BECE questions, answers and notes that you are likely to encounter (+past tests)

BECE questions, answers and notes that you are likely to encounter (+past tests)

Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) is a vital assessment exam in Ghana’s education system. Once a student completes three years of junior high school, they must take the exam, especially if they want to be selected into Senior High Schools and Technical Institutes in the country. Therefore, while preparing for this exam, knowing the BECE questions' areas is good.

bece questions
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Passing BECE is non-negotiable for students who want to further their education after junior high school. This is because competition to gain admission into senior high school is hard. The BECE result is based on Continuous Assessment (CA) and the external exam. The external exam forms 70%, while the CA forms 30% of the total assessment.

BECE past questions and answers

West African Examinations Council (WAEC) administers BECE exams. Each year, students are given a new set of questions that have been tailored to test their understanding without locking most of them outside. It is moderated to allow every student to answer, at least, a question.

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Knowing the importance of revising BECE ICT past papers and others, it is wise for students to look for the right and most recent papers to revise. Unfortunately, although there are many sites to download BECE past questions, not all of them make good past papers available. This is why they must be careful before settling with any past BECE materials.

Nevertheless, getting both questions and answers helps you test your knowledge and how prepared you are. Moreover, you can solve the questions while revising and then confirm your answers' appropriateness using the source you are working with as a guide. All these approaches will help you meet your needs effectively.

Moreover, an app has also been developed to help users access past questions and answers on the go. Tajora developed the BECE 2020 questions and Answers app, and it reportedly contains questions picked randomly from a pool of over 10,000 BECE past questions from 2005 to 2020 and likely questions in all subjects.

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The app also has a timing feature that helps you know how fast you answer BECE questions and graphs, tables, and diagrams supported in questions. Beautifully, Android smartphone users can download it from the Google Playstore, although it uses the internet to function.

BECE past tests

Each subject has two papers, which every candidate must take. In addition, the first paper has an objective test, and the second has an essay test. Both are combined and taken in a sitting within a stipulated time. Majorly, the subjects available to candidates include:

  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Ghanaian Language and Culture
  • Information and Communications Technology
  • Basic Design and Technology
  • Religious & Moral Education
  • Social Studies
  • Integrated Science
  • French (optional)

BECE English language questions

The BECE English past questions and answers PDF comprises lexis and structure, literature, essay writing, and comprehension. Paper 1 has 32 lexis and structure items and 8 literature questions, while paper 2 consists of essay writing and comprehension. Some of the questions to expect are:

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Lexis and structure

Candidates are expected to choose the best option that is most appropriate in the completion of the sentences below.

1. I am told the boy is a friend of ……….

A. he

B. him

C. his (correct)

D. he’s

2. Atsu is looking forward to ……..his friends at the party.

A. see

B. seeing (correct)

C. be seeing

D. have seen

3. Rice and beans ……a good meal for children.

A. are

B. have been

C. is (correct)

D. is being

4. You should be ……..more careful about what you say.

A. less

B. least

C. little

D. a little (correct)

5. The two rivals are fond of insulting ………

A. each other (correct)

B. one another

C. one and the other

D. themselves

BECE questions
Students in the examination hall. Photo: @Citi973
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Below is an excerpt of a poem; candidates are expected to read, comprehend and answer the questions that follow:

The sudden change in the weather frightened Araba.

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The bright orange colour of the sunset sky had

quickly turned dull as the grey clouds gathered,

rumbling, dark and angry.

The booming voice of thunder was intimidating.

Lightning flashed shards of light from his formidable torch.

Araba was a cornered rat.

How would she get home if the worst happened?


6. The state of the weather is emphasized by the word ………….

A. angry (correct)

B. cloud

C. flashed

D. grey

7. The atmosphere is ……………..

A. cheerful

B. friendly

C. frightening (correct)

D. undaunting

8. "Lightning flashed …light from …..torch," is an example of …………

A. alliteration

B. ellipsis

C. parallelism

D. personification (correct)

9. What is being referred to by the question, "How would she ……..happened?"

A. Current calm

B. Imminent rain (correct)

C. Latent sky

D. Rumbling clouds

10. The extract is …………

A. drama

B. poetry

C. prose (correct)

D. story

Candidates should also be ready to tackle Ama Ata Aidoo's book Dilemma of a Ghost questions and answers suitable to them must be provided. Below is an excerpt from the book and related questions that candidates must answer:

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Yes, my young woman, I shall remember you.

