African dress designs: Trends in 2020 (photos)

African dress designs: Trends in 2020 (photos)

There are numerous African dress designs which come in all forms. African dress designs are gaining a huge popularity in the fashion world across the globe. A range of fabrics are used to design African dresses. Among them are ankaras, kitenges, kente plain and printed fabrics.

15 best African dress designs 2018


Many renown African musicians, artists, politicians, First ladies have been spotted in the latest African dress designs. This has greatly influenced the revolution in the fashion industry to embrace the African fabrics and to come up with the Best African dresses designs in 2020.

Pictures of African dress designs for ladies 2020

Currently, there is a huge influx of the African themed dress designs in the mainstream fashion. The Best African dress designs are designed to stand out and make a bold statement wherever it is worn. Whether attending weddings, burials, graduation ceremonies, church services and daily office work, fashion designers can never run out of ideas to come up with Best African dress designs to fit all the occasions.

Modern African print dresses you must choose

15 best African dress designs 2018


15 best African dress designs 2018


15 best African dress designs 2018


15 best African dress designs 2018


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African modern designs

Africa Fashion designers in are putting a modern twist to African dress designs to penetrate the global fashion space. This is to attract all kinds of people both locally and internationally. The African modern dress designs have become more vibrant and acceptable due to its diversity and variety.

African modern designers are taking into consideration people’s lifestyle, social status, and fashion taste to come up with customized unique designs to satisfy the ever growing demand for African themed attires.

Modern African designs are not about to go out of fashion. Therefore, the African modern designs are being incorporated into everyone’s regular wardrobe to fit all occasions effortlessly. The modern designs of African wear can be paired up with regular office wear to give a break to the old fashioned conservative business suits. For instance, a lady can pair up her regular official skirt or trouser with a more exciting Ankara design coat and match up with pulse or handbag that has some African print/ fabric. This article focuses on some of the best designs and they will be categorized differently. Before we get into the categories of African wear though, here is a look at the top 15 designs that will show you what being fabulous and glamorous is all about.

These are the new types of African dresses which are trending in the market

The mini print dress

If you are the person that is looking to break a boring look by being modern and chic then this is what you go for. It has a modern appeal without breaking the uniqueness of a true African fabric. This is your perfect example of what an African inspired evening wear should look like. Check it out.

15 best African dress designs 2018

Source:Zabba Designs

Multi layered dress

This extremely creative design will represent you as a person that is open minded and willing to experiment. If you want to leave people speechless then this is what you go for. It is perfect for pulling a stunning red carpet as it screams sophistication in a calm and collected manner.An absolute must have for the business lady that graces evening dinners.

15 best African dress designs 2018

Source:Zabba Designs

Mid slit dress

Perfect for people that are going for a glamorous appeal. It marks the flashy fluid statement that comes out perfectly with this simple style.

Nice African print styles in Ghana
15 best African dress designs 2018

Source:Source: Fashionqe

Pleated Midi dress

This one is loved by youths because of its simple yet chic style.You can easily own a stylish look by wearing this one. In fact you can wear different colors and no one will notice.

15 best African dress designs 2018


Maxi dress

You can never go wrong with a maxi. This is one of the best ways to pull a graceful look.It is one of those designs that will never go out of style. It is perfect for multiple events and functions.

Mermaid dresses- Free flowing

This is one of the modern African dress designs that imitates the edgy classic western mermaid look mainly worn for weddings. These dresses are a great way of showing the true African identity considering how it brings out the figure.

15 best African dress designs 2018

Source: Trendy4

Maxi gowns

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Like all maxis this is one of the best dresses a lady can have in their wardrobe. It is a perfect fit for practically every event that you want to attend and impress.

Trendy modern African dresses
15 best African dress designs 2018

Source:Zabba Designs

Mini pleat Dress

This is a chic pleated dress that is worn slightly above the knees. It makes for a great weekend wear. It will set you apart in a crowd especially if you go for natural colors that complement the earth such as golden and brown.

15 best African dress designs 2018

Source: Pinterest

High-Low dresses

This attire is the perfect expression of how a little broken can be the perfection you have been seeking. It is a true temptation that leaves many wondering how great one can look. Whats more the color makes it perfect.

15 best African dress designs 2018


Diamond midi dress

Its flowing design gives this dress its name. It combines both clam and edgy design that gives it a classy appeal. This is what makes it stand out perfectly.

15 best African dress designs 2018

Source:Source: Pinterest

Collage mini

This appeals to the eye and comes with several African print patterns The fusion of the different patterns and colors brings out a holistic African wear.

7 insanely beautiful African wear styles for ladies that will make you look hot in 2020
15 best African dress designs 2018

Source:Source: Trendy4

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Polka print mini

Few words to describe this dress. It is appealing, revealing and a great touch to your wardrobe. Leave people asking where you get you dresses by having one of these natural inspired attires in your closet.

