the Ghanaian Kente style. Part of the Kente fabric can be sewn strategically in the middle of the shirt or along the buttoning areas. It can also be sewn across the shirt. The Kaba detail can also be placed asymmetrically in form of different shapes across the dress or shirt to make it as stylish as possible while still keeping it official.

This makes it elegant and simple thus making the shirts very wearable for the men. In some cases, some African detail such as beads can be added strategically on the shirts of men or blouses for ladies to add a bit of sauce to it.

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Dinner dresses the Kente way

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The Kente designs have been embraced by some designers who have been able to come up with desirable dinner dresses of the Kente designs. These designs embody the modern feeling while still embracing the African spirit that the Kente is all about. The dinner dress collections offer a variety that comprises of simple elegant dresses up to the most complicated designs.

These designs include both the men and women in the varieties. The designs may be accessorized with modern shoes or sandals too.

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Kente kaba wear for parents of grooms and brides

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During weddings and traditional rites functions, it can be hard to find suitable clothing for the parents of the hosts. The African Kaba styles can offer a range of options for such occasions. The Kente Kaba’s elegant nature and simplicity makes it a good choice for parents to wear and look absolutely fabulous.

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The Kente Kaba is popular in Ghana for weddings thus would be a good choice for the families of the bride and groom to wear. It would also bring out the elegance and add flavor to the colors of the wedding if the fabric is chosen well.

Most times for such events, the men have a particular style of traditional dressing. This means that the rest of the effort will be focused on the mothers of the bride and groom. Where that matching can happen for the outfits is probably the color of the bags and shoes that these parents will wear.

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Well, there you have a good collection of the latest Kente styles in Ghana. The different styles of the Ghanaian style for the Kente Kaba and when and how to wear them. The most important things to remember are:

  • Always ensure you find a well trusted and qualified tailor to make your Kente deisgn
  • The accessories can either spoil or make your Kente design
  • Keep your design as simple and elegant as possible. Don’t overdo it since it might just ruin the entire look.

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