I shall remember you in the hours of the night –

In my sleep,

In my sleepless sleep.


  • The "sleepless sleep" of the speaker is caused by?

Answer: Eulalie cannot get pregnant from the book, which keeps her up at night. Therefore, a failure to get pregnant is the cause of sleepless sleep.

  • “… sleepless sleep” shows that the speaker is ……

Answer: The speaker is worried about something, which is her failure to give birth.

The second paper is theoretical, and your knowledge of comprehension and essay writing will be tested. Again, the questions can be from any work of life, so you must be prepared.

Comprehension passage

One major cause of environmental degradation in Ghana is gold mining. In the name of natural resource development, land is given to mining companies owned by foreigners. These foreigners milk the country dry and destroy the heritage of the people.

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From the vast concessions granted them by the government, they extract the gold, destroy the rivers and other water bodies in the communities before going home, leaving the land worthless. Yet, their operations are legal.

Approved mining is, however, not the sole gold mining activity. There is also what is regarded as unauthorized mining, called galamsey. In this enterprise, adventurous Ghanaians set out to do private mining as a livelihood. They dig up the earth with tools that are not as sophisticated as those of foreigners who also dig for the precious metal.

Mining activities destroy the environment. So far, it appears that nothing can be done to reclaim the land degraded by miners; the damage is irreversible. Vast tracts of arable land have become desolate mounds because of gold-digging. Nothing can grow where galamsey has taken place.

Besides, the main water sources of communities have been polluted by the activities of both legal and illegal miners. The gold extracted from dirt requires cleaning with chemicals and rinsing in water. By the time the gold searchers succeed in producing a glittering handful, large stretches of rivers, ponds of water and some lakes have been poisoned.

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Pollution leaves little drinking water for man and beast. Fishes die, and humans contract various diseases.

BECE questions
Students preparing for exams. Photo: @veraboohene
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Comprehension questions

1. Name the type of mining activities discussed in the passage


  • Approved mining
  • Unauthorized mining, also known as galamsey

2. How are the people and the land affected by the mining activities?


According to the writer, mining activities are bad for the land and the people who live on and around such lands. Some of the effects are:

  • Pollution of land, which makes it difficult for man and animals to get water for their daily existence
  • Irreversible degradation of the land, which makes it desolate and useless for agricultural purposes

BECE questions and answers for Social Studies

Questions set on Social studies cover environment, social and economic development, governance, moral upbringing, politics, and stability. Check out some likely questions below:

1. In Ghana, state-owned enterprises are important because they

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A. Produce all the goods for the society

B. Make a lot of profit

C. Provide vital goods and services (correct)

D. Employ majority of the labour force

2. The environment can best be described as

A. Animals and non-living things

B. Man and his surrounding (correct)

C. Man and vegetation around him

D. Vegetation and non-living things

3. When one moves eastwards and crosses the International Date Line,

A. A day is gained

B. A day is lost (correct)

C. Shorter hours of day is experienced

D. Longer hours of day is experienced

4. Which of the following is used to represent landmarks on maps?

A. Conventional signs (correct)

B. Histogram

C. Mathematical symbols

D. Plain sketches

5. Adolescent chastity is beneficial to the girl because it helps her to

A. Enjoy free education

B. Gain automatic scholarship

C. Have uninterrupted education (correct)

D. Pass examinations easily

BECE Maths past questions

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For Mathematics, questions are set on operations on sets, properties of natural numbers, and numeration systems. Here are some past questions that will strengthen you in the upcoming exams.

