WAEC result checker Ghana 2018

WAEC result checker Ghana 2018

The Western African Examination Council, just like any other reputable examination body, strives to be perfect at its job by delivering quality services to all those who take part in the examination process. That is why, even though it’s a non-profitable organization, it’s still conducts its duties according to the interest of the public and awards certificates to the candidates who have merited to proceed to the next level. Normally, the results sheets for the candidates are sent to all the schools and private candidate that participated in the exercise without being charged any fee. However, you can also skip the whole process of waiting for the results through the mails by simply browsing through the WAEC RESULTS CHECKER GHANA website for your exam score.

WAEC Result Checker Ghana: How to Check Your Results Easily

The advancement of technology particularly in the internet and computing sector has not only enhanced efficient global communication but also made the process of result submission through the WAEC online result checker for Ghana to be a smooth process. You can check for your results anytime and anywhere even at the comfort of your home without even breaking a sweat. The only thing that may be required is a computer or even smartphone with an internet connection and you are good to go. However, there are some simple instructions that you may be required to adhere to before finally getting what you are seeking.

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Even though the Western African Examination Council seems to be well advanced technologically and always up to date with the global evolution, it has been operational for a quite a long time, for as long as 1952 when it was first established with its headquarters in Accra, Ghana. The government of Gold Coast, which was the name given to Ghana during that era, legislated the Western African Council Ordinances in 1951 alongside Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Gambia with Liberia joining later on, in 1974. The main aim for the enactment was to standardize the pre-university assessment in the colonial British Western African Region.

WAEC Result Checker Ghana: How to Check Your Results Easily- Understanding the Basics

It was formed as a non-profit organization for the five countries with its main agenda of facilitating the examination process for the citizens’ own good and also issuing certificates for the candidates who have attained the required pass mark equivalent to the examining authorities in the United Kingdom.

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WAEC Result Checker Ghana: How to Check Your Results Easily

In as much as it’s an international body, the organization also plays a crucial role in Ghana as a state, since its responsible for many other examinations particularly the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) which is assessment for the Junior Secondary Schools and the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE) for the Senior Secondary Schools. The candidates who have passed the BESE qualify for entry to the Senior Secondary Schools as well as Technical Institutions as soon as the academic year commences in the month of September.

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The results which are traditionally issued in August and December for the BESE and SSCE respectively are sent to all the candidates in the participating schools. However, unlike other candidates the private candidates always get their statements of results for their SSCE later on in February. They are usually sent free of charge without any hidden costs issued on them.

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The Basic Education Certificate Examination

This is usually one of the vital examinations certificates in the Ghanaian State. Its eligible for only the kind of candidates in the third year of Junior High Schools who have been approved by the Ghana Education Authority. The assessment is basically for the selection to the Senior High Schools as well as the Technical Institution and also for the certification. The exams are usually in between May and June.

The subjects being examined are usually nine even though French education is always optional. The entry period for the assessment is always in October/November of every year as participating schools are required to upload their statement of entries accompanied by their selection of school choice before being processed. As for the grading, the candidates’ performance on the external assessment as well as the continuous internal examination will form the final marks for the examinations.

Checking for the BECE results 2017 or whichever year for that matter has made been simple in this generation through the virtual internet access. The process is simple and fast compared to the traditional procedures. There are some guidelines that you are required to follow before getting your results:

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You need to visit the WAEC result checker Ghana BECE portal through this link: http://ghana.waecdirect.org. You are then required to enter your index number after which you select the type of examination, (for example, BECE).Then select the year of your examination e.g. 2017. once this is done, enter the card serial number which is on the opposite side of your scratch card. Then enter the 12-digit personal identification number on the scratch card. You need to verify the index number and the examination year so as to make sure you are requesting the right information. Finally, click on the ‘submit’ button and wait for the display which may take just a few minutes.

Check Online

You can also use the result checker card by buying it from the same website by clicking on the ‘RESULT CHECKER card HERE’ banner. The process is also as simple as scratch card as you will also receive a personal identification number and serial number on your phone after making payment either through Airtel money, visa card or MasterCard. After submitting your name and email address the examination board will send the information of the result checker on to your email. As luck would have it, the whole process can be done with so much ease on either smartphone or even a desktop browser.