15 best African dress designs 2018

Source:Source: Etsy

Neck trap mini

This is a perfect way to bring some excitement to a subtle themed African attire. You can create a lasting impression with this simple attire that reveals how stylish you can get. If you are looking for something seductive and suggestive then you should consider having this one.

15 best African dress designs 2018


Robe dress

This is is one of the most naturally inspiring African attires ever designed. It is flawless dress that makes a statement with finality without necessarily being loud about it. It is probably one of the things that makes it perfect. Be stylish with this look.

15 best African dress designs 2018


Trouser dresses

This is a style that has become so common of late. It is comfortable and stylish for most women of today. It makes a perfect office wear.

Latest African Dresses Fashion Insights for Ghanaian Women
15 best African dress designs 2018


African dress designs for weddings

Over the years, wedding dresses have revolutionized from the English model of black official suit for men or Cinderella kind of white wedding gowns to more lively and colorful African themed dress designs for weddings. More and more fashion aware people are embracing the African dress designs for their weddings.

The current African generation is looking for something out of the norm. Something bold, that brings colour and is yet fashionable and appreciates African culture. Many African wedding dress designers are continuously working on meeting the expectation of those keen on fashionable African wedding dress designs.

African dress designs for weddings come in varied fabrics, prints and shapes. Mermaid, princess or A-lines shapes are mostly preferred shapes. Accessorizing the African wedding dresses is also important as it bring out a rich and sophisticated look that stands out with a bold statement. Head wraps, beaded necklaces, earrings, bracelet, Ankara pulses and handbags can be used to enhance the African wedding dresses.

Nigerian latest African dresses to rock in Ghana

West Africa particularly Ghana has played a major role in influencing the African dress designs for weddings. Ghana has a rich and passion for African prints and fabrics. Kente is mainly worn to such special occasions as a wedding. The bridal party as well as the invited guest dot wedding ceremony in their African themed wedding attires. It make the occasion lively, jolly and fun-filled with everyone showcasing their tastes and sense of African fashion.

15 best African dress designs 2018


African traditional dress designs

Africa is known to be colourful continent full of life. One way African people express their culture is on how they dress to different occasions. African fabric is used to design different dress designs which are worn every day. Those that live in foreign countries from their motherland dress up in their African traditional dresses to feel connected to their ethnic backgrounds.

African traditional dresses have become an icon of identity to most people. These African traditional dresses bring as sense of diversity, originality and glamour.

Latest African wear styles in Ghana 2020 - how to stylishly rock this year

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African traditional dress designs come in different patterns, embroidery, frills to give the rich tastes of African wear. Africa’s uniqueness in the style of dressing is mostly linked with the many African tribes and ethnicity.

African leaders, statesmen as well as Africa’s First ladies have also played a role in showcasing the rich African diversity when it comes to wearing African traditional dresses. The popular ones being the “Madiba shirt”. The Boubou from Senegal. ”Kaftan and Wrapper’’ from Nigeria. Kente from Ghana and ‘’Kitenge’’ from Tanzania

15 best African dress designs 2018


African dress design for plus size

African dress designs for plus size come in varied design patterns and hues to enhance the big body frame of man African women. This loveliness of the African women body structure can be seen in all shapes and sizes and is especially glamorous in plus size ladies. The African fabric design not only speaks of appeal but also reflects the African fashion spirit.

Ghanaian latest African wear design 2020

African dress design for plus women gives them a natural flowing look to show off their curves perfectly. Most plus size may find it difficult to fit into western countries dress sizes as they are more endowed naturally. Whereas the western countries sizes of dresses are standardized to smaller body sizes.

15 best African dress designs 2018

Source: UGC

Therefore, plus size women particularly of African origin, can take advantage of making African dresses that suit their sizes and shapes perfectly. When making these dresses for plus size women on African print or fabrics, it’s important to utilize the aspect of symmetry in order to give an illusion of slimness hence not exaggerating her curves and shape.

Various patterns and designs are available for plus women so as to give a sophisticated delicate look. Plus size women can wear the following designs to spruce up their fashion and take care of their body size well.

Best African dress styles for weddings in 2020
  • The black and white blend short dress
  • The single midi print
  • Flowery maxi
  • Pencil glory skirt
  • The strip skater skirt
  • The high-low print dress

African print dress designs

15 best African dress designs 2018


This are probably the most common. They come in varied colors, styles and designs. They are excellent for people of all shapes and sizes. They are also very common with people of all ages from the children, youths and mature adults I you are the kind of person that loves bold colors and can try out daring styles then you will want to try out the various African print designs available in the market. The following photos will serve as inspiration. You can work with your tailor to find what works for you. You can find a good African dress modern designs for an occasion, wedding or even for an official look for the office.

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