International Schools in Ghana: Top 5 in 2020

International Schools in Ghana: Top 5 in 2020

These are schools that are known to provide education not only the Ghanaian system but also the international standard one. What stands out about these schools is the personalized approach they offer each student. Naturally, the international schools have become a preference for all who can afford to send their children there.

International Schools in Ghana

Here is a list of international schools in Ghana.

Ghana system became complex since the introduction of Junior High Schools (JHS) and Senior High School (SHS). This made the university slots very competitive. As a result, there has been an increase in the number of private international schools which offer an alternative to the competitive Ghana national education system

Ghana International School Accra, Ghana

This international private school was started in 1955 when Ghana was still under colonization. To date, it provides education to all races from local to international students. In the year 2015, it enrolled 1400 student from around 50 countries. Their system of education is very inclusive to learners from the age of 3 to 18 years. At the primary level, they have Infant (3-6years) and junior school (7-10 years). The secondary education is also divided into lower (11-13 years) and upper secondary (14-17 years) from which students proceed to the university. Their curriculum is along the English National Curriculum and Cambridge International Examination. Thus, English is the medium of teaching. If interested, you can download their fee structure and application forms from their school portal.

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Ghana International School

American international school of Accra

This private international school was started in 2006 and is located in the East Legon region. With the solid Christianity backing, leadership and guidance the school as beaten all odds to emerge one of the best. Once your children are enrolled there, you are assured that they will be brought up in the best Christian way possible. They have chapel programs run weekly by committees made up of learners and teachers. It is the only school within Ghana that has been accredited by the Middle State Association of Colleges and Schools and also the Association of Christian schools international. They have specialized education meant to assist every learner. On the other hand, their mission is to develop a real person who is ready for the worlds employment with Gods guidance.

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Galaxy International School Accra, Ghana

This school was opened in the year 2001. It has lived to their mission of developing leaders who are up to the task of growing and changing the global for the better. It is a full packed school with three campuses, a private secondary school, primary and pre-school located in the East Legon Accra. Galaxy school is determined to provide first class education to all that’s why they can boast of over 450 pupils from other nations.

Galaxy International School

Little Miracle International School

It is a Pre-K to 9th grade/Creche independent school located in two places; Abeka- Lapaz and Legon Region. Parents trust their system and education very much. It is one of the few schools that is committed to giving the best to their students. The back bone of their activities is to watch the growth of every learner in the educational and inter-cultural perspective

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Christ Legacy International School (CLIS)

Christ Legacy International School is also a private international school. It operates in two sections where they have day and boarding schools. Under the Christian leadership and beliefs, they base their studies in religion. Their mission is to bring up a young generation that is rooted in the religion and intellectually smart to develop the world.

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