BECE results checker: how to check BECE results?

BECE results checker: how to check BECE results?

June is fast approaching and the form three Junior high school students are eagerly waiting for their chance to sit for the Basic Education Certificate (BECE) examinations. While the prospective candidates wait for the exam, there are others who are equally eagerly waiting for the chance to check BECE results of the previous year’s examination.What is BECE? What does it entail? How do you check BECE results? What is the BECE placement program all about? These are some of the questions this article wishes to answer.

How to check BECE results


All about BECE

If you want to graduate from Junior high school and be admitted to a senior high school in Ghana, you must first sit for the BECE examination and pass it. The examination is used as a determining factor for senior high school placement in the following ways.

  • If you want to be admitted to a senor high school you must do the examination.
  • It is restricted to third year junior high school students who are approved by the Ghana Education Service. This means that the first and second year students in junior high schools are ineligible to take the exam thus they can not be admitted to senior high school.
  • The marks one achieves in the examination are the determining factor when it comes to placement to the different senior high schools. The grades you achieve will determine whether you will be placed in either the senior high school, technical institute or a vocational institution.

The BECE examination is conducted nationwide. This means that all the students across the country do the same exam and it is done at the same time. The examination is undertaken in the month of June every single year. However, the application for the exam is done very early and it takes place in the month of October all the way to November. This means that the students to undertake the examination in June of 2018 were registered in the six week period of October/November 2017.

The languages featured were; English Language, Ghanaian Language and Culture and French (French was optional), Social Studies, Integrated Science, Mathematics, Basic Design and Technology, Information and Communication Technology and lastly Religious and Moral Education.

The grading of the BECE examination includes a number of examination in addition to the main examination in June. The exam marks and the internal examinations(the continuous assessments that are undertaken in the school) marks are used in coming up with the final grade. The grading is usually done using the nine-point grade scale with Grade 1 being the highest grade and grade 9 being the lowest grade.

Check BECE results 2018

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When can you check results BECE Ghana?

The fate of the students who sit for BECE examination are known in August. To ease the process of WAEC BECE results check , the results of the students are sent to the various institutions that participated in the examination. In addition to this, individual students also get to receive their results from their schools as they are issued statements of their results from their specific schools.

In case you have an issue with your results, the examination council keeps the script for exactly three months after the results are released. This means that the students can approach the council through their schools and request for a thorough review of their examination answer sheets. No individual student, parent or guardian can personally approach the council to request for a review of the script, it must be done in the capacity of the school either through the Head Master or any other person who has the mandate to act as a representative for the school.

You must act with speed while requesting for a review as the certificates for the successful candidates are released within a period of one month after the results are released.

The question that is lingering in the minds of the BECE examination candidates is, how do I check my BECE results? Below are the methods that you can use to check BECE results 2018.

Check bece results online

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A guide on how to check BECE results online

If you wish to check your BECE results online from the comfort of home, there are certain steps you need to take. Below is a step by step guide on how to check BECE results on Internet.

To be able to use BECE result checker online, you are required to be in possession of a Personal Computer that has the capability of accessing the Internet.

  • Sign into the West African Examination Council (WAEC) Ghana official online portal
  • The link ( above will take you to the official results checker page of WAEC BECE results checker. On the very top part of the page, you can see the part that denotes the words “you can buy your result checker card".
  • Tap on it. the section explains in detail how you can purchase a voucher that will enable you to access your results from the portal.
  • The choices offered are; Airtel money, MasterCard and the visa card alternatives.
  • After you have paid for the voucher the next step is filling the payment details to confirm the payment was done so that you can be able to continue with checking of your placement
  • You are then required to present the Payees name and their legitimate email address that they have access to.
How do i check my BECE results

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  • While paying by means of MasterCard and the Visa, you will be required to simply enter your card details so that the amount will be deducted directly from your account. When using the mobile money platforms the process is slightly different. for Airtel Money, you will be required to enter your Airtel number for the payment to be confirmed.
  • When you are finished with the payments and you have already confirmed that you have made the payment on the portal, the next important step is to check your email(the email will be sent to the email address that you provided in the portal). The email is also important as Results Checker Card details will likewise be shown on the screen and sent to the email address you had provided earlier.
  • Now what is left is that you go back to the homepage. When you are there, take a look at the left side of the homepage displayed on the screen. You will see an area that with the initials "RESULT CHECKER"
  • Fill in the information that has been requested from you. The information required is as follows;

-Your BECE index number

-The exam type(in this case you select BECE)

-The year you took the examination

-Your date of birth

-The serial number provided after payment

-The pin provided to you after payment.