1. Which of the following is a finite set?

A. {2,4,6,8,...}

B. {1,2,3,4,...}

C. {...,2,3,5,7} (correct)

D. {3,6,9,12…}

2. Given that M={a,b,c}, find the number of sunsets of M

A. 3 (correct)

B. 4

C. 6

D. 8

3. Correct 48,947.2547 to the nearest hundred.

A. 490

B. 48,900

C. 48,950 (correct)

D. 49,000

4. Simplify 16 + 5.6 + 0.681

A. 2.2281

B. 22.281 (correct)

C. 222.81

D. 2228.1

5. An angle that is greater than 180 but less than 360 is?

A. Right angle

B. An acute angle

C. An obtuse angle

D. A reflex angle (correct)

BECE Science questions

Some science mock questions that will help you pass your Integrated Science BECE exams cover different areas, including systems, diversity of matters, and cycles. Below are samples of questions you would be asked to answer:

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1. The release of a mature egg from an ovary into the fallopian tube in humans is called

A. Copulation

B. Ejac*lation

C. Menstruation

D. Ovulation (correct)

2. The blood vessel that carries oxygenated blood from the lungs to the heart is known as

A. Pulmonary artery

B. Pulmonary vein (correct)

C. Vena cava

D. Aorta

3. In the pinhole camera, the image formed is always

A. Erect and bright

B. Erect and blurred

C. Inverted and real (correct)

D. Inverted and virtual

4. The reason why alum is added to water during treatment is to

A. Kill germs

B. Give taste to water

C. Make water colourless

D. Make suspended particles settle (correct)

5. The cultivation of different crops on different plots of farmland in a definite cycle is called

A. Land rotation

B. Shifting cultivation

C. Crop rotation (correct)

D. Mixed cropping

BECE questions
Students in the exam hall. Photo: @JoyNewsOnTV
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BECE Religion and Moral Education questions

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Questions under this subject are extracted from topics that span the different types of family, being a good citizen and religious practices. Below are a few of them:

1. A nuclear family begins when

A. Parents live with siblings

B. Parents ignore their relations

C. Couples get legally married (correct)

D. Couples have many siblings

2. Saving money helps the individual to

A. Plan for the future (Correct)

B. Become rich overnight

C. Attend school regularly

D. Make more friends

3. The ant is usually used as a symbol of

A. Love

B. Commitment

C. Hard work (correct)

D. Unity

4. Punishments are meant to

A. Disorganise the offender

B. Calm the offender

C. Hurt the offender

D. Reform the offender (correct)

5. Which of the following is considered when choosing a name for a new born child?

A. The weight of the child

B. Tribe of the parents (correct)

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C. Age of the mother

D. The baby’s place of birth

BECE Basic Design and Technology questions

BDT questions are usually extracted from topics like designs and construction of minor machines for ease of doing everyday tasks. Below are some questions and their answers:

1. The basic stitch which starts all crocheted articles is

A. Chain (correct)

B. Cross

C. Loop

D. Stem

2. Which of the following is inexpensive to use in a rural area?

A. Coal pot (correct)

B. Electric cooker

C. Gas cooker

D. Kerosene stove

3. In drawing, objects nearer the viewer are in the

A. Background

B. Foreground (correct)

C. Horizon

D. Middle ground

4. Rhythm, balance, and emphasis are

A. Design processes

B. Elements of art

C. Idea developments

D. Principles of design (correct)

5. The final stage of the design process is the

A. Evaluation (correct)

B. Possible solutions

C. Specification

D. Working drawings

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BECE Information and Communication Technology questions

The ICT questions cover topics ranging from identifying computer parts and differentiating between hardware and software. So, when preparing for your examination, you should expect questions like these:

1. The brain of the computer is the

A. Monitor

B. System software

C. Read-only memory

D. Central processing unit (correct)

2. One byte is equal to

A. Two bits

B. Eight bits (correct)

C. Sixteen bits

D. One thousand bits

3. A folder within another folder is called

A. File

B. Subfolder (correct)

C. Inside folder

D. Innermost folder

4. The copyright laws protect the works of an author for a period of his life and

A. 40 years after his death

B. 50 years after his death

C. 60 years after his death

D. 70 years after his death (correct)

5. The following devices can be found in the system unit except

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A. Ports

B. Memory

C. Motherboard

D. Scroll wheel (correct)

BECE French questions

The French BECE questions are divided into sections. Candidates will have to read a French comprehension passage and answer the following questions; fill in the gap with the correct option and choose the correct answer from an array of objective questions.

1. Est-ce que tu ………la vérité?

A. Dites

B. Dis (correct)

C. Dire

D. Dit

2. ……pays est en Afrique de l’Ouest.