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WAEC Result Checker Ghana: How to Check Your Results Easily

When it comes to the BECE results placement, technological advancement has done wonders as candidates are simply designated to their various senior schools through the Computerized School Selection and Placement System, (CSSPS). The system, which mainly is generated through a special algorithm, takes the shortest time possible to group all the qualified candidates to their various prospective senior schools. The BECE placement checker, for the curious students who are eager to know their prospective senior secondary school, is also a straightforward process although it may not necessarily involve going online unlike result confirmation.

You also need to text your index number and the year of completion to the code 1060.For instance, if your index number is 1234567890 and you completed your learning in 2017, then you simply text 123456789017 to 1060 and you will receive a confirmatory message after a short while. Nonetheless, take note that if you leave a space in between the number or put a bracket in whichever the number, the whole process would be rendered null and void.

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The scripts for the exams are usually kept for three months, once the exam has been released, before gotten rid of. During this window they are allowed for review and scrutiny by any accredited concerned party such as the Head teacher of the school and not by every instances of the candidates, parents or guardian or even individuals asserting to act in ‘loco parentis’.

The rules are well stipulated and clearly laid out by the organization to avoid misunderstanding. Its therefore, the responsibility of the head teacher or any accredited representative of the schools to pass along the concerns and grievances of the candidates or even the entire school regarding their performance and issues that may have led to such an outcome.

The certificates on the other hand, are submitted after one month once the exam has been released and issued to the various selected schools where the candidates did their examination. However, they are only produced in a single copy and hence the damaged, misplaced or lost ones can never be replaced.

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The Senior Secondary Certificate Examination

The Senior Secondary Certificate Examination is also another crucial certificate for Ghana as a state administered by the Western African Examination Council. Similar to BECE Ghana, the results sheets and statements are issued to the schools and private candidates but after three months of completion from their examinations. The adoption of the internet services has made the results be easily accessible from an internet enabled computer as well as smartphone. Through the WAEC online result checker, you can easily confirm your WAEC results 2017 or whichever year that you had sat for your assessment.

The process for checking the SSCE result is also unsophisticated and almost similar to the BECE process. The only vital task needed, is following the rules and guidelines to the latter. Guideline for the WAEC result checker Ghana: How to Check your results easily.

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You need to visit the WAEC result checker portal through this link: http://ghana.waecdirect.org. Next you are then needed to enter the 10-digit index number (which is usually a 7-digit number for that particular center and 3-digit candidates number). Then select the Type of examination, (for instance, SSCE). Choose the year of your examination e.g. 2016. Enter the card Serial Number which is on the reverse side of your scratch card. Then enter the 12-digit Personal Identification Number on the scratch card . You then need to verify the index number and the examination year so as to make sure you are requesting the right information. The final step is to simply click on the ‘submit’ button and wait for the display window which may take just a few minutes to pop up with the results.

How to Check WAEC Result Without Scratch Card

Even though there have been rumors hovering around, WAEC result checker for Ghana or any other member country cannot be retrieved or confirmed without a scratch card. This misunderstanding has mainly been brought about by people mistaking the process of obtaining results through a text message as a way of avoiding use of scratch cards. However, the fact still remains that scratch cards are essential since the SMS method also requires Personal Identification Number from the scratch card, even though the serial number may not be necessarily required.

Generally, there are mainly three things about WAEC online result checker that you need to know that are usually false:

  1. Confirming WAEC results without necessarily having the examination number with you
  2. Checking the WAEC results without issuing money
  3. Checking the WAEC results without a scratch card

These three factors have been constantly used to mislead naïve people who have no idea how the process works. The scratch card, for instance, is very crucial as it protects the result details in the WAEC database through the personal identification codes. It’s also used to regulate the number of times your results can be checked on the portal other than also being a way of generating money for the council which is used for the maintenance and day to day operational for the portal.

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The WAEC Ghana index number is also equally essential as it acts as your identity and hence unique for every candidate. You simply cannot check for results without identifying yourself first. Similarly, the year of examination will also make it way easier for your results to be easily located. The same applies to the type of examination that you did.

You need to keep in mind that the waec examination body conducts various examinations procedures such as the GCE and SSCE not to mention the BECE and hence without clarifying your exam type will make the whole process of getting your results really hectic and next to impossible. That is why you need to provide the relevant details as required by the portal so as to get the best of the services.

For more information about the organization, you can browse through WAEC Ghana contact or simply browse through their website www.ghanawaec.org

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