WAEC Ghana school placement for JHS

WAEC Ghana school placement for JHS

Ghana uses a 6-3-4-4 education system. People have to spend six years to achieving primary education, 3 years in JHS, junior high school, 4 years in the senior high school and 4 years in tertiary education institutions. The movement from one level to another requires that a student seats for an examination administered by the West African Education Council, WAEC. To join Senior High School, JHS students have to seat for the BECE, Basic Education Certificate Examination. Their results are used to determine the institutions that the students should join. WAEC Ghana school placement takes place after the completion of the third year in JHS and this examination usually takes place in June.

WAEC Ghana school placement for JHS
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Further details about the WAEC Ghana school placement have been outlined in this article. Read on and learn how you can check your JHS placement just at the comfort of your home without having to undergo any stress.

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JHS placement

Are you a hoping to join Senior High School Soon? There is some good news for you. If you recently sat for the Basic Education Certificate Examination, the WAEC placements have already been done for 2018. You can get the information through your mobile phone by sending a text message or using an online platform known as CSSPS, Computerized School Selection and Placement System. The process is very easy and fast. Here is how to check JHS placement through text messages

  • A student should send their index number, which is usually ten digits, to the code 1060. It should appear something like this, 2347658971 to 1060
  • Here, they will get confirmations about the choices of schools they made.
  • Students should be very careful when sending this text. Spacing the index number might not give them the information they require.
  • In case a student fails to get the information, they are advised to add the two digit figures of the year at the end of the index numbers. Again, they should not be spaced. It should appear something like this 234765897117. Note the last two digits that have been added as the short form for the year 2017

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JHS placement form

WAEC Ghana school placement for JHS
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After getting the results, you will need the Placement form so that you can be able to take it to the school. So how do you get the JHS placement form? Follow the steps below to be successful

  • First, an individual needs to access the JHS placement website
  • The next step is to select the academic year. These years are usually labeled 2016/2017, 2017/2018, 2018/2019 and so forth.
  • You will be directed to an area whereby you must provide details about your index number, the serial number of the card and your pin.
  • You then get to view your results. Print the information and submit to the respective school.
  • The placement checker must be used later to confirm the school which a person has been placed.

Once you get your JHS placement form, you need to submit it to the school. Later on you will get details about how you will enroll, opening dates among other important information.

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During this season, there are very many people sending such messages and the system could be very busy. As such some messages might not go through while some responses might take long. It is therefore wise to keep trying.

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The CSSPS placement checker

WAEC Ghana school placement for JHS
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WAEC JHS placement can also be checked online. This can be done through the CSSPS placement checker. This placement checker allows students to easily identify the institutions which they have been placed. The CSSPS school placement checker is an indication of the changes that have taken place to improve the Ghanaian education system. This system selects the senior high school for a student using a JHS school placement code. It is the same system that is used to place students in tertiary institutions and vocational programs. Before the BECE, schools submit a list of the continuous examinations done to the Ghana Education Service. After completion of the BECE, the system provides a list of the students and the schools of their placement. The main benefit of this automated system is that it reduces the chances of bias in the BECE results placement since there is no human interference. Placement depends on how a student performed in the exam. Getting CSSPS placement forms is an effortless process as explained below. This is how to check school placement using the CSSPS system online

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  • Ensure to have an internet connection and log into CSSPS official page
  • To get into the system, use your index number and the pin
  • You will then get some space where you will type your index number. As is the case when writing a text message, do not space the index number. It is advisable that you input the last two digits of the year as portrayed earlier in this article.
  • The next step is to enter the serial number, usually at the top of your scratch card. These cards are usually purchased at WAEC or in post offices.
  • Enter your pin, submit and read your results.

While CSSPS system has created convenience when checking the placements, sometimes it can be troublesome. You might experience challenges that can be as a result of several factors. If for instance a certain school has received a lot of students than it can accommodate, those with lower marks are eliminated. Also, if a person choose a school two times or failed in subjects like English, they might not get their results immediately. However, the system sorts such issues very fast. If you miss out on the placement, you are offered a second placement trial. This requires resubmitting your details again.

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Is the JHS school placement out? , Yes. The placement for the people who sat for the recent BECE examinations is out. All you have to do is follow the procedures above. Remember, the systems are crowded now that everyone is anxious to know their results. If you send information via a text message or through the online platform and they are not sent or displayed immediately, do not panic. In case you miss out of the first placement, try it for the second time. Other challenges encountered should be communicated to the Ministry of Education by calling 0302 747 778 or through whatsapp via 0207 407 499.

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