  • You will be required to affirm your index number and the year you sat for the examination. Double check the details you give to ensure they are your details. You should be accurate.Finally, submit the request.
How to check BECE results 2018

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A guide on how to check BECE results on phone

Apart from using the Internet and a personal computer, you can also use your phone to check for your results in case you cannot access the Internet or if it is the most convenient method for you. For MTN users, there is a simplified way in which you can check the results. First, you have to buy WAEC result checker using MTN.

How to buy WAEC result checker using MTN

For you to buy the result checker using MTN , this are the steps to follow ;

Take your mobile phone and text in the short code *170#

Then select the option in the menu indicating ‘paybill’

After you have selected the option, you will be redirected to another menu.

Select the sixth(6) option that is ‘general payment’

You will be redirected to another page that instructs you to ‘enter payment code’, enter your name

After that, you will be redirected to a page instructing you to ‘pay any amount’. You will be required to enter the amount to pay.

You will then be required to enter the reference. You then type ‘WAEC’.

How to check BECE results 2018

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You will be required to confirm the payment while at the same time being required to input your MTN mobile money password.

After the process is complete, you will receive a confirmation SMS with the transaction ID. This is the code to check BECE results on your MTN phone.

After you are done with the above steps, make sure you take note off the transaction ID as you will need it later on. This is process of how to check BECE results on MTN

You have to be With your mobile phone and the transaction ID you have received, your examination number and the examination year.

Go to your SMS section of your phone. Type in the following WAEC*EXAM NUMBER*PIN*EXAM YEAR. There should be no spaces in between the texts and numbers. For example, if your exam number is 123456 and the PIN(transaction ID) is 987654 and your exam year is 2017, the format will be WAEC*123456*987654*2017.

After you are done writing the text, then go forward and send it to the shortcode 32327.

You will then have to wait for a few minutes and you will receive your examination results via SMS.

How to check BECE results 2018

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How to do a simple BECE results check up

A BECE result check up is the process where one seeks to confirm their BECE results. What are the importances of doing your BECE check up? it is important for future reference in case you lose your BECE certificate. It is a platform where all your results are kept safely and you can recover them at any given moment from any part of the world. It is also fairly convenient as the verification can be done by another person other than the one who sat for the exam.

So, how does one go forth with BECE verification?

  • You first go to the official WAEC confirmation of results portal
  • You are then required to fill in your full names starting with your surname.
  • You are required to give your email address
  • If you are not the person who sat for the exam, you are required to give your dress and the address of the person who will receive the results
  • For persons who did the exam in the year 2005 and below, you are required to upload your passport photo.
  • In the location section, you chose the location you are in at the moment.
  • You will then chose the examination type(in this case it’s the BECE)
  • You then have to choose the exam year.
  • After you are done giving the above-mentioned information, you then click the “submit and proceed to payment” icon
  • On the payment page, you will be able to see your information
  • Theres is an option for a passport photo for people who did the exam in the year 2005 and below.
  • Invoice details. This includes the invoice number and the amount that you will be required to pay.

-Your name

-Your email address

-Your phone number

-Your contact address

-The recipients address.

-The examination type(in this case it is BECE)

-The year you undertook the examination.

How to check BECE results 2018

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You will be required to choose a payment method. You will be given the option of whether to pay through a bank or through visa or mastercard.

For the bank option, you will be required to print the page with the information and use it in the bank as an invoice

for the card payment, you will be required to initiate the payment. You will have to give your card details for the amount to be you may get your results.

After you are done, you then proceed to the icon “Check Request Status” and click on it.

You will be required to input your invoice number, index number, examination type and the examination year.

So after all this, the question one might want to ask is, are the BECE results out?

The 2017/208 BECE results are scheduled to be released in the weeks between the months of late august and early September.

The successful candidates can then proceed to check their placement status. This is done by sending a text message with your index number and the year of examination to the short code 1060. for example if your index number was 12345678 and the year of examination was 2017, you will input the information as 1234567817 with 17 being the year of examination and send it to 1060. you are encouraged to keep on trying until the message is sent to your phone.

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