A. Nos

B. Notre (correct)

C. Leurs

D. Sa

3. A l’âge de deux ans, ……….append à parler.

A. Nous

B. On (correct)

C. Tu

D. j’

4. Mon pantalon est bleu mais ………de Pauline est noir

A. Celle

B. Celui (correct)

C. Celle-ci

D. Celui-ci

5. La plupart ………enfants aiment s’amuser.

A. De

B. D’

C. Du

D. Des (correct)

BECE questions
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Comprehension passage

Here, candidates must read the passage and pick the correct answers from option A to D.

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Deux amis malheureux

C’est le mois d’août, les vacances commencent déjà et toutes les écoles sont fermées. Ahmed et son ami Jones veulent passer leurs vacances à Huni-Valley. Ils vont prendre le train à Kumasi. Quand ils arrivent à la gare, le train le leur destination est déjà là. Il doit partir dans un quart d’heure. Les deux amis achètent leurs billets et attendant le départ.

Naturellement, ils vont regarder les magasins et les restaurants à côté de la gare. On y trouve des gâteaux, des beignets et des boissons de toutes sortes. Ils commencent à avoir faim. Ils entrent alors dans le restaurant "Akwaaba."

Assis devant deux assiettes de riz au poulet, les deux amis mangent et bavardent quand le départ du train est annoncé. Ils n’entendent rien du tout. Après un bon repas, ils se lèvent pour aller prendre le train; mais c’est déjà parti. Le train est déjà parti. Quelle d’hommage!

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Comprehension questions

6. Les deux amis ont l’intention de voyager par ……

A. La route

B. L’air

C. Le chemin de fer (correct)

D. L’eau

7. A la fin du passage, les deux amis sont ………

A. Contents

B. Déçus (correct)

C. Satisfaits

D. Malades

8. Qu’est-ce qu’ils prennent au restaurant?

A. Des gâteaux

B. Du boisson

C. Des beignets

D. Du riz (correct)

9. Pourquoi entrent-ils dans le restaurant? – Pour………

A. Regarder le train

B. Manger quelque chose (correct)

C. Prendre le train

D. Acheter des billets

10. La destination des deux amis est …………

A. Huni-Valley (correct)

B. Kumasi

C. Akwaaba

D. Asafo

Ghanaian language and questions for BECE

The questions here seek to test students' knowledge about the history of Ghana in terms of culture and language. Below are some questions:

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Hyεhyε edzin ᴐ wᴐ 5-7 dε mbrε ᴐ sε

1. ᴐ baa basia a ᴐ tᴐ do ebiasa wᴐ awoo mu ne dzin nye

A. Baduwa

B. Mensa

C. Maanan

D. Mansa

2. Siantsir a mfante roto ba dzin a wᴐ dze nsa na nsu sosᴐ n’anomu nye dε

A. Ama ᴐ aakasa ntsεm

B. Ama oeenyin akyεrC. ama oeedzi nokwar

D. Amaoeehu nsu nom

3. Sε obi kyia ᴐ hen na ᴐ kwaha ne tam a, ᴐ kyerε dεn?

A. Onuadᴐ

B. Asomdwee

C. Obu

D. Koryε

4. Nkyia bεn na Akanfo dze ma obi a ᴐ wo?

A. Frε nkwa

B. Frε sika

C. Akwaaba

D. Wo tsir nkwa

5. Mfante to ba dzin wᴐ egya fie

A. Hᴐ na sika wᴐ

B. Hᴐ na sunsum wᴐ

C. Hᴐ na egyapadze

D. Hᴐ na asomdwee wᴐ

BECE time table

The Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) will be held between Monday, 17th of October, 2022, and Friday, 21st of October, 2022. This means that the student had five days to write nine papers.

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They wrote two subjects each between Monday and Thursday. Only Friday was an exception because just one paper, ICT, was written by candidates.

If you are committed to passing your forthcoming examination, revising the BECE questions above and others you can get your hands on will help you. Also, ensure you familiarize yourself with the important instructions before going into the exam hall. recently discussed some of the best category B schools in the Central Region. These are schools that offer the best education reflected in the performance of students.

Schools like the Academy of Christ the King in Cape Coast, Adankwaman Senior High School, and Awutu Winton are a few schools you will find on the list